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Transparent Labs CoreSeries BCAA Glutamine – Official Review

Transparent Labs CoreSeries BCAA Glutamine REVIEW For months, we have been using pre workout supplements from Transparent Labs to help us boost the power we put behind our workouts and to help us cut fat and increase lean muscle. When we heard Transparent Labs has introduced a new supplement called CoreSeries BCAA Glutamine we can use either before or during our workouts to help our bodies repair and recover from strenuous workouts, we were excited to give it a try. Just like the other supplements made by Transparent Labs, CoreSeries BCAA Glutamine is free from all artificial coloring and dyes,…
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Transparent Labs CoreSeries BCAA Glutamine REVIEW

For months, we have been using pre workout supplements from Transparent Labs to help us boost the power we put behind our workouts and to help us cut fat and increase lean muscle. When we heard Transparent Labs has introduced a new supplement called CoreSeries BCAA Glutamine we can use either before or during our workouts to help our bodies repair and recover from strenuous workouts, we were excited to give it a try. Just like the other supplements made by Transparent Labs, CoreSeries BCAA Glutamine is free from all artificial coloring and dyes, fillers, sweeteners and other harmful additives.

As we expected, every single ingredient in CoreSeries BCAA Glutamine is printed right on the label providing us with everything we needed to know about what was going into our bodies and allowing us to make an informed decision about taking the supplement. While it is standard operating procedure for Transparent Labs to fully disclose what is in their products, it is such a unusual policy for a supplement manufacturer to follow it always surprises and impresses us. When we read about what CoreSeries BCAA Glutamine promised and read the ingredient label, we anticipated great results and we’re happy to report we were not disappointed. Here’s what we learned about Transparent Labs CoreSeries BCAA Glutamine, the results we got when we used it and what we think you need to know to decide if it is right for you and to help you meet your fitness and nutritionist goals.

What is CoreSeries BCAA Glutamine?

As with all the products they make and distribute, Transparent Labs sets out the be the best offering in any category they enter and CoreSeries BCAA Glutamine is no exception. Formulated to be the best repair and recovery supplement available on the market, CoreSeries BCAA Glutamine offers serious athletes and bodybuilders a safe and effective way to help their bodies recover and repair from demanding workouts.

CoreSeries BCAA Glutamine is formulated to help reduce muscle fatigue, enhance performance, stimulate synthesis of protein and increase post workout muscle growth. Designed to help you repair and recover more quickly from your workouts, CoreSeries BCAA Glutamine helps enhance your overall performance and can help you bust through performance plateaus and reach whole new levels in your training.

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What’s in it?

There are three powerful ingredients behind CoreSeries BCAA Glutamine designed to work together to deliver optimal recovery and repair results. These ingredients are:

*8 grams of Branch Chain Amino Acids(BCAA). These reduce muscle damage and increase oxygen carrying capability. Most supplements contain just 3 to 5 grams of BCAA even though scientific studies done with athletes in Europe have shown a dosage of 7.2 grams produces the most measurable results. Transparent Labs includes a higher amount of BCAA than clinically proven necessary to make certain you get the results you need to repair and recover.

*5 grams of Glutamine. This is included to increase growth hormones and blood alkalinity. Studies show blood glutamine levels dip after strenuous workouts and this dosage replenishes levels to avoid the negative effect low glutamine levels can have on performance, repair and recovery.

*1 gram of Coconut Water Powder. This is included to provide electrolytes and micronutrients lost during high intensity workouts.

Every ingredient in CoreSeries BCAA Glutamine is scientifically proven to deliver results and provide essential support your body needs to recover from the rigorous training you put it through. All the ingredients in CoreSeries BCAA Glutamine are safe and none are on banned drug lists. This means you can take it to support your workouts without fears of failing drug tests or coming under suspicion of taking illegal performance enhancing substances that could disqualify you from competitions or tarnish your reputation and cast doubt on the merits of all your hard work.

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Transparent Labs CoreSeries BCAA Glutamine Supplement Facts

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While CoreSeries BCAA Glutamine is designed to support your body’s repair and recovery, the thing we noticed most when taking it was an increase in our endurance. Some testers felt they also noticed an increase in strength, and we all noticed a decrease in our recovery times, even after doing more sets and repetitions than usual in our already punishing regular workouts.

Overall Quality

Just like all the other supplements made and distributed by Transparent Labs, CoreSeries BCAA Glutamine is a high quality, easy to use, safe and effective addition to our regimen. Including more than the proven effective dosages of BCAA to make sure you get the most bang for your buck, leaving out sweeteners, artificial dyes and unnecessary fillers and offering more servings per container at a similar price point of other, lower quality offerings in the repair and recovery category makes us confident in saying we think this is the top choice for anyone serious about boosting endurance, building muscle, shredding fat and hastening the body’s ability to repair and recover after taxing workouts.

Pros and Cons


When you are considering incorporating a new supplement into your regimen, it is important to weigh the pros and cons so you can make a smart decision about the most important thing in the world, your health. In the case of CoreSeries BCAA Glutamine, the pros far outnumber the cons making it an easy choice to make.

First up on the pro list is the fact that you know every single thing that is in the formula. There is no guesswork or undercover detective work needed in an effort to figure out what’s in a “proprietary blend” and if it’s right for you, everything in CoreSeries BCAA Glutamine is right there on the label for you to see.

Secondly, CoreSeries BCAA Glutamine offers levels of BCAA that not only meet but actually exceed the dosage clinically proven to deliver the best repair and recovery results.

Thirdly, CoreSeries BCAA Glutamine provides the support your body needs to continue to grow lean muscle after your workouts and lessens the recovery time you need between workouts and set increases.

Fourth, CoreSeries BCAA Glutamine provides increased endurance to help you take your workouts to a higher level.

Fifth, the power packed formula is easy to mix and you get thirty full scoop servings out of each $39 tub making the price per serving very reasonable and far more competitive than other, lower quality competitors in the recovery and repair supplement category.

Sixth, the formula behind CoreSeries BCAA Glutamine is safe, effective and contains nothing harmful, illegal, unethical or unnecessary.


The con list is very short, and honestly, it was hard for us to come up with any. To provide a balanced review, though, we forced ourselves to come up with a few.

First, we decided the taste of CoreSeries BCAA Glutamine belonged on the con list even though it’s simply a result of the natural ingredients not being hidden behind fake sweeteners and flavorings.

The second con on our list was the potential for users to get dehydrated if they are not careful to increase their water intake. The increase in endurance and decreased recovery time provided by CoreSeries BCAA Glutamine can make some users push harder and go longer than usual wihthout feeling increased fatigue or pain. Without the tell tale signs of fatigue and pain, longer, harder workouts can ultimately lead to dehydration if increased water intake is not consciously incorporated before, during and after workouts.

The third con is that CoreSeries BCAA Glutamine is so well received it is sometimes completely sold out on the Transparent Labs website making it hard to get. To overcome this, we suggest ordering in bulk by buying more than one tub at a time and preordering when you are just starting to use your last tub. It is important you buy directly from Transparent Labs to ensure you are getting the authentic product and to make sure you get the company’s refund guarantee on the off chance you decide to return the product.

As you can see, we were extremely impressed with the research that went into formulating CoreSeries BCAA Glutamine by Transparent Labs and the results we got from incorporating it into our supplement arsenal. For all of our testers, deciding to continue taking CoreSeries BCAA Glutamine even after our test review ended was a simple choice to make and all of us are excited to see the positive impact continuing the supplement will have on our lean muscle growth, endurance and decreased down time spent in recovery and repair mode.

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Taste and Mixability

Offered in two flavor options, Green Apple or Blue Raspberry, CoreSeries BCAA Glutamine ia a little bitter and while it isn’t exactly mouth wateringly delicious, it’s definitely not the worst thing we’ve ever had to drink and we can easily get past the not so amazing flavor because of the benefits it offers. For those hesitant to try CoreSeries BCAA Glutamine because they anticipate a bitter or sour taste, it is worth noting Transparent Labs recommends mixing it with water or juice so it is possible to somewhat mask the taste behind the juice of your choice.

The CoreSeries BCAA Glutamine supplement powder is easy to mix, requiring nothing more than mixing one of the included pre measured, level scoops into 10 to 12 ounces of water or juice. Transparent Labs recommends taking two servings of CoreSeries BCAA Glutamine a day and to take them thirty to forty five minutes before or during your workouts. To encourage repair and lean muscle growth on non training days, Transparent Labs suggests that you take it in the mornings. Regardless of whether it is a training day or not, make sure that you do not to take more than four servings a day. Transparent Labs also recommends you increase your water intake during your workout to ensure you stay hydrated. This is important as your increased endurance and lessened recovery time may lead you to push yourself to a level or dehydration if you are not conscious about upping your intake of water before, during and after your workouts.

Value for money

For thirty full scoop servings, Transparent Labs offers CoreSeries BCAA Glutamine for just $39. For such a high quality, safe and effective supplement, the cost per serving is easy to justify and won’t break the bank. In fact, when you compare the price of CoreSeries BCAA Glutamine to the other repair and recovery supplements on the market, you get two to three times more servings from Transparent Labs than other companies offer at about the same cost.

Given that Transparent Labs uses only safe, effective and scientifically proven ingredients, tells you exactly what those ingredients are and almost triples the amount of product offered by lower quality competitors at the same price range, we think this is a solid buy for anyone looking for a recovery and repair supplement to incorporate into their routine. To help stretch your dollar even farther, Transparent Labs offers free shipping within the United States on all orders of $150 or more.

Final Verdict

Once again, Transparent Labs has succeeded in creating a high quality, effective, safe and easy to use supplement that delivers the results it promises. CoreSeries BCAA Glutamine offers a proven and effective way to help your body recover and repair itself during your workouts and provides a way to help encourage lean muscle growth once the workout ends.

Offering higher levels than proven clinically necessary of BCAA, a price point that is in line with other offerings in its category despite its higher quality ingredients and larger serving size per container than those offered by competitors, the complete transparency offered to the consumer by the manufacturer and the ease of use makes this a solid choice for anyone serious about optimizing their results while minimizing their recovery and repair time.

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