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10 Best Vitamin E Supplements – Ranked & Reviewed for 2018

If you’re looking for the best vitamin E supplements to buy this year, then you’ve come to the right place

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Top 10 Vitamin E Supplements

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#1Puritan's Pride Vitamin E-1000-sPuritan’s Pride Vitamin E-1000More Info
#2Nature Made Vitamin E 400-sNature Made Vitamin E 400More Info
#3Solgar Vitamin E 400-sSolgar Vitamin E 400More Info
#4Now Foods E-400-sNow Foods E-400More Info
#5Nature's Bounty Natural E-complex-sNature’s Bounty Natural E-complexMore Info
#6Spring Valley Vitamin E 400 IU-sSpring Valley Vitamin E 400More Info
#7Sundown Naturals Vitamin E 400 IU-sSundown Naturals Vitamin E 400More Info
#8Swanson Vitamin E Mixed Tocopherols 400 Iu-sSwanson Vitamin EMore Info
#9Garden of Life Vegetarian Vitamin E-sGarden of Life Vegetarian Vitamin EMore Info
#10Pure-Encapsulations---Vitamin-E-sPure Encapsulations – Vitamin EMore Info

Vitamin E Supplements Compared

1.) Puritan’s Pride Vitamin E-1000

Puritan's Pride Vitamin E-1000

Specs and Overview

  • This product offers 1000 IU of vitamin E in every serving
  • It contains dl-Alpha vitamin E, which is a synthetic form of vitamin E
  • The quick release liquid soft gels are not at all difficult to swallow
  • The product is free of sodium, fish, yeast, wheat, gluten, lactose, milk, starch, sugar, preservatives, sweetener, flavors or artificial colors
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amazonlogo-150x42 $22.99 Buy Now

2.) Nature Made Vitamin E 400

Nature Made Vitamin E 400

Specs and Overview

  • 400 IU in each serving
  • A total of 100 servings in every bottle
  • It is free of gluten, starch, yeast, color, artificial flavors and preservatives.
  • Is the #1 Pharmacist Recommended Letter Vitamin Brand, according to the US News and World Report
  • Is manufactured from only carefully selected ingredients and is made under strict processes
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amazonlogo-150x42 $18.59 Buy Now

3.) Solgar Vitamin E 400

Solgar Vitamin E 400

Specs and Overview

  • The product provides 400 IU of vitamin E in every serving
  • Has 100 servings in every bottle
  • Is free of Gluten, wheat, yeast, artificial flavor, color, preservatives, sodium, and dairy
  • Is the primary fat soluble antioxidant in the body
  • The product is an essential nutrient and should be taken on a daily basis to ensure optimum health
  • Is 100 percent from a natural source
  • Is especially beneficial for those who have allergies to soy, as the base of the vitamin is safflower based instead of soy based like the majority of products on the market
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amazonlogo-150x42 $12.73 Buy Now

4.) Now Foods E-400

Now Foods E-400

Specs and Overview

  • Sun-E 400, by Now Foods, offers 400 IU of 100 percent natural vitamin E in every serving
  • The product has a base of sunflower oil rather than soybean oil, making it a perfect match for those who struggle with allergic reactions to products containing soy.
  • Offers either 60 or 120 servings per bottle
  • Is free of corn, dairy, egg, GMOs, sugar, nuts and soy
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amazonlogo-150x42 $19.83 Buy Now

5.) Nature’s Bounty Natural E-complex

Nature's Bounty Natural E-complex

Specs and Overview

  • Offers 400 IU of vitamin E in every serving
  • Has 100 servings in every bottle
  • Is 100 percent natural based
  • The product features rapid release soft gels, allowing for prompt absorption of the vitamin into your body
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amazonlogo-150x42 $12.99 Buy Now

6.) Spring Valley Vitamin E

Spring Valley Vitamin E 400 IU

Specs and Overview

  • This 100 percent natural product provides 400 IU of vitamin E in each serving
  • Has 100 servings in each bottle
  • Offers d-alpha, gamma, beta and delta tocopherols in one convenient soft gel
  • Is free of flavors, artificial color, preservatives, corn, wheat, yeast, dairy, salt and sugar
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amazonlogo-150x42 $8.48 Buy Now

7.) Sundown Naturals Vitamin E

Sundown Naturals Vitamin E 400 IU

Specs and Overview

  • This product provides you with 400 IU of vitamin E in each serving
  • Is 100 percent natural
  • Has 100 servings in every bottle
  • Features an easy to swallow soft gel that is free of wheat and gluten
VendorPrice ComparisonLink
amazonlogo-150x42 $3.97 Buy Now

8.) Swanson Vitamin E

Swanson Vitamin E Mixed Tocopherols 400 Iu

Specs and Overview

  • Offers 400 IU of antioxidant protection in every easy to swallow soft gel
  • Features 250 soft gels in each bottle
  • Is free of wheat, corn, dairy, artificial colors and nuts
  • The product is specially engineered to be ultra-bioavailable so that you can get the maximum antioxidant support each day
VendorPrice ComparisonLink
amazonlogo-150x42 $19.98 Buy Now

9.) Garden of Life Vegetarian Vitamin E

Garden of Life Vegetarian Vitamin E

Specs and Overview

  • This product offers 250 IU high potency vitamin E in each serving, as well as naturally occurring mixed tocopherols
  • Includes vitamins K, D and A, plus Selenium
  • Contains 23 powdered fruits and vegetables
  • Features live enzymes and probiotics, just like a raw food
  • Is completely raw, which means that it is manufactured at temperatures below 115 degrees F
  • The unique combination of 23 vegetables and fruits, vitamins A, D and K and Selenium make this product one of the most healthy on the market
VendorPrice ComparisonLink
amazonlogo-150x42 $18.04 Buy Now

10.) Pure Encapsulations – Vitamin E


Specs and Overview

  • The product features 400 IU of vitamin E in every serving
  • The product is made with only hypoallergenic ingredients
  • Contains d-alpha, beta and gamma tocopherols, the most biologically active forms of vitamin E
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amazonlogo-150x42 $26.30 Buy Now

Vitamin E Supplements Guide

What is Vitamin E?

Vitamin E is a nutrient that exists in eight different forms and is completely fat soluble. The most active form in vitamin E is known as Alpha-tocopherol; it is an antioxidant well known for its potency. Also, vitamin E works excellently with other antioxidants in the body and is able to harness the potential from all the antioxidants in your system to create a synergistically amplified effect within the body.

The reason that many in the scientific community have recently become interested in this vitamin is that it has a powerful effect on free radicals in the body. These harmful substances are the by products of pollutants ingested by the body and the result of normal metabolism.

Vitamin E is a powerful nutrient that ruthlessly hunts down and neutralizes free radicals so that they are not able to harm red blood cells and tissues.

But that’s not all; there’s even more! Vitamin E is very important for a healthy balance of hormones and reproductive function. It is also useful for helping to repair DNA, maintain the proper functioning of the immune function, as well as many other metabolic processes. Vitamin E is also useful in helping to regulate the levels of vitamin A in your body. Vitamin A is very important for the maintenance of mucous membranes, healthy skin, good vision and helping the skin to recover from scarring caused by acne.

Things to Look For In A Good Vitamin E Product

Everyone can benefit from taking the time to make sure that the levels of vitamin E in their body are at healthy levels. Those who suffer from cystic fibrosis (a disease inherited from the parents that negatively impacts the liver, pancreas, gastrointestinal tract and lungs) or Crohn’s disease (a condition in which the bowels are seriously inflamed) are especially in need of vitamin E; these health conditions inhibit the normal absorption of the vitamin.

Taking Vitamin E

While you are probably worried about increasing the amount of fat in your diet, it’s important to understand that not all fat is bad for you. The body uses fat to help the brain and reproductive organs function properly and to produce healthy hair and skin.

Eating plenty of nuts, vegetable oils, fortified cereals and green leafy vegetables will help you to reach your daily quota of vitamin E. In addition, you can take vitamin E in a supplement format.


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