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Best Supplements for Memory, Focus & Cognition – Top 10 Products for 2021

Memory loss can be a natural part of the aging process but that does not make it inevitable. A clouding of mental capacities can also be an important sign of impending illness or developing dietary deficiency.

Oftentimes, the proper supplements to increase memory and concentration are all that are needed to regain mental agility. They will also help you focus more.

Loved ones can also benefit from supplements that help slow the process of natural memory decline. Fortunately, a number of the best supplements for memory are naturally occurring and readily available.

Helpful Supplements for Memory, Cognition, and Focus

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10. Vitamin B-12

Recommended Vitamin B12 
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What is it:

Poor memory is just one of the many insidious symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency. An essential part of the body’s energy pathways, vitamin B12 may also help keep homocysteine, an amino acid blamed for contributing to heart disease, in-check. Although available in a number of foods, adequate B12 is too important to risk leaving at inadequate levels. [1]


  • Also known as: cobalamine
  • Type of compound: water-soluble vitamin
  • Likely memory-boosting dose: 100 micrograms
  • Naturally occurring in a number of animal products

9. Huperzine A

Recommended Huperzine A 
 Source Naturals Huperzine A 200mcg
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What is it:

One of the most potent memory and focus supplements, this staple of Chinese herbal remedies is also used to improve a number of muskuloskeletal disorders.


  • Also known as: huperzia serrata, qian ceng ta
  • Type of compound: herb
  • Likely memory-boosting dose: 300 micrograms
  • Potential side effects are similar to the cholinesterase inhibitor class of drugs
  • Available in a pure form or blended with other mind and body boosters

8. Vitamin D

What is it:

This hormone-like essential substance is converted to its active form in sun-exposed skin.[2]


  • Also known as: cholecalciferol (D2), ergocalciferol (D3)
  • Type of compound: fat-soluble vitamin
  • Likely memory-boosting dose: 1,000-2,000 I.U. ergocalciferol
  • Naturally available in very few foods

7. Ginkgo Biloba

Recommended Ginkgo Biloba 
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What is it:

Recent evidence supports this ancient remedy’s capacity to help the normal age-related decline in memory experienced by the majority of the elderly. The effect may be linked to a potential to actually stimulate neuronal stem cells, the ‘Holy Grail’ of neuroscience.


  • Also known as: maidenhair tree extract
  • Type of compound: leaf extract
  • Available in formats including teas, capsules and liquid extracts
  • Also helps boost mood and enhance blood flow

6. Antioxidants

Recommended Antioxidant 
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What is it:

Antioxidants play a vital function in mopping up accumulated free-radicals, one of the main culprits causing cognitive and memory decline. Baseline anti-oxidant requirements are increased by environmental insults such as smoking and excess sun exposure.


  • Commonly available forms include vitamins A, C and E
  • Melatonin appears to be the body’s most potent form
  • Available as supplements and in a variety of foods
  • A blend of antioxidants are recommended for optimal health
  • Also help reduce the signs of aging

5. Vitamin E

What is it:

This powerful antioxidant has been linked with a decreased rate of mental decline. It is now being recommended among the therapies for preventing Alzheimer’s disease as an early and on-going intervention against this and other types of memory decline.[3]


  • Also known as: tocopherol
  • Type of compound: fat-soluble vitamin
  • Natural sources include nuts, seeds and vegetable oils
  • Topical application helps improve the appearance of scars

4. Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Recommended Omega 3 / Fatty Acid
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What is it:

Omega 3 fatty acids are now more strongly associated with improving a number of health concerns including protection against memory loss and cognitive decline.[4]


  • Also known as: ALA, DHA, EPA
  • Available in fish-derived or vegan formats
  • Natural sources include flaxseeds and fatty fish such as sardines and salmon

3. Choline

Recommended Choline
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What is it:

This member of the b-complex vitamin family is essential for maintaining the integrity of cell membranes such as those that allow neurons to function properly. Dietary supplementation is associated with improvement in all brain functions, including memory.


  • Also known as: vitamin B4
  • Type of compound: water-soluble vitamin
  • Likely memory-boosting dose: 400-600 mg
  • Natural sources include red meat, eggs and nuts
  • Helps improve a number of conditions affecting the brain and liver

2. Creatine

Recommended Creatine Product
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What is it:

Popular with athletes and body builders, the energizing effects of creatine appear to also have a brain-boosting capacity. Increases in memory and cognition are noted after several weeks of supplementation so students should plan ahead to get in a creatine load prior to any final exam cram sessions.


  • Also known as: creatine phosphate
  • Type of compound: naturally occurring organic acid
  • Also helps enhance overall energy levels

1. Acetyl L-Carnitine

Recommended Acetyl L-Carnitine
 NOW Foods Acetyl L-Carnitine 500mg
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What is it:

Energy-boosting acetyl L-carnitine is being recommended for therapy in the treatment of numerous disorders including those affecting memory and mood. In addition to its myriad benefits on brain and body, increasing L-carnitine levels also enhances fat-burning.


  • Also known as: ALCAR
  • Type of compound: amino acid derivative
  • Likely memory-boosting dose:1,500-2,000mg
  • Naturally available in meat, fish and dairy products
  • Combine with omega 3 fatty acids for best improvements in memory, athletic performance and fat loss

Wrapping Up

Although many foods include brain-boosting compounds, only supplementation can ensure therapeutic levels. In addition to slowing mental decline, many memory and focus supplements offer additional benefits that can substantially enhance quality of life. Some even provide the potential to improve cognition and enhance mental clarity. This makes anytime the right time to start using supplements to increase memory and concentration.

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