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Top 10 Post Workout Supplements for Recovery – Best of 2020 Ranked

Choosing the Best Post Workout Supplements

After an intense training session you’re going to want to provide your body with the amino acids, carbohydrates, and other nutrients that it needs to stave off muscle catabolism and kick start the recovery process.

One of the best ways to achieve this is to use a good post-workout supplement so that you can enjoy a cost effective and convenient way of sourcing all of the nutrients you need in a single great tasting product.

How to Pick a Good Post Workout Supplement

There are thousands of post-workout pills, powders, and shakes on the market today but many fail to live up to their expectations. Listed below are ten post-workout supplements that have produced exceptional results for athletes across the world.

Things to Look for:

  • Price/Value – Be on the look out for supplements that are in a regular price range. Most post-workout products cost between $30-60, you don’t need to spend more than that.
  • Company Reputation – The best post workout products are going to come from the best supplement companies. Make sure the company you are buying from is a trusted source in the industry. Also make sure the company is easy to get a hold of for customer support.
  • Packaging – Good packaging and design are usually signs that a company has actually put thought and invested money into their product.
  • Online User Reviews – The best way to find out about products these days is to head to the internet (and here you are!). Odds are someone has bought the product you are looking at and sometimes they’ll leave a review. Find products that have high user reviews and very limited complaints.
  • Read Blogs/Forums – Head over to some fitness and health forums and blogs that go over supplements and fitness products.

There can be a great deal of variation when it comes to the quality of post-workout supplements which is why we have gathered together the top 10 products in this field.

We have ranked the best post-workouts based on factors such as user reviews, quality, diversity of ingredients, and overall value for money so that you can rest assured you are supplementing your hard work in the gym with a product that will help to take you to the next level.

Post Workout Supplements Compared

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#1 – Cellucor Alpha Amino


Alpha Amino by Cellucor really is the alpha and the omega of post-workout supplements, combining all of the best bodybuilding ingredients with cutting-edge manufacturing technology.


  • Available in four fantastic flavours
  • Includes Micronised Amino Acids for enhanced absorption
  • Contains L-Citrulline to increase blood nitric oxide concentrations
  • Includes Taurine and Coconut Water Powder to facilitate muscle hydration
  • Provides L-Glutamine to boost recovery and glycogen synthesis
  • Contains three types of L-Leucine for maximal protein synthesis



Bottom Line

Whether you are a beginner who is simply looking to purchase a basic blend of essential amino acids or you are looking for a more advanced formula with ingredients that will help you make prolonged progress, you now have all of the information you need to make the right decision.

Cellucor Alpha Amino is clearly an advanced post-workout supplement which is why it has been so well received by users around the world. Even so, it is important to ask yourself the question of whether or not you really need to use a product like this.

 $22.69  Check Current Price

#2 – Optimum Nutrition Essential AmiN.O. Energy


This is an amazingly well rounded recovery supplement that you can take before, during, and after your workouts to help you quickly and easily recover from even the most intense training sessions.


  • Available in eight awesome flavours
  • Contains caffeine to keep you going after the toughest workouts
  • Includes Grain Tea Extract and Green Coffee Extract
  • Includes BCAA to maximise muscle protein synthesis
  • Provides L-Glutamine to facilitate recovery and glycogen synthesis
  • Refreshes and reenergizes.
  • Micronized blend of essential amino acids.
  • Includes BCAAs.
  • Great taste.
  • Low Price


Optimum Nutrition Essential AmiNO Energy nutrition label

Bottom Line

Essential AmiN.O. Energy by Optimum Nutrition has managed to climb up to places compared to last year’s post-workout supplement rankings, and we predict that it will be here for many years to come.

By combining a micronized blend of a dozen amino acids with an assortment of plant extracts, AmiN.O. Energy relieves fatigue and improves mental focus. Although this product can be treated like a cup of coffee, it’s at its best when taken just after working out. Several scoops make for a rejuvenating, greattasting shake.

 $17.30  Check Current Price

#3 – Universal Nutrition Torrent



  • Available in three fruity flavours
  • Contains an Anti-Catabolic Leucine Complex for maximal protein synthesis
  • Includes Citrulline Malate to increase blood nitric oxide concentrations
  • Includes low osmalarity carbohydrates to replenish your muscle glycogen
  • Provides three types of Creatine to maximise cell ATP production
  • Available in packages containing 1.1 lbs, 3.28 lbs, and 6.1 lbs
  • Fastacting formula reverses muscle breakdown
  • Patented leucinecreatine mixture maximizes muscle hypertrophy
  • A must have for bodybuilders


Universal Nutrition Torrent nutrition label

Bottom Line

Far from being just a basic run-of-the-mill blend of amino acids, Universal Nutrition Torrent provides carbohydrates with amino acids, creatine, and other vital nutrients to help you bust through training plateaus with ease.

Torrent quickly reenergizes muscles to boost their anabolic potential. By combining hydrolyzed whey protein with a carefully selected balance of creatine and leucine complexes, glycogen depletion is forestalled in order to maximize muscle gains. This supplement is essential for bodybuilders and weightlifters that want to maximize the benefits of their workouts.

 $34.56  Check Current Price

#4 – Rich Piana 5% Nutrition ALLDAYYOUMAY


ALLDAYYOUMAY by Rich Piana 5% Nutrition is a superb choice of supplements to take after working out because it includes a generous serving of BCAA in addition to other essential amino acids that will accelerate your recovery.


  • Offers 6g BCAA/serving
  • Additional Essential Amino Acids included for added benefits
  • Fat oxidization promoted by L-Carnitine
  • Aids in digestion process
  • Promotes joint health



Bottom Line

This is an excellent recovery supplement that will ensure you are ready and raring to go for every single workout regardless of what life throws at you.

 $32.00  Check Current Price

#5 – SciVation Xtend Endurance


Although strictly speaking it has been designed as an intra-workout supplement, SciVation Xtend rivals even some of the very best post-workout products on the market with its range of high quality ingredients.


  • Available in eight amazing flavours
  • Provides 6g BCAA per serving to promote muscle protein synthesis
  • Includes Citrulline Malate to increase blood nitric oxide concentrations
  • Provides L-Glutamine to facilitate recovery and glycogen synthesis
  • Offers fantastic value for money
  • Benefits verified by clinical trials
  • Enhanced with electrolytes
  • Perfect for gaining lean body mass


Scivation Xtend Endurance Facts

Bottom Line

Xtend by SciVation tastes amazing and you only have to look at the ingredients list to see that it offers nothing but the very best compounds conducive to your training goals.

It’s easy to overlook Xtend as yet another BCAA powder, but typical BCAA powders aren’t fortified with a blend of 3 electrolytes, LGlutamine, Citrulline Malate, and B6.

 $46.68  Check Current Price

#6 – BPI Sports Best BCAA


If you’re willing to spend a little extra money on a post-workout recovery product then you really can’t go wrong with Best BCAA by BPI Sports which contains Oligopeptide Multi-Chain Linked BCAA technology.


  • Available in seven superb flavours
  • Manufactured by one of the leading supplement brands
  • Available in packages containing seven servings for first-time users
  • Contains Oligopeptide Multi-Chain Linked BCAA for ultimate absorption
  • Also includes a Conjugated Linoleic Acid blend


BPI Sports Best BCAA nutrition label

Bottom Line

There have been some considerable advancements in supplement technology in recent years, clearly demonstrated by this incredible high-tech amino acid supplement.

 $19.30  Check Current Price

#7 – MusclePharm BCAA 3:1:2


BCAA 3:1:2 by MusclePharm has managed to retain its position as the seventh best post-workout product for a second consecutive year by delivering nothing but the highest quality amino acids in an optimal ratio for muscle hypertrophy.


  • Available in three awesome flavours
  • Also available in an unflavoured variety including no artificial sweeteners
  • Available as either a free-flowing powder or capsules
  • Includes 6 g of BCAA per serving
  • Provides 3 g of L-Leucine to maximally stimulate muscle protein synthesis
  • “Award of Excellence” by
  • 3:1:2 Leu:Ile:Val BCAA ratio
  • Enhances muscle development
  • Promotes muscle growth
  • Ideal for weightlifters and bodybuilders



Bottom Line

MusclePharm’s BCAA ratios favor muscle growth and repair over glucose restoration, but that didn’t stop it from winning the prestigious Award of Excellence from Designed with the weightlifter in mind, this product comes highly recommended for bodybuilders, power lifters, and anyone looking to increase their raw strength.

A bulk BCAA powder such as this is an excellent choice for beginners, intermediates, and advanced bodybuilders alike, and this formula has been carefully crafted to ensure the threshold dose of L-Leucine is provided.

 $14.95  Check Current Price



High-quality amino acid supplements can sometimes be difficult to come by because many of them simply do not contain enough to effectively stimulate muscle protein synthesis; this won’t be a concern with AMINOX by BSN.


  • Available in five fruity flavours
  • Available in packages containing 30 and 70 servings
  • Contains Vitamin D to provide unrivalled immune support
  • Provides BCAA to effectively stimulate muscle protein synthesis
  • Includes electrolytes to facilitate muscle hydration



Bottom Line

Being able to purchase this post-workout supplement in a 30-serving package means that you can make a small investment in order to determine whether or not it is the right choice for your training needs.

 $18.99  Check Current Price

#9 – MHP Dark Matter


What we have here is a seriously potent combination of easily digestible carbohydrates and essential amino acids which offer a high level of bioavailability, all wrapped up in a formula that tastes just fantastic.


  • Available in three fantastic flavours
  • Includes low osmalarity carbohydrates to replenish your muscle glycogen levels
  • Provides Creatine to maximise cell ATP production
  • Includes BCAA and Peptides to maximise muscle protein synthesis


MHP Dark Matter nutrition label

Bottom Line

Dark Matter by MHP has clearly been designed in a highly intelligent and well researched manner, making it a very strong contender.

 $29.99  Check Current Price

#10 – EVL Nutrition RE-BLD


Rebuilding is exactly what you’re going to be doing when taking Evlution Nutrition RE-BLD because it combines the all-important BCAA with L-Glutamine and Creatine to cover the bare essentials of recovery.


  • Available in two tasty flavours
  • Includes two types of Creatine to maximise cell ATP production
  • Provides L-Glutamine to facilitate recovery and glycogen synthesis
  • Provides BCAA to effectively stimulate muscle protein synthesis
  • Also includes Russian Tarragon to enhance absorption of nutrients



Bottom Line

Although this is not one of the most comprehensive post-workout supplements that you’re likely to find on the market it has been very well received by users.

 $28.95  Check Current Price

Post-Workout Supplements Guide

Post workout supplements are products designed specifically to help your body recover after intense workout sessions. As the name implies, post workouts are created to give your muscles and body the nutrients and macro they need to recover, rebuild and become stronger.

Post workouts contain ingredients such as amino acids, enzymes, creatine, beta alanine, and other vitamins and minerals.

Benefits of Using a Post Workout Supplement

Simply put, the number one benefit of a post workout supplement is to help your body recover from the workout. These products are designed to provide your body with a quick and immediate source of nutrients after it has been depleted by your workout.

This ranges from delivering protein and amino acids to your muscles, to replenishing your energy reserves by providing you with an instant dose of carbohydrates. I have personally noticed a huge difference in my recovery time and strength during workouts while I’m using a post-workout supplement.

Who Should Use a Post Workout Supplement?

Anyone who is working out HARD would definitely benefit from investing in a post workout. This can range from athletes, to bodybuilders or just people who are serious about fitness and exercise.

Not only will you provide your body with quick nutrition, but it will also allow you to recover quickly, which in turn can get you to the gym more often. Feeling sore is a good feeling in a sense that you know you got a hard workout in, but it sucks when you’re trying to follow a workout routine but are too sore to make it to the gym the next day.

Wrapping Things Up

If you are a beginner and have only been training for one or two years on a semi-consistent basis then it might be more cost effective for you to opt for the simpler and cheaper post-workout supplement.

On the other hand, if you have been training for a few years and are looking for something that will really accelerate your progress or help you smash through training plateaus then it may well be worth investing a few extra dollars in a product that will help you go the extra mile.

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