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10 Best Cinnamon Supplements for 2020

Best Cinnamon Supplements

You are probably familiar with cinnamon as a popular spice. While used as a spice is one of the most popular and well known uses for cinnamon, there are also tons of health benefits from the extract of cinnamon tree bark.

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10 Best Chlorella Supplements for 2020

Best Chlorella Supplements

Chlorella is a certain type of fresh-water algae that is most commonly found in a variety of different medicines. The algae itself is one of the most nutritious superfoods in the world since it contains a high content of amino acids, fatty acids, chlorophyll, minerals, and vitamins.

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10 Best Sesame Seed Products for 2020

Best Sesame Seeds Products

Sesame seeds are one of the oldest foods on the face of the planet. As a matter of fact, sesame seeds are one of the oldest plants to be grown for their oils and seeds rather than for the fruit or vegetables they bear.

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10 Best Cacao Nibs Products for 2020

Best Cacao Nibs Supplements

Cacao was first introduced as a cultivated food in the ancient Mexican Olmec civilization, dating back approximately 3,000 years. Cacao was often used to make a beverage that was served at wedding ceremonies and other celebrations. It was said to be the food of the gods.

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10 Best Bee Pollen Products for 2020

Best Bee Pollen Supplements

Bee Pollen is the fine powdery substance that bees gather from the stamens of flowering plants and store in honeycomb hives. It is used as a nutritional supplement. It comes in liquid form, capsules, chewable tablets, or as a powder that you can mix into food or drink.

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10 Best Flaxseed Supplements for 2020


Flaxseed is seemingly all the rage lately. These small seeds are often found in smoothies, baked goods, crackers, bread and other foods at health food stores. They’re often found in the form of oil as well. So what’s all the fuss about?

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10 Best Chia Seeds Products for 2020


The earliest known use of chia seeds was during the existence of the ancient Mayan civilization. The chia plant grew easily among the sweet potatoes, corn, squash, pumpkins, and tomatoes that were an important part of their diet.

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10 Best Coconut Oil Products for 2020


Coconut oil is one of those miracle products that can be used for almost anything. It can be ingested for its wide array of health benefits, it can improve dental health, or it can be applied to the skin and hair. It’s widely considered a superfood, and has a great taste to boot.

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