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Best Nattokinase Supplements

10 Best Nattokinase Supplements – Ranked & Reviewed for 2017

If you’re looking for the best nattokinase supplements to buy this year, then you’ve come to the right place

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Top 10 Nattokinase Supplements

#1 Doctor's Best Nattokinase S Doctor’s Best Nattokinase More Info
#2 Now Foods Nattokinase S NOW Foods Nattokinase More Info
#3 Jarrow Formulas Nattomax S Jarrow Formulas NattoMax More Info
#4 Source Naturals Nattokinase S Source Naturals Nattokinase More Info
#5 Best Naturals Nattokinase S Best Naturals Nattokinase More Info
#6 Allergy Research Group Nattokinase S Allergy Research Group Nattokinase More Info
#7 Solaray Nattokinase And Serrapeptase Supplement S Solaray Nattokinase and Serrapeptase Supplement More Info
#8 Healthy Origins Nattokinase S Healthy Origins Nattokinase More Info
#9 Life Extension Fibrinogen Resist Formula With Nattokinase S Life Extension Fibrinogen Resist Formula with Nattokinase More Info
#10 Pure Encapsulations Nsk Sd – Nattokinase S Pure Encapsulations – NSK-SD – Nattokinase More Info

Nattokinase Supplements Guide

What Is Nattokinase?

It is a protein that naturally occurs in a Japanese food called natto. The dish is made from boiled soybeans, and they’re fermented with a bacterium called bacillus natto. This specific fermentation process is required for the creation of the protein. Nattokinase can speed up biochemical reactions in the body.

Some supplements that contain a highly concentrated form of nattokinase. These supplements often come in pill form.

Concentrated nattokinase has a very long history of use in Japan, and it is a popular folk remedy throughout the country. In recent times, it has become popular in other parts of the world too. Furthermore, there have been a number of well-conducted studies on nattokinase that provide evidence of its effectiveness.

Benefits Of Nattokinase

It’s thought to be quite effective as part of the treatment of high blood pressure. In fact, a credible study showed that it can reduce the blood pressure of people who suffer from hypertension. In this study, the benefits of nattokinase became apparent after it was taken for 8 weeks continuously. Consistent with this finding, it has been demonstrated that nattokinase reduces one’s levels of renin. The regulation of one’s renin levels is essential for the maintenance of healthy blood pressure.

There is some evidence that it could prevent the formation of deep vein thromboses. In fact, it is an ingredient of a specially designed product that is made to prevent the formation of deep vein thromboses from developing during long flights. The effectiveness of this product specially formulated product has been demonstrated in studies.

In addition, it is used by some people to mitigate the effects of heart disease and help to prevent strokes from occurring. It’s also used to reduce the effects of peripheral artery disease and poor circulation, and many people find it to be effective for this purpose. It’s also used by some people to reduce hardening of the arteries. While there isn’t enough evidence to determine whether or not it is effective for these purposes, there have been some promising reports.

Some people use it as to treat chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia. It’s also used by some people for the treatment of other types of pain. It also can be used for the treatment of angina. Others use it for the treatment of muscle spasms.

It’s also used by some people who suffer from varicose veins. It might be able to reduce the unsightly appearance of varicose veins. Some people use it to treat hemorrhoids. It also may be useful at treating infertility.

Some people use it for the treatment of thiamine deficiency. However, it is important to note that nattokinase doesn’t directly replace thiamine. Therefore, its effectiveness for this purpose isn’t well understood.

It also is used for uterine fibrosis, but its effectiveness at treating it also isn’t well understood. Nattokinase is also used by some people to treat endometriosis.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Generally speaking, side effects of nattokinase are much less common and less serious than the side effects that can be caused by the majority of other supplements. Side effects of nattokinase are more common if the product is being taken in pill form. When nattokinase is being consumed as part of foods, it is exceptionally unlikely to cause side effects.

Nattokinase is known to impair the ability of your blood to clot. Therefore, nattokinase should be avoided if you have any history of a bleeding disorder. If you have ever have had a bleeding disorder, taking nattokinase could increase your risk of suffering a serious bleeding event. In addition, it is recommended to stop taking it within two weeks of a scheduled surgery.

There may be additional side effects that are likely to be experienced by pregnant and breastfeeding women. However, little is known about these side effects. Therefore, it is advised that pregnant and breastfeeding women avoid using nattokinase.

How To Take Nattokinase

It is essential to make sure that you take the right dosage of nattokinase. If you are taking the product in pill form, taking more than two doses at once is not recommended. Furthermore, it is important not to combine nattokinase with prescribed or over the counter medications without first informing your doctor.

For most people, it is best to consume anywhere between 2,000 to 4,000 fibrolytic units of nattokinase each day. Sometimes, the dosage of a nattokinase supplement is measured in IUs. If this is how the product you’re taking is measured, you should consume around 80,000 IUs a day.

For many people, it is best to take nattokinase in concentrated form rather than getting it naturally from food. Most people who aren’t used to the dish it comes from, Natto, would find the taste of it rather unpleasant. This would prevent most people from eating enough of it to get an optimal dosage of nattokinase through foods.

If you will be taking nattokinase by consuming a significant amount of natto, there are steps that you can take to enjoy the taste more. Natto often tastes best when it is used as a flavoring rather than as the primary ingredient of a dish.

Combining Natto

Often times, natto is combined with rice in a bowl. This recipe can be eaten at any time of day, but it is thought to best as a breakfast. You can add other ingredients to the rice bowl along with the natto. This often will enhance the flavor even more. In addition, natto can be mixed into a variety of pasta dishes. There are a variety of other ingredients that you can add to natto pasta dishes to improve the flavor even more.
If you will be consuming natto as a nattokinase supplement, it is essential that you eat at least 12 grams of it each day.

There also are concentrated nattokinase powders that can be mixed into beverages. These powders can also be added to food. This is a great way to receive the benefits of this protein without having to become accustomed to the taste of natto.

These powders can often be purchased in bulk, and this can substantially reduce their cost. Many nattokinase powders are concentrated enough that you won’t have to put much of them in a recipe to receive the health benefits of it. Many of them are active in doses of less than a teaspoon.

Many medications should never be mixed with nattokinase. This includes nattokinase that’s naturally occurs in natto. Since nattokinase thins the blood, it can cause dangerous side effects when it’s mixed with blood thinners.

There are both prescription and over the counter medications that thin the blood as a side effect. Some examples of medications with this side effect are aspirin, naproxen, and ibuprofen. If you’re taking any medications, tell your doctor that you’re considering taking nattokinase before you try it.

What To Look For In A Good Nattokinase Supplement

It’s important to make sure that you choose a nattokinase product that is made by a reputable manufacturer. This is particularly true if you’re purchasing a refined nattokinase powder or nattokinase in pill form.

It is important to read the list of inactive ingredients in the supplement that you’re considering. If there are any potentially harmful additives in the product, avoid it. Some common inactive ingredients that may be harmful are magnesium sterate and all ingredients that are made using genetic engineering.

Furthermore, you should check to see if the supplement’s manufacturer is registered with the FDA. This is usually strong evidence that the company has good quality controls in place. In addition, you should check on whether or not the supplement is NSF certified. The NSF is the only organization that uses standardized criteria to determine the quality of supplements.

Always read reviews of a nattokinase product that you may purchase. Avoid products with an unusually large number of reviews that discuss side effects.

Note: Always speak with your doctor before taking any supplements featured on this website. This article has not been written, reviewed or endorsed by a medical professional and may not be used to diagnose or treat any medical conditions.