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Transparent Labs PreSeries STIM-FREE – Official Review

Transparent Labs PreSeries STIM-FREE REVIEW For men and women who are serious about getting the most from every workout and want a pre workout experience that is as intense and results driven as the workout itself, the importance of incorporating supplements cannot be overstated. While demanding pre workout routines followed by intense workouts can help produce the cut, lean look serious body builders and athletes want, it can really take a toll on your body if you do not have the proper nutritional support to back it up. Getting everything you need to support intense workouts and muscle growth through…
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Transparent Labs PreSeries STIM-FREE REVIEW

For men and women who are serious about getting the most from every workout and want a pre workout experience that is as intense and results driven as the workout itself, the importance of incorporating supplements cannot be overstated. While demanding pre workout routines followed by intense workouts can help produce the cut, lean look serious body builders and athletes want, it can really take a toll on your body if you do not have the proper nutritional support to back it up. Getting everything you need to support intense workouts and muscle growth through diet and nutrition alone is difficult, so supplements can play an important supporting role in your workout regimen. Supplements can be used to help bridge the nutritional gap and ensure you get everything your body needs to function at the high level of performance intense training demands. In the past, finding a pre workout supplement that helped focus and drive the workout without the use of harmful stimulants has been a major challenge. To help solve this problem while still delivering a supplement that packs a major pre workout punch, Transparent Labs has created PreSeries STIM-FREE Pre-Workout, the most exceptional stimulant free pre workout supplement available on the market anywhere.

When we learned that Transparent Labs offered a stimulant free pre workout supplement, we were excited to give it a try. Transparent Labs is a unique supplement manufacturer dedicated to complete transparency in disclosing all ingredients in their supplements. Unlike other supplement manufacturers, Transparent Labs lists every single ingredient on every single one of their labels. We appreciate there is never a label reading “our proprietary blend” or “our own special formulation” on the supplements, but rather a full and complete listing of every single ingredient found in every supplement made and offered by Transparent Labs.

Founded with the belief that everyone deserves to know what is in the supplements they take and what they put into their bodies, Transparent Labs has created a new model for supplement manufacturing and distributing and it’s a model we can wholeheartedly get behind. In addition to listing every ingredient found in their products, Transparent Labs is also dedicated to keeping things you don’t want out of their products. Supplements made by Transparent Labs are free from unnecessary fillers, artificial sweeteners, dyes and other harmful additives that are found in almost every other supplement on the market. Transparent Labs is the perfect partner for people serious about their health and fitness because they allow users to make completely informed decisions by providing all the information needed to determine if a supplement is the right choice for them. For these reasons and because of our past experience with their high quality supplements, we were excited to take and review the PreSeries STIM-FREE Pre Workout product offered by Transparent Labs. We are happy to report the product lived up to the high expectations we have for anything produced by Transparent Labs and it made a major difference in the performance and endurance we experienced in the workouts that followed after taking PreSeries STIM-FREE. Here, we’ll share our experience and what we learned about PreSeries STIM-FREE so you can decide if it’s the right supplement for your needs.

What is PreSeries STIM-FREE?

Transparent Labs has broken the traditional mold of pre workout supplements by creating a stimulant free product that still delivers the power and boost of other supplements but without the unwanted effects of caffeine and other stimulants. Many body builders want the increased power and stamina pre workout stimulants provide but hate the crash and burn syndrome that too often follows from taking a stimulant packed supplement. PreSeries STIM-FREE Pre-Workout offers clinically proven dosages of thirteen active ingredients specifically designed to give you the pre workout boost you want without requiring you to get amped up on stimulants that can leave you feeling jittery, anxious, nervous or uncomfortable.

PreSeries STIM-FREE is designed to provide users with enhanced focus and endurance, support the growth of lean muscle mass and increase the delivery of nitrous oxide to the muscles. Formulated to deliver everything you need to maximize every workout, this incredible supplement leaves out the harmful ingredients typical supplements rely on to deliver power. PreSeries STIM-FREE gives you clean energy that won’t leave you endlessly cycling on the “upper and downer” routine supplements packed with stimulants can often create.

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What’s in it?

Made from thirteen scientifically backed active ingredients that work together to deliver results, PreSeries STIM-FREE Pre-Workout has everything you need to elevate your workout and contains no unnecessary or harmful ingredients. Better yet, even though this supplement helps you ratchet up your performance, there is nothing in the ingredient list that will make you fail a drug test, put you under suspicion of doping or further endanger your standing in competitions or with your fellow training partners.

The active ingredients in PreSeries STIM-FREE Pre-Workout work together to deliver clean, reliable power and include:

  • Citrulline Malate 2:1
  • BCAA 2:1:1
  • Creatine HCI
  • Taurine
  • Mucuna Pruriens
  • BetaPure
  • Beta-Alanine
  • N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine
  • Choline Bitartrate
  • L-Norvaline
  • BioPerine

Working together, these scientifically proven ingredients combine to help you increase lean muscle growth, improve your focus and endurance and support your body in taking your workout to the max. Witht the total ingredient transparency offered by Transparent Labs, you can make an informed decision about what goes into your body and feel good about the supplements you are taking. If you have any questions or concerns about the ingredients in the supplement, you can even research every one of them and make sure they are right for you. We don’t know of any other supplement brand that gives users this much knowledge and power and for us, that puts products made and distributed by Transparent Labs head and shoulders above the rest.

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Transparent Labs PreSeries STIM-FREE Supplement Facts

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Packed with 23 grams of power per scoop, this supplement is the most effective pre workout booster we’ve tried and reviewed. We found we were able to do more reps, lift more weight and work out longer when we took PreSeries STIM-FREE Pre-Workout versus the workouts when we didn’t take the supplement.

Overall Quality

Made from top quality ingredients clinically shown to deliver results, this supplement is free from stimulants, sweeteners, fillers and dyes to deliver a clean energy source that will not lead to a high/low, crash and burn cycle after taking it. Unlike many other pre workout boosters, PreSeries STIM-FREE gives you the increased ability to grow lean muscle, enhance endurance and mental clarity and focus and pump nitrous oxide to your muscles without the unwanted side effects of synthetic uppers.

Given the proven ingredients, ease of use, the positive impact it had on our workout and the low cost per serving, we feel this is a high quality product and feel confident recommending it to men and women who are serious about taking their workout to the next level.

Pros and Cons


It is important to weigh the pros and cons of incorporating any supplement into your routine and in this case, the pros far outweigh the cons. On the pro side, we received a noticeable boost in power, energy and stamina when we took PreSeries STIM-FREE Pre-Workout as directed, we did not feel jumpy, anxious or nervous after taking it and winding down from the workout did not require us to take something else to counteract the effects of taking the supplement. The powder was easy to measure, mix and use and the cost per serving was reasonable and in line with the quality of the ingredients it contains. It was easy to incorporate taking the supplement twenty to thirty minutes before our workout, we simply took it before we grabbed our bag and headed to the gym. We enjoyed an increased ability to focus and perform more reps and sets and after taking the supplement as directed, we saw an increase in our lean muscle mass that made our hard work completely worth our while.


On the con side, the taste is a bit sour and we had to take it a few times to get used to it. Also, the mixture does get a bit foamy when mixed which may be off putting to some users. While PreSeries STIM-FREE Pre-Workout is stimulant free, it is designed to increase energy and stamina, so a few users reported that taking it too late at night made it a bit harder to fall asleep, so it is important to time your dosage and workout to coordinate with the increased energy so getting the rest you need is not a challenge. Another small thing to note is that Transparent Labs only offers guarantees and refunds on supplements bought directly from them, either online or by phone. This is in an effort to prevent fake products from being offered to consumers, but it is worth noting.

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Taste and Mixability

As with its other supplements, Transparent Labs has left artificial sweeteners, fillers and flavorings out of STIM-FREE, so it’s taste can be a bit sour to some users. While the taste certainly takes some getting used to, we can forgive that and look past it since the flavor is a byproduct of the effective, safe and natural ingredients packed into the supplement.

PreSeries STIM-FREE Pre-Workout is easy to use. Simply mix one pre measured scoop into 12 to 16 ounces of water or half a scoop into 6 to 8 ounces of water depending on your taste preferences and product tolerance and take it twenty to thirty minutes before you begin your workout. The powdered mix dissolves easily and does not clump or become gritty making it easy to drink it down. Some users report they like to mix in just a little bit of a sugar and caffeine free powdered drink mix to help alleviate some of the bitter taste. We skipped that and just downed the mixture straight, but the option to doctor the taste just a bit is certainly something to keep in mind if the only thing putting you off from trying PreSeries STIM-FREE Pre-Workout is the anticipation of a sour flavor.

Value for money

While Transparent Labs uses only the highest quality ingredients, they work hard to provide supplements at a price point that is friendly to consumers. For a tub providing 30 full scoop servings, the price of STIM-FREE is just $49. For people serious about getting lean muscle and the most from every workout, savings are greater when you buy n bulk and the company offers two tubs or sixty full scoop servings for $89 and even greater savings for three tubs or 90 full scoop servings for just $119. Broken down into price per serving, you can see the cost of incorporating this supplement into your routine is very affordable. To make it even more affordable for consumers, Transparent Labs offers free shipping within the United States for all orders of $150 or more.

Final Verdict

What is the Final Verdict on PreSeries STIM-FREE Pre-Workout?
As with all other products made and distributed by Transparent Labs, we found the PreSeries STIM-FREE Pre-Workout supplement delivers on its promises, provided the energy and boost in stamina we needed to make it through the extra sets and repetitions and totally maximize our workouts. While the supplement provided us with extra energy and power, we did not feel jittery, jumpy or nervous after taking it and had no problems winding down and relaxing one the workout was complete.

Our final verdict on PreSeries STIM-FREE Pre-Workout is that it is a powerful and effective tool to add to your kit if you are serious about dramatically increasing your lean muscle mass and taking your workouts to the next level but don’t want to depend on caffeine and other stimulants that can negatively alter the way you feel pre and post workout.

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