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Transparent Labs PreSeries LEAN – Official Review

Transparent Labs PreSeries LEAN REVIEW It can be extremely difficult for people who are serious about their workouts, fitness and nutrition to know which supplements deliver on their promises and which ones are just hype. Offering a full range of dietary supplements that helps us overcome that major problem is just one reason we are so impressed and intrigued with the philosophy behind Transparent Labs and all of their products. Dedicated to living up to their name, this company allows users to make informed decisions about the supplements they take and what they put into their bodies by listing 100% of…
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Transparent Labs PreSeries LEAN REVIEW

It can be extremely difficult for people who are serious about their workouts, fitness and nutrition to know which supplements deliver on their promises and which ones are just hype. Offering a full range of dietary supplements that helps us overcome that major problem is just one reason we are so impressed and intrigued with the philosophy behind Transparent Labs and all of their products. Dedicated to living up to their name, this company allows users to make informed decisions about the supplements they take and what they put into their bodies by listing 100% of all their ingredients on every product they sell. Users will never see an ingredient listed as “a proprietary blend of herbs” or “our own unique formula” on supplements and products made and distributed by Transparent Labs. Transparent Labs wants to revolutionize the way supplements are formulated and labeled because they believe users have a right to make informed decisions and know what they are putting into their bodies, so every ingredient they use is printed right on the product label. With Transparent Labs, there is never any guesswork or question about what you are taking and what is going into your body, a concept we can wholeheartedly support.

While we were very impressed with Transparent Lab’s dedication to being completely honest and transparent with all of the ingredients in all of their formulations, we were equally impressed with what’s not in their products: no dyes, unnecessary fillers, artificial sweeteners or harmful additives. Based on what we have learned about the company, we were excited to use and review their PreSeries LEAN Pre-Workout and we were not disappointed. Here’s what we discovered when we took and reviewed PreSeries LEAN and what you need to know to decide if this supplement is right for you and helping your meet your fitness and nutrition goals.

What is PreSeries LEAN?

PreSeries LEAN is designed to be the most effective and powerful cutting supplement on the market. Formulated for both men and women who are serious about cutting fat and getting lean, defined muscle, PreSeries LEAN offers powerful fat burning properties as well as increased thyroid support. PreSeries LEAN is specifically formulated to help you incinerate stubborn, hard to shed fat and to get increased energy, stamina and more measurable results from your workout, each and every time.

Easy to incorporate into your supplement and fitness routine, all you have to do is mix the PreSeries LEAN powder into water and drink it twenty to thirty minutes before you begin your workout. Depending on your taste preferences, simply mix half a scoop into six to eight ounces of water or a full scoop into twelve to sixteen ounces of water, drink it down before your workout and get ready to dramatically increase your body’s fat burning abilities, sharpen your mental focus and push your workout and results to a whole new level.

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What’s in it?

As we previously discussed, there are no unknown, harmful or unlisted ingredients, artificial sweeteners, fillers or dyes in the Transparent Labs product line. What is in the Transparent Labs product line is as impressive as what is not, and the PreSeries LEAN supplement is no exception. Chock full of scientifically proven, effective fat burners and other ingredients that enhance stamina, support lean muscle retention and provide thyroid support, PreSeries LEAN is also free of stimulants. This is especially important to people who are sensitive to stimulants or those who take medication that may be contraindicated to mixing with stimulants. Many cutting supplements amp users up on artificial stimulants leaving them feeling jumpy, antsy or anxious. Transparent Labs PreSeries LEAN provides a clean energy source that will not make users feel jittery and uncomfortable.

Transparent Labs PreSeries LEAN supplement is formulated with 21 ingredients designed to work synergistically to promote fat loss, support healthy hyoid function and increase lean muscle retention. Some of these ingredients include:

  • Citrulline Malate 2:1
  • BetaPure Betaine Anhydrous
  • Beta-Alanine
  • Chromium
  • Hordenine
  • BioPerine
  • Caffiene Anhydrous
  • Choline Bitartrate
  • L-Theanine
  • N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine
  • Mucuna Pruriens
  • Thyroid support
  • BCAA 2:1:1
  • L-Norvaline
  • Synephrine HCI

All of these ingredients are scientifically backed and blended to provide measurable results and to help you meet your fitness goals. As another bonus, since you know what is in it, you can research each ingredient on your own to make sure the supplement and formulation is right for you.

Additionally, none of the ingredients found in PreSeries LEAN are found on banned drug lists. This makes PreSeries LEAN the perfect product for athletes who want to improve their performance without risking failing drug tests or being put under suspicions of doping or taking illegal performance enhancing drugs. Even better, serious athletes can take the supplement and the product label straight to their coaches and trainers so they can see and verify all the ingredients found the PreSeries LEAN are legal and allowed within their particular sport. In all the products we have reviewed, we cannot think of another supplement that can make that claim.

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Transparent Labs PreSeries LEAN Supplement Facts

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No matter how natural or transparent about its formulation a supplement is, a supplement is only worth taking if it is safe and it works, and PreSeries LEAN works. Effectively amping energy and focus while providing the nutritional profile you need to safely burn fat and prevent loss of lean muscle mass, PreSeries LEAN is the cutting supplement serious and informed supplement users rely on. With its synergistic blend of 21 clinically proven ingredients, PreSeries LEAN is shown to enhance your body’s fat burning abilities and help improve mental focus and physical stamina safely and effectively and without adverse side effects and unwanted consequences.

Overall Quality

Dedicated to changing the mold of the traditional supplements available on the market today, Transparent Labs uses only high quality ingredients clinically proven to deliver the results they promise. Always free of unnecessary fillers, dyes and artificial sweeteners and harmful additives, every product manufactured and distributed by Transparent Labs is fully backed by scientific research and the company’s high standards of quality assurance. Offering a clean source of energy specifically formulated to help users incinerate fat and make those extra repetitions and sets easier, PreSeries LEAN is a stand out supplement product that completely delivers on all it promises.

User reviews rave about the results they get when taking LEAN with most claiming it is the best and most effective supplement they have ever used. Reports of increased energy, sharper focus and increased stamina are common themes throughout user reviews and when we tested the product, we had the same results. Delivering on all its claims is a hallmark of a high quality product we feel good about taking and endorsing.

Pros and Cons


The pros of taking PreSeries LEAN include enhanced fat burning capabilities, thyroid support and protection from loss of lean muscle mass. The water soluble supplement is easy to take and you only need to take it twenty to thirty minutes before your workout to be effective. ProSeries LEAN provides a major boost in energy, performance and stamina when taken before workouts and delivers clean energy and improved mental focus that leads to more effective exercise sessions, producing fantastic results you can feel and see.


The con list is very short with the only real drawback we found and reported by others being the somewhat bitter taste of the supplement. While the taste can be a bit challenging to get used to at first, we appreciate the taste is a byproduct of the natural ingredients and lack of artificial sweeteners or flavorings. Another small con worth mentioning is that Transparent Labs will only honor refunds on their products if they are bought directly from their website or by contacting them and ordering via the phone and it may take up to two credit card billing cycles to see your refund. These measures are taken to prevent product diversion and the sell of low quality knock offs, but some people may find those satisfaction guarantee restrictions and the longer refund timeframe a bit off putting.

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Taste and Mixability

Offered in two favors, Green Apple and Blue Raspberry, this powdered supplement mixes easily in water and is not chalky, gritty or clumpy in texture. While the taste is not quite what we would call “delicious,” it is certainly palatable and the boost it gives our workout is worth the slightly bitter taste of the supplement. Because the supplement is formulated with all natural ingredients and does not contain artificial sweeteners, a somewhat bitter taste is to be somewhat expected and we can easily forgive the taste in exchange for the improved workout and increased fat and caloric burn we get when using PreSeries LEAN. Some users add a bit of a powdered sugar free drink mix to their supplement and water mixture to help mask the natural and somewhat bitter taste a bit and make it easier to drink, but of course this is a matter of personal preference and most users report “getting used to the taste” after a few workouts.

Value for money

Given that each serving offers 15 grams of fat incinerating power, each serving is extremely affordable with one tub providing 30 full scoop servings offered for just $49. For those serious about fat loss and lean muscle retention, savings are even better when you buy in bulk. Buy two tubs and sixty servings for $89 or really amp up your savings by buying three tubs and get ninety servings for only $119. When you figure the cost per serving against the nutritional impact and increased fat burning, mental focus, stamina, thyroid support and lean muscle retention you receive from taking the supplement, you can see you get major bang for your buck with Transparent Labs PreSeries LEAN. Plus, when you spend $150 on products, Transparent Labs offers free shipping to customers in the United States making your savings even greater.

Final Verdict

Given the high quality, powerful, safe and proven ingredients coupled with the low cost per serving, we highly recommend PreSeries LEAN for anyone serious about burning fat, improving mental focus and retaining as much lean muscle as possible. With an easy to mix formula that requires nothing but water, Transparent Lab’s PreSeries LEAN is easy to incorporate into your workout routine and delivers results without harmful side effects, ingredients or illegal stimulants or drugs. Offering a safe, effective way to boost your results and get the lean, toned physique you train for, we think Transparent Labs PreSeries LEAN is unlike any other cutting supplement on the market.

If you are looking for a clean energy source that will help you shred fat, increase your stamina and make focusing on your workout easier, look no further than Transparent Labs PreSeries Lean. A supplement you can feel good about taking, this one delivers on all counts and will help you get the results, and the body, you want faster than you ever imagined possible.

Out of all the pre workout cutting formulations and supplements available on the market, we truly feel Transparent Labs has broken the mold. The team at Transparent Labs has succeeded in creating a unique, safe and effective formula you can trust to get the results you want without any of the side effects or ingredients you don’t. We appreciate the company’s complete transparency in regards to the ingredients in PreSeries LEAN, their thoughtful blend of proven and effective ingredients, the ease of use and the boost of power and efficacy it gives every workout. We have not found a pre workout cutter that outperforms Transparent Labs PreSeries LEAN. If you are serious about burning fat, improving your stamina and focus and getting the lean, muscular frame you train so hard to achieve without stimulants, artificial sweeteners or mystery ingredients, Transparent Labs PreSeries LEAN can help you reach your goals.

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