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Top 10 Thermogenic Fat Burners – 2020’s Best Products Ranked

Thermogenics for Weight Loss

The best thermogenic products work in a number of different ways depending on which ingredients are included but the general concept is that they will help your body to burn more calories on a daily basis so that you can shed those pesky pounds faster than ever.

If you are working hard in the gym and staying consistent with your diet in order to lose body fat and it definitely makes a lot of sense to add a fat burning supplement into the mix.

You will also notice that many of these products include natural herbal extracts, which means that you will also be able to enjoy the added benefit of antioxidant protection for the maintenance of overall health and well-being.

We have gathered together the best thermogenic supplements on the market based on factors such as user reviews, value for money, and the quality of ingredients used in each formula.

With this information to hand you should have everything you need to determine which are going to be the best fat burners to help you more easily achieve your weight loss goals.

Highest Rated Thermogenic Supplements

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#1 – Instant Knockout

Lowest Price at

instant knockout review
  • Comes packed with a comprehensive blend of ingredients for awesome fat loss
  • Green Tea Extract substantially enhances thermogenesis
  • Zinc is provided to enhance testosterone production
  • Source of Glucomannan fiber to suppress your appetite


instant knockout fat burner nutrition facts
ik-logo  $59  Check Current Price

Instant Knockout – Full Review

#2 – Cellucor Super HD

Cellucor Super HD may have been knocked down from its top spot in the 2015 top thermogenics rankings but it is still easily one of the best fat burning supplements that money can buy.

  • Contains Caffeine and Tyrosine to keep you wide awake
  • Contains Niacin and other B vitamins to aid recovery from training
  • Removes unwanted water retention with herbal diuretics like Dandelion Root
  • Includes Yohimbe Extract to mobilise your body’s fat stores
  • Bioperine is also included to enhance the absorption of ingredients


cellucor super hd nutrition facts

This product helps to release stored fat while giving your body the extra push it needs to burn up that released fat as energy, while keeping you feeling alert and energetic throughout the day.

 $36.99  Check Current Price

#3 – BSN HyperShred

This is a multi-pronged fat burner in that it not only promotes enhanced metabolic rate but it also helps to sensitise your body to the effects of glucose and insulin so that you can tolerate a higher carbohydrate intake while still losing weight.

  • Includes Bioperine to facilitate ingredient absorption
  • Chromium is included to help with glucose metabolism
  • Includes nootropics to enhance cognitive function
  • Available in bottles containing 90 capsules
  • Also available in bottles containing 10 capsules for first-time users



There is no doubt that you are going to suffer from a reduction in your energy levels and degree of mental focus throughout your dieting phase, so using a thermogenic supplement like BSN HyperShred is a great way to offset some of these effects.

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#4 – MusclePharm Shred Matrix

MusclePharm world’s leading manufacturer of excellent bodybuilding supplements, and it’s Shred Matrix is a superb thermogenic product that offers an 8-step approach to fat loss.

  • Contains enzymes to support digestive health
  • Includes Chromium to improve the insulin sensitivity of your cells
  • Contains Glucomannan fiber to help suppress your appetite
  • Provides Caffeine and other stimulants to keep your energy levels high
  • Available in bottles containing 21, 60, and 120 capsules



Appetite suppression, glucose metabolism, digestive health, thermogenesis, mental clarity; this supplement does all of the above plus a whole lot more, offering superb value for money.

 $39.99  Check Current Price

#5 – Old School Labs Vintage Burn

By combining a wide variety of proven gentle herbal extracts, Old School Labs Vintage Burn should give your body what it needs to shed excess fat stores in a natural and healthy manner.

  • Includes Green Coffee Extract and Green Tea Extract for enhanced thermogenesis
  • Also includes Raspberry Ketones to keep your fat metabolism at a steady rate
  • Chrysin helps to offset estrogen production to help you retain lean muscle mass
  • Provides Garcinia Cambogia Extract to help keep your appetite at bay
  • Available in packages containing 60 servings



Old School Labs Vintage Burn is yet another new addition for our 2017 top thermogenic rankings, making a fantastic entry to the list with a list of herbal ingredients that you can depend upon for consistent results.

 $49.99  Check Current Price

#6 – MuscleTech Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite

Although this fat burner supplement contains caffeine it does do a whole lot more than just make you jittery, helping your body to release its stored fat while burning a greater number of calories in the process.

  • Includes Green Coffee Extract and Cocoa for enhanced thermogenesis
  • Promotes fat mobilization with Yohimbe Extract
  • Contains Caffeine to keep you alert and energetic
  • Available in bottles containing 100 and 180 capsules



MuscleTech Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite has moved up one position from last year’s best thermogenic supplement list, proving itself to be a highly worthy contender!

 $17.50  Check Current Price

#7 – Optimum Nutrition Thermo Cuts

Optimum Nutrition Thermo Cuts is a new edition to this year’s list of the best fat burning supplements, making a very respectable entry at seventh place due to overwhelming popular demand.

  • Provides Chromium to improve the insulin sensitivity of your body
  • Includes Green Tea Extract to help you burn more calories throughout the day
  • White Kidney Bean Extract assists glucose metabolism
  • Includes Caffeine and nootropic compounds to enhance mental clarity and focus
  • Available in bottles providing 25 servings



Most of us are familiar with the quality provided by Optimum Nutrition, so it should come as no surprise that Thermo Cuts is one of the best fat burning supplements on the market.

 N/A  Check Current Price

#8 – Eden Pond Oxy5001 Mega-Thermogenic

What we have here is a very well rounded fat burner formula that has been designed for those of you who consistently train with a high level of intensity, helping to protect your body against oxidative damage while lending a thermogenic helping hand.

  • Designed specifically for intense sports and bodybuilding
  • Contains Caffeine and Yerba Mate to promote mental alertness
  • Includes Green Tea Extract for enhanced thermogenesis
  • Also contains Vitamin C to bolster your immune system
  • Contains extracts of Grape Seed and Ginger for additional health benefits



Keeping your metabolism running like a blast furnace is a sure-fire way to guarantee weight loss success, and that’s exactly what Eden Pond Oxy5001 Mega-Thermogenic will do for you.

 $30.63  Check Current Price

#9 – ErgoGenix ErgoCut

ErgoCut by ErgoGenix is a very interesting thermogenic formula that provides caffeine, carnitine, and a range of other effective thermogenic and antioxidant ingredients to stimulate fat loss while helping you to maintain optimal health and well-being.

  • Contains Propionyl-L-Carnitine to encourage fatty acid oxidization
  • Includes the potent antioxidant Quercetin
  • Provides 50 mg of Caffeine per capsule
  • Includes Capsaicin for enhanced thermogenic effects
  • Available in bottles containing 180 capsules


This is a cost-effective and, well, effective weight loss product that is suitable for both men and women.

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#10 – MHP Thyro-Slim

The consistent production of thyroid hormones is an incredibly important aspect of prolonged weight loss and the management of healthy body fat levels, making MHP Thyro-Slim a very intelligently formulated weight loss supplement.

  • Provides 200 mg of caffeine per serving
  • Includes a special formula to stimulate your thyroid
  • Contains White Willow Bark Extract to enhance nutrient absorption
  • Available in bottles containing 42 capsules



You will want to exercise caution when using this thermogenic if you are sensitive to caffeine because of the White Willow Bark Extract will increase its effectiveness quite significantly.

 $15.72  Check Current Price

Wrapping Things Up

There is quite clearly a lot of variation when it comes to the vast selection of fat burner supplements available, but by now you should ever have a clearer understanding of what each one can offer.

Unfortunately there are a lot of thermogenic supplements on the market that are little more than a glorified caffeine pills, but the 10 we have looked at today are some of the best you will find, with Thermakor by Kor Nutrition being the clear winner based on user reviews and value for money.

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