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10 Best Selenium Supplements – Reviewed & Ranked for 2018

If you’re looking for the best selenium supplements to buy this year, then you’ve come to the right place

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Top 10 Selenium Supplements

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Selenium Supplements Guide

In order to get the greatest benefits from selenium, you will need to ensure that you have adequate levels in your body.

So that you can truly understand and appreciate the health benefits that selenium can give you, it is important for you to understand a little bit of the background of this precious health supplement.

What is Selenium?

Selenium is a naturally occurring trace element that is frequently found in soil. The human body requires this nutrient in small quantities so that the person can remain in good health. It is a key part of many of the processes of the body and can be found in almost every cell. Selenium is especially prevalent in the spleen, liver, kidneys, testes and the pancreas.

Benefits of Selenium

This nutrient is actually an antioxidant that helps to combat the free radicals known for damaging the DNA.

Selenium is easy to find in many of the foods that are eaten on a daily basis. Most common food items that contain selenium include Brazil nuts, seafood, meats and poultry. Brown rice and oats sometimes contain selenium, but this will typically depend on the selenium content of the soils in which the grains were grown. Selenium can also be taken as a supplement in order to ensure that you are receiving the correct amount of the nutrient.

Deficiency in selenium doesn’t occur that often because the majority of people are able to get enough of the product in their regular diet. If, however, you were to become deficient in selenium, you would experience excessive fatigue and weakness. If you overdose on selenium, the symptoms are worse and could include nausea, vomiting, depression, nervousness, breath odor and loss of hair and fingernails.



One of the harder things about selenium is that, just as it is starting to be discovered that selenium is very helpful to the average user, finding an effective and safe source of the supplement can be difficult. The trick is to find a product that offers a variety of trace minerals but primarily focuses on the selenium. That way, you will be able to get all the amino acids, enzymes, nutrients, vitamins and nutritional support that you need to be as healthy as you can be. Taking this type of product will help you to personally feel all the joys of a strengthened immune system, enhanced cognitive function, sharpened memory, boosted energy, improved digestion, controlled weight and a slowed down, controlled aging process. These are probably all things that you want for yourself, so adding selenium to your diet might be just the thing for you.

The average person is unlikely to suffer from a lack of selenium. However, making sure that you follow the recommended daily dose is important so that you make sure that you don’t accidently overdose. 400 mcg is currently considered the maximum amount that you should take as a supplement form. This amount, in conjunction with the selenium in the food that you eat, will keep you healthy without overdosing you.

Taken at normal dosages, selenium will typically not cause any harmful side effects. As described above, taking too much selenium could cause you to have heart problems, kidney problems, bad breath, fever, vomiting and nausea. If the overdose is large enough, cardiac arrest could ensue, leading to death.

Selenium has been shown to possibly interact with other supplements and medicines, such as birth control pills, cholesterol lowering drugs, niacin, corticosteroids, chemotherapy drugs and antacids. Check with your doctor before adding new supplements into your daily regimen. Another factor to be aware of is that selenium supplements have been associated with a risk of skin cancer. If you are at high risk of skin cancer already, you probably don’t need to take selenium. The same applies for men who are at risk of prostate cancer. A recent study conducted by the National Cancer Institute showed that men who already had adequate levels of selenium in their bodies nearly doubled their risk of severe prostate cancer when they took additional selenium supplements.

Diabetics or those who have family members who are diabetics also need to be wary of taking too much selenium. A study indicated that those who took 200 mcg of selenium each day were 50 percent more likely to develop type 2 diabetes than those who simply stuck to the naturally occurring selenium in their diet.

Always speak with a medical professional or doctor before taking any supplements. Always read the product label for instructions and directions.

What to Look for in a Good Selenium Product

When you are looking for a good selenium product, you should try to find a product that contains multiple elements or nutrients. There are a number of quality multi vitamins available that are able to offer you balanced nutritional support. Taking selenium on its own can be dangerous, especially if you already have a naturally high level of selenium in your body due to the foods that you eat.

When trying to find the right selenium product, you should look for companies that have been established for at least a good period of time. If you try to get the product from a brand new company, you could be getting a cheap or contaminated product. New companies tend to take greater risks when it comes to selling a product; older companies know that they have the quality of the brand to uphold and so tend to stick to stricter standards.

Overall, selenium is a great health product. If your doctor agrees that it is a supplement that you need more of in your diet, you should be sure take it just as prescribed. Failure to do so could cause you to suffer from any item in the unpleasant list of side effects described above.

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