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Best Red Clover Extract Supplements

10 Best Red Clover Extract Supplements for 2021

If you’re looking for the best red clover extract supplements to buy this year, then you’ve come to the right place

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Top 10 Red Clover Extract Supplements

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#5 Solaray Red Clover Phytoestrogen Supplement S Solaray Red Clover Phytoestrogen Supplement Get it on Amazon
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#8 Hawaiipharm Red Clover Alcohol Free Liquid Extract S HawaiiPharm Red Clover Get it on Amazon
#9 Now Foods Red Clover S NOW Foods Red Clover Get it on Amazon
#10 Planetary Herbals Red Clover Cleanser Tablets S Planetary Herbals Red Clover Cleanser Tablets Get it on Amazon

Red Clover Extract Supplements Guide

To help you make an informed decision on if red clover extract is the right supplement for your needs, below is information on what it is, possible benefits and side effects, options on how you can incorporate it into your lifestyle, and how you can find a good red clover extract.

What is Red Clover Extract?

Red clover extract comes from the red clover plant, which belongs to the legume family (along with beans, lentils, and peas).

Unfortunately, as with many ancient traditional medicines, its effectiveness in treating particular conditions has not been verified in modern research at this time.

These days, the red clover plant still enjoys a measure of popularity as a natural remedy, though these days the fascination comes from the presence of isoflavone. Isoflavone is an ingredient which in the human body functions similarly to estrogen—this class of plant-based hormones is known as a phytoestrogen.

The isoflavone can be extracted directly from the red clover flower and made into capsules, tablets, liquid extracts, or topical creams depending on your particular symptoms that you want to treat and preferences.

Benefits of Red Clover Extract

Studies show some benefits to incorporating red clover extract into your daily routine.


While red clover extract is considered to be a safe supplement for most adults, it can have some side effects and interactions. These are the most well-known side effects of red clover extract:

  • Hormone Imbalance During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding: Red clover extract is not recommended for women who are pregnant and breastfeeding due to the estrogen-like effects, which can cause a hormone imbalance. While normal dietary amounts might be safe, higher doses are not recommended.
  • Slow Blood Clotting: While this side effect can be attractive for people who need blood thinners, this extract should not be taken for up to 2 weeks before surgery because it interferes with blood clotting (and therefore the post-surgery healing process). It also shouldn’t be taken in conjunction with anticoagulant medications, as this increases your risk of excessive bruising and bleeding.
  • Makes Birth Control Less Effective: Red clover extract interacts with birth control methods containing estrogen, making it less effective. When taking red clover, either switch to a hormonal birth control that doesn’t contain estrogen or use a backup method such as a condom.
  • Medication Interactions: Red clover extract can also interact with medications that are broken down by the liver, making them less effective. If you are unsure if any of your prescription medications are broken down by the liver, check with your medical provider.

Always speak with a medical professional or doctor before taking any supplements. Always read the product label for instructions and directions.

Taking Red Clover Extract

Some of the most common options include:

  • As a Capsule or Tablet: When you take red clover extract as a pill, you can safely stay within the range of 40-160 mg a day. You should try to only take 40 mg at a time, so if you need a higher dose, you can spread it throughout the day.
  • As a Liquid Extract: Another popular option is to add the fluid extract into hot water to make a tea. Add one ml of liquid extract to hot water and drink the tea up to three times a day.
  • As a Topical Cream or Oil: Apply as needed, but never apply over an open sore or wound.

On a side note, red clover has also traditionally been used as a cough remedy for children, but as with any supplement, check with your child’s pediatrician to make sure it is safe for children before administering any to your child.

What to Look for in a Good Red Clover Extract Product

As with any supplement, you shouldn’t just walk into a pharmacy and grab the first red clover extract supplement that you can find. Instead, you should assess your physical needs, do your research, and pay close attention to the labels.

When reading the label, pay attention to if the red clover extract is an extract from the entire plant or isoflavone specifically, as the second will have more concentrated doses of the hormone and probably won’t confer all of the same health benefits of the whole plant. Your particular needs will dictate which option you decide to choose. You should also pay attention to the dosage—you don’t want to end up taking too much at a time by accident.

Finally, you want to look for a quality brand. Less reputable makers can add filler ingredients, rendering the extract useless at best and dangerous to your health at worst. Look for a brand that has a commitment to purity and good quality natural ingredients and also has plenty of positive reviews from satisfied customers.

Do your research to find a good supplement, and take it as a pill, tea, or cream, and you can find the supplement that is right for you.

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