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10 Best Supplements for Men – Top Products for Men’s Health

Supplements for Men’s Health and Wellness

Like any other “machine,” the human body requires the right fuel and proper maintenance in order to keep working at optimum levels. Fundamentally, this requires a healthy diet and regular exercise, both of which work together to maintain one’s recommended weight, boost cardiovascular health, reduce depression, and provide a variety of other health benefits. Yet many studies have proven that supplementing one’s diet with additional vitamins, minerals and so forth is an even greater boon to one’s health.

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How Supplements Can Help Boost Men’s Health

Supplements make up for any deficiencies that might be in one’s diet, and they also increase levels of other vitamins and minerals that can drastically improve one’s health and well-being. As one’s health improves, so does one’s lifespan lengthen. Healthy people live longer, on average, than those who pay little attention to their health, and the quality of life that healthy people enjoy at older ages is better than the quality of life others experience as they get older.

Not everyone needs the same levels of the various proteins, minerals, vitamins and other substances that keep the human body functioning well. What the body needs and can benefit from varies according to gender and age, with adult men needing levels of these substances that are not equivalent to women’s needs.

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Should You Include Them in Your Diet?

That is why it so important, when designing a personal health and fitness regimen, that men take into account the actual dietary requirements and suggestions for men and not the average nutritional needs for the entire adult population. Dig a little deeper into the data and figure out what your segment, that is the demographic/segment you belong in, and get the numbers applicable to you.

Nutritional supplements are particularly important for men’s health. Some of them act as boosters to the male immune system, while others assist with losing fat and building lean muscle mass. Some may prevent cancer, reduce depression, or provide other benefits. All of them are found naturally in the foods that men eat, or they are produced by the body, but men do not typically receive the optimum levels of these vitamins, minerals and so on just from their diet or from their bodies’ natural processes.

These ten supplements, in particular, have shown great promise in promoting health and longevity for adult males:

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Top 10 Supplements for Men’s General Health and Fitness

10. Vitamin C

What Is It:

Vitamin C has long been prized for helping the body’s immune system to stay strong and to fight off viruses and diseases more efficiently. Studies have shown that those who get enough vitamin C suffer from the common cold over a time span that is up to ten percent shorter than the time spent by who get a cold but do not have an adequate amount of the vitamin in their diet. Vitamin C also plays an important role in preventing bruising and healing cuts and scrapes. It is also one of the most effective antioxidants in nature.

How to Get It:

The best way to get more vitamin C in one’s diet is by eating foods that are rich in the vitamin. Men should have about 90mg a day of vitamin C, which they can obtain via foods such as citrus fruits, bell peppers, tomatoes, and strawberries. There are also numerous vitamin C supplements available that can boost one’s vitamin C levels considerably.

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9. Vitamin E

What Is It:

The role and effectiveness of vitamin E as a supplement continues to be debated. Researchers agree that this vitamin has helpful antioxidant properties, and several studies have pointed to vitamin E as helping to prevent things such as cataracts and some forms of heart disease.

More research is needed for vitamin E and heart disease prevention, but the fact that vitamin E has antioxidant properties indicates that it may play a vital role in preventing certain types of cancers. Men should take note, however, that too much vitamin E can have the opposite effect and increase one’s risk of prostate cancer.

Seattle researchers recently found that men who have high levels of selenium can increase their risk of aggressive prostate cancer dramatically if they consume too much vitamin E.

How to Get It:

Men only need about 20mg of vitamin E a day. In addition to sunflower seeds, almonds, and other seeds and nuts, the best sources of moderate amounts of vitamin E are multivitamins.

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8. Green Tea

What Is It:

For centuries, men have benefitted from the antioxidant properties of green tea. Green tea is merely a less processed form of the same plant that provides the world with black tea, and it has been especially popular in China, Japan, and other Asian nations.

Several studies have indicated that green tea can play an important role in helping men lose weight and maintain a healthy overall weight profile. Used in conjunction with exercise, green tea and green tea extract seem to reduce the chances that men will put weight back on after they lose it. Green tea also seems to boost the immune systems of those who take it regularly.

How to Get It:

There is no recommended amount of green tea for men, but most studies suggest that one cup of warm green tea a day is a good way to get the most from this supplement. Green tea extract is also available in the form of pills.

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7. Chromium

What Is It:

The mineral chromium plays an important role in metabolism and insuring that the body’s cells process insulin correctly. Several studies have demonstrated that the mineral assists in maintaining the correct level of glucose in the bloodstream, and it is also possible that it has other salutary effects in adult males.

Some studies suggest that chromium is especially helpful in managing type 2 diabetes, but more research is needed to confirm this.

How to Get It:

Men over age 50 should have about 30mcg of chromium a day, while men younger than 50 need 35mcg. There are many chromium supplements on the market that can help ensure that men receive the appropriate amount of chromium, but high levels of chromium are also present in broccoli and red wine. Common chromium supplements include chromium picolinate and chromium nicotinate.

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6. Calcium w/ Magnesium

What Is It:

Although calcium is widely known for promoting healthy bones, individuals are less commonly aware that magnesium serves a similarly important role. In fact, some experts believe that magnesium deficiency is the most common nutritional deficiency in the Western world.

In addition to strengthening bones, magnesium is used in more than three hundred chemical reactions that occur in the human body, and it is proven for its ability to improve the health of the heart and circulatory system. Additionally, magnesium is a natural blood thinner, which means that it has heart-attack- and stroke-preventing applications.

How to Get It:

Men can get the benefits of both calcium and magnesium when they take calcium supplements that also include magnesium. These are commonly found at any grocery, drug and health food store. Dairy products and dark green leafy vegetables are also rich in calcium, and whole grains, soy beans, dark chocolate, and several different kinds of nuts are great sources of magnesium.

Adult men should get approximately 1000mg of calcium and 420mg of magnesium each day.

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5. Vitamin D

What Is It:

Commonly found in fortified milk, vitamin D performs a variety of useful functions in the body. Without enough vitamin D, the body cannot properly absorb calcium, and it will have difficulty repairing bone mass and maintaining overall bone health.

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There is also good evidence that vitamin D helps to prevent heart attacks and strokes, and individuals with low levels of the vitamin seem to be at greater risk of colorectal cancer and pancreatic cancer. Finally, studies have shown that men who consume adequate amounts of vitamin D have a lower amount of fat on their abdominal region.

How to Get It:

When exposed to sunlight, the human body will produce vitamin D on its own, but most men do not spend enough time in the sun for this to meet their vitamin D needs. Fortified milk and fish such as tuna and salmon are also good sources of vitamin D, but even men who have a diet rich in these foods can benefit from vitamin D supplements in the form of pills or drops. Men should consume at least 1,000mg of vitamin D every day.

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4. Creatine

What Is It:

For men who want to gain muscle mass, creatine is a great way to increase muscle weight. Used in conjunction with weightlifting, men who take creatine supplements build muscle tissue more quickly than those who do not consume them.

Creatine is also used to treat certain medical conditions, including rheumatoid arthritis, congestive heart failure and various diseases that afflict muscle composition and function.

How to Get It:

Creatine is naturally created in the body’s muscular system, but animal proteins are also a good source of the chemical. Various creatine powders and drinks are now available to help men who want to supplement the amount of creatine their bodies produce. Typically, men who are exercising and lifting weights should take 5-10g per day. Before or after a workout, it makes no difference.

When creatine is used to treat various diseases, the amount that is prescribed varies according to the disease the chemical is being used to treat. When taking creatine supplements, it is also important to drink enough water—64oz a day.

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3. Omega 3

What Is It:

Most people today know that a diet high in saturated fats is not good for the human body. However, that does not mean all fats are bad. In fact, omega-3 fatty acids are essential to maintaining one’s overall health.

Found naturally in many fishes, omega-3 is best known for its ability to slow the growth of plaque on artery walls and other benefits that maintain the long-term health of the heart. Omega-3 also increases the levels of HDL cholesterol—which is the cholesterol that is beneficial to human beings—and it keeps a variety of bodily systems working well, including joints, retinas, and more.

How to Get It:

Various fishes such as salmon, sardines, and anchovies are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, but they are also readily available in supplement form as fish oil capsules. Many of these supplements also include vitamin E. Because too much fish oil can increase one’s risk of bleeding, most experts recommend that men consume no more than 3g of omega-3 fish oil a day.

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2. Multivitamin

What Is It:

Multivitamins are perhaps the most well-known and widely used dietary supplements on the market today. As their name suggest, multivitamin supplements combine a wide spectrum of vitamins in one dose.

There are a variety of choices on the market today, but they all combine minerals such as zinc and chromium with the B-complex vitamins as well as vitamins A, C, D, and other vitamins and minerals. Typically found in pill form, multivitamins are easy to take, and they are widely available at grocery stores, drug stores, health food stores, and online.

How to Get It:

Taking multivitamins at mealtimes will increase their effectiveness, as the body processes them better when it is also processing food. The type of multivitamin supplement that men should choose depends on their particular needs and the relative concentrations of the different nutrients found in each multivitamin.

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1. Whey Protein

What Is It:

Found in the liquid that is leftover from the process of making cheese, whey protein is a supplement that has been gaining in popularity during recent years. Though research is ongoing, many studies have found that whey protein assists in the building of lean muscle, and it also contains many amino acids that are beneficial to one’s heart health.

Whey protein can also boost weight loss, and there are indications that it plays a role in preventing colon cancer and other cancerous growths. Finally, some studies suggest that whey protein improves the overall response of one’s immune system when it encounters viruses and other stresses.

How to Get It:

Whey protein is available as a dietary supplement in a powder form that can be mixed with water and other liquids for consumption. Men who are engaging in regular strength-training exercise should have about 1.5g of whey protein a day to experience the maximum beneficial effects of the supplement.

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Wrapping Up

Take Supplements Wisely

Dietary supplements are no substitute for a healthy diet and exercise plan, but they are worthwhile additions that can improve any man’s health. Whether a man is in good shape now or is just beginning to exercise regularly and eat a healthy, balanced diet, nutritional supplements can make up for what one might lack, and they can improve one’s quality of life overall.

As with all plans for the human body, men who want to take nutritional supplements should consult their doctor for advice, and this list of the top ten supplements for men is a great way to broach the subject with one’s physician.

Note: Always speak with your doctor before taking any supplements featured on this website. This article has not been written, reviewed or endorsed by a medical professional and may not be used to diagnose or treat any medical conditions.