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Transparent Labs PreSeries BULK – Official Review

Transparent Labs PreSeries BULK REVIEW For those seeking lean muscle growth with a testosterone complex then Transparent Labs PreSeries BULK Pre-Workout is exactly what you want. With claims to deliver significant results to the committed bodybuilder and athlete, this product makes sizable claims and delivers. If the reviews hold any weight, then this product delivers on its promises according to the toughest critics, those working out, pushing the strength and size envelope and bulking up. What is PreSeries BULK? This product is designed as a pre-workout supplement, with testosterone support, reducing muscle fatigue and soreness while delivering muscle growth and…
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Transparent Labs PreSeries BULK REVIEW

For those seeking lean muscle growth with a testosterone complex then Transparent Labs PreSeries BULK Pre-Workout is exactly what you want. With claims to deliver significant results to the committed bodybuilder and athlete, this product makes sizable claims and delivers. If the reviews hold any weight, then this product delivers on its promises according to the toughest critics, those working out, pushing the strength and size envelope and bulking up.

What is PreSeries BULK?

This product is designed as a pre-workout supplement, with testosterone support, reducing muscle fatigue and soreness while delivering muscle growth and tremendous improvement in performance and strength. It creates an anabolic environment while maintaining a healthy weight profile with thyroid support.

In addition, this product offers 100 percent transparency across all ingredients. Everything is laid out for consumers to see and compare across products. Nothing is hidden. There are no artificial dyes, no fillers and no artificial sweeteners. This product is rate 8.3 out of 10 stars which is an excellent evaluation compared to most, but ultimately the results are revealed when using the product, even just one time. The proof is in the pudding, as they say, and what is in this product is provided below.

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What’s in it?

Delivering lean mass, strength and physical performance is no simple matter. This product breaks it down with a promise of transparency, no dyes, fillers or additives.

Testosterone Production Complex Ingredients

The testosterone support component in this product includes the first 3 ingredients: Vitamin D3, Boron and Zinc. The benefit is found in how they work together. This blend includes a healthy dose of Vitamin D3 totaling 3,000 IUs, as Cholecalciferol. Since the primary source of D3 remains the sun’s rays, supplementing is helpful especially in winter months. The vitamin provides immune system protection, bone health and aids in testosterone production. When D3 levels are too low it can interfere with testosterone production. 30 mg of the essential mineral Zinc as Zinc AAC (amino acid chelate) plays an important role in promoting healing of wounds, prostate health and perhaps most important, it assists in the synthesis of protein. The importance of protein in recovery and in muscle building cannot be overstated. Zinc also increases testosterone levels. Zinc deficiencies have been associated with diminished hunger and a lowering of testosterone levels. 5 mg of the trace mineral Boron as Boron Citrate, perhaps less well known, is nevertheless very important. It has been shown to benefit bone and cardiovascular health as well as promoting an increase in both testosterone and free testosterone levels.

Vitamin D3, Boron and Zinc work together for enhanced benefit and not only for testosterone production but also for bone health. The Vitamin D levels are enhanced by the Zinc and Boron.

Increase Performance

Although most of the ingredients included add to performance in one way or another, the following make significant contributions in that capacity.

The beta-amino acid Beta-Alanine is included with 4,000 mg. It is known to increase performance particularly during high-intensity workouts. It helps overcome fatigue, improves both endurance and strength. It is known to cause a physical tingling effect and in some instances, for some individuals creates a more significant physical effect. This is not dangerous. It promotes the creation of healthy proteins and overcomes altered proteins. In addition, it promotes lean muscle mass and diminishes fat.

The large dose of the amino acid Citrulline Malate totaling 6,000 mg also improves performance. It has fatigue fighting capabilities as well. This is facilitated by reducing the lactic acid and ammonia in the blood. It increases the rate of muscle ATP which then permits an uptick in energy. It improves blood flow and circulation. Perhaps most importantly for the bodybuilder, Citrulline ultimately converts to Arginine which in turn converts to Nitric Oxide. The Nitric Oxide facilitates more pumps. Overall it contributes to improved aerobic performance, muscle strength and endurance. In addition, it improves the BCAA effect.

BCAA: Branched-Chain Amno Acids

The amino acid blend BCAA is in a 2:1:1 ratio and totals 4,000 mg. Branched-Chain amino acids, or BCAAs, include Leucine, Iso-leucine and Valine. They are known to increase performance and promote growth of lean muscle mass. In addition, the BCAAs are said to pass through the blood-brain barrier. They are known to be more effective when combined together. The Leucine specifically enhances strength during the workout, while also maintaining lean muscle mass and preventing the loss of muscle. Valine enhances metabolism while promoting muscle growth. Iso-Leucine also assists metabolism and enhances muscle growth.

Muscle Growth, Strength and Faster Recovery

Betaine HCL, also known as Trimethylglycine, is provided in 4,000 mg. One of the components of Betaine HCL is glycine. Glycine is important because it assists in producing creatine which is well known to increase the size and strength of muscles, improve recovery and improve brain function. Betaine HCL also improves the muscle protein synthesis. It decreases muscle fatigue if taken pre-workout or during the workout. It has also been found to facilitate increased repetitions in clinical studies. These results were tested against a placebo.

The essential amino acid, Taurine is present in 1,300 mg. Taurine is known to improve muscular strength and also decrease one’s fatigue, aiding in recovery. Often enough it has been found to decrease the following day’s soreness.

L-Norvaline is present in 60 mg and helps to maintain blood flow, circulation and cardiovascular health. The benefits extend to increased muscle endurance, growth and muscle strength. It also aids in Nitric Oxide production.

Some Ingredients Benefit Mood and Focus

The 380 mg of the amino acid L-Theanine is beneficial as a mood relaxer and for achieving a higher level of mental acuity. This is in addition to its function enhancing the immune system and achieving healthy levels of blood pressure. For those highly sensitive to caffeine, L-Theanine diminishes the jitters, and although it allows for a relaxed state, it does so without compromising energy levels or focus.

600 mg of N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine is included and is said to have performance benefits both physical and for the brain. By eliminating stress and enhancing mental acuity and cognitive abilities, N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine also enables us to extract additional energy and enhance individual motivation. The Tyrosine with the acetic acid permits improved absorption.

The 500 mg of Choline Bitartrate is possibly the best choline available because not only is it effective but it is also affordable. It aids cognitive development and memory but for the bodybuilder, perhaps more relevant, it is the primary component in building Acetylcholine which is vital for muscular contraction.

Fat Burning Ingredients

The 180 mg of Caffeine Anhydrous is a great fat burner. Not only does it increase energy expenditure but it adds to thermogenesis, heat production. Lipid oxidation is also enhanced and this important for the body in producing energy from fatty acids. Although caffeine has been identified to be problematic and have a negative impact on thermogenesis, it depends on the dosage. Moderate doses have not had this effect.

The 60 mg of Synephrine HCL are said to increase fat burning abilities and it acts as a stimulant. This includes stimulating the body’s metabolism without any negative cardiovascular effects. The alkaloid Hordenine is present in 25 mg. It is beneficial for burning fat and for increasing metabolism. BioPerine, a black pepper extract, which is 95 percent Piperine enhances thermogenesis. It also enhances the absorption of the combined BULK ingredients.

The 70 mg of Mucuna Pruriens which is 98 percent L-Dopa. The L-Dopa lowers cholesterol as well as blood sugar levels. Mucuna Pruriens is known to increase production of human growth hormone (HGH) which aids in building lean muscle while breaking down fat.

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The effectiveness, on the one hand, is based on actual experiences described by individuals. How else can Transparent Labs PreSeries BULK Pre-Workout be properly evaluated? It was described by one group from their very first pre-workout experience, and on an ongoing basis, as incredibly energizing while at the gym, while also providing a serious mental boost facilitating fantastic focus. Even the casual observer would notice the difference before having used Transparent, and after.

Beyond personal experience and testimonies, the ingredients in this product speak for themselves. The Citrulline Malate in particular pushes back from the get-go keeping exhaustion and fatigue at bay. The workout has been described as the “best pump activating supplement.” It’s not just the inclusion of Citrulline Malate that makes the difference but without a sufficient amount, according to the experts, the results won’t be felt. The 6 grams included in each dose of this product makes the mark and makes the difference.

By creating the proper environment within the body through improving blood flow and endurance, enhancing mental focus and diminishing fatigue, the athlete or bodybuilder is able to lose more body fat while adding lean muscle mass.

Overall Quality

Transparent Labs is committed to providing quality products and the PreSeries BULK Pre-Workout is in league with this promise. That is why there are no colored dyes, artificial sweeteners, fillers or additives included. In addition, the formula is based on scientific research and clinically determined dosages. All their products are transparent. Ingredients are clearly identified with no inclination to hide or misrepresent content because their products are developed from the highest quality.

Pros and Cons


This is a high quality product that is scientifically determined with zero additives. By providing 100 percent transparency, everyone can see exactly what ingredients are included in the product. The product provides more volume, yet at the same price as competitor’s prices. There are a full 30 servings in each product. The initial kick lasted several hours after the workout was finished. There were no jittery or agitated feelings at any point. It was pure energy and focus that was provided. The ingredients are top-notch and do their job because they are provided in an optimum dosage that is clinically researched and determined. The pump was experienced at the gym during the workout. Those using the product could actually feel the pump. The testosterone support provided by this product provides the basis for exactly what is needed when pursuing a high intensity workout. It supports testosterone production by the body without being a testosterone booster.


It doesn’t taste great. In fact, it is rather sour to taste. Since there are no artificial dyes or additives, it is a clear liquid when water is added which can put some folk off. If you can tolerate the sour/bitter taste caused by the combination of content, the citrulline is sour and the BCAAs are bitter. The stevia, which is used as a sweetener, is not as sweet as some artificial sweeteners. That is the worst of the bad news, if you can tolerate it.

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Taste and Mixability

Once again, the taste is a combination of sour and bitter because of the lack of artificial flavors and dyes. The recommendation is to mix the white powder, which is the content in the tub, with water. The recommended dose is 8 ounces. Though the taste may be sour and not be the same as your typical pre-workout product many concur that they like the taste. Others understand why the taste is different. It comes in various flavors but provide the same feedback, sour, bitter and somewhat distasteful.

Value for money

Each serving contains a hefty 21.11 grams. That is a nice sized serving for a change. The jar containing 30 servings, is priced at $49.00, meaning each serving costs $1.63. It may cost a bit more than much of the competition, but when you calculate in the results you obtain, well that’s another matter. The total 30 servings, contains 633 grams.

Final Verdict

The final verdict is that this product delivers on what it promises and is an excellent value. There are other products that may be cheaper but they don’t deliver all the benefit found in Transparent Labs PreSeries BULK Pre-Workout. The clean product with 100 percent transparency is a great thing that few others have and fewer understand. Most of the competition use blended ingredients making it difficult if not impossible to identify how much of what is going into your body. Coupled with that are the performance, strength and results of the addition of lean muscle mass. This product promises and delivers significant pump. The advantage provided by the 6 grams of Citrulline and the L-Norvaline, all in the appropriate dosages, enables those using Transparent Labs PreSeries BULK Pre-Workout to provide positive feedback. Compared with competitors, most do not approach these results. More so, I couldn’t find one that exceeded the results found in this product.

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