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Best Marshmallow Root Supplements

10 Best Marshmallow Root Supplements for 2020

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Top 10 Marshmallow Root Supplements

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Marshmallow Root Supplements Guide

Cooling, soothing, slimy and found in the swamp. Marshmallow is a great all around herb to have on hand. And that would be Althea officinalis, not the white sugar puffs at the grocery store. However, this marshy botanical can be used to make a yummy natural version of the the confection.

The marshmallow root is a herb that has been present in the world for centuries. Over the years, the herb has been used by different cultures to manage infections and reduce the spread of some diseases. The herb is native to Africa and some parts of Europe. Just like any other natural herb, the marshmallow root has a wide range of uses and benefits.

What is Marshmallow Root?

A native of Europe, marshmallow is a plant found in dark and salty marshlands. Marshmallow has also been found to be growing along waterways and drainage ditches. It has recently been introduced to the Americas. It is a perennial, meaning it comes each year once roots are established. It features a pinkish, sometimes gray tinted, flower.

This 1 to 1.5 inch or so long bud blooms August through October. The plant can grow approximately two to four feet high. It possesses a pale yellow root which is long and tapered. When they first standout in June or so, they present a dark green color. By the end of summer, they appear slightly brownish. (Marshmallow Benefits & Information (Althaea). (n.d.). Retrieved from

Proposed Uses

Dry coughs and colds

For severe coughs and persistent colds, marshmallow root can be taken orally to help reduce pain and congestion in the chest. It also helps to bring down chest swellings and creates a soothing effect in the respiratory system.

The herb has antitussive properties that reduce the irritation caused to the throat by dry coughs. This and its mucilage abilities explain the reasons why marshmallow root extracts are added to several cough syrups and cough lozenges. It is one of the most effective natural cough remedies.

Apart from its natural soothing effects, using marshmallow supplements can help increase the production of saliva, if you are experiencing low saliva production. This reduces the dry mouth symptoms and helps to ease cold and persistent coughs.

Bacterial infections

Marshmallow root in its natural form kills bacteria. This means that you can use it to speed up healing in case of bacterial infections. These infections include tonsillitis, urinary tract disease, bronchitis, and others. In case you have symptoms such as swelling, burning or tenderness on your skin, you could also take marshmallow root to help healing.

Gut and the respiratory system lining

Marshmallow root has a mucous-like property that forms a protective layer along the gut and the respiratory lining. Research has indicated that marshmallow can increase the rate of recovery for people suffering from digestive disorders such as the leaky gut syndrome, ulcerative colitis, and other forms of inflammatory bowel diseases.

Digestive disorders

Digestive disorders such as heartburn, stomach ulcer symptoms, constipation, and diarrhea may be helped using the marshmallow root supplements. Due to its mucilage properties, the marshmallow is able to reduce any burning sensation along the gut by coating the lining.

Skin troubles

Skin discomforts include chaffing, itching, dryness, swelling, and redness. The marshmallow root combines its soothing effects and anti-irritant properties to give your skin a cooling effect and relieve any discomfort you might be feeling. It is appropriate for hypersensitive skins and those with allergies because of its natural properties. Other than relieving skin infections, it is also useful for insect bites, burns, skin-peeling, wounds, and scrapes. The mucilage in the marshmallow root softens the skin and makes it less susceptible to bacterial infection.

Initial evidence in research has shown that the anti-inflammatory effects of marshmallow root are beneficial in helping people with eczema skin disorder. Several renown skin care products and hair oils contain marshmallow root extracts. If you cannot find them in your local store, you can make your own skin products at home using extracts from the root and mix them with jojoba oil or tea tree oil extracts.

Water retention

If you seem to feel uncomfortable because of your bowel retaining fluids, it may be due to your diet choices or change in hormone levels. The marshmallow root can help by increasing the level of water expulsion from your body through increased urination and body fluids balance.

Used as a flavoring agent in food

You can use marshmallow root extracts as a natural food flavor. The root seems to have an all-rounded benefit to the life of a human being. Apart from healing and protecting your system from bacterial infections, the root can also be used in food flavoring. When used with other natural flavors such as peppermint, the marshmallow root flavor extracts produce great taste in foods and drinks. It tastes great in tea. If you are a tea lover, then you will definitely love the marshmallow root flavored tea.


Marshmallow is on the United States Food & Drug Administration’s GRAS list (generally recognized as safe). There is, however, some concern it might possibly interfere with blood sugar and lower it. This means it should not be used around times of surgery or by those individuals with a medical diagnosis of diabetes and/or hypoglycemia.

Because marshmallow coats the lining of the gut, it should not be consumed at the same time as other medications, particularly those prescribed by a licensed medical doctor.

Because marshmallow may influence with how the body rids itself of fluids, it is believed to possibly effect in the way the body processes the drug lithium. It is not recommended to use both together.
(MARSHMALLOW: Uses, Side Effects, Interactions and Warnings – WebMD. (n.d.). Retrieved from

In whatever way you use the supplement, there is a need to take caution as it may react with other supplements or medications that you might be already using.

Here are some things that you might need to note about marshmallow root supplements.

Has a diuretic effect

If your body has a considerable amount of lithium that needs to be extracted or you are taking drugs rich in lithium, you will need to consult your physician about the possible effects that marshmallow root supplements could have on you. This is because marshmallow has a diuretic effect that tends to decrease the body’s water retention level and this might alter the rate at which the body gets rid of chemicals such as lithium.

Incompatibility with anti-diabetic drugs

In case you are diabetic and need to bring your sugar levels down, marshmallows might not be appropriate for you. This is because taking marshmallows might decrease your blood sugar. Therefore, you will need to consult your physician before using it so that they can either change your dosage or change the medication altogether.

May reduce the effectiveness of other drugs

Marshmallow root supplements can reduce the effectiveness of medications that are taken orally. Due to the mucilage effects of the root, the mucus may line the digestive system and subsequently reduce the rate of absorption for the drugs.

Always speak with a medical professional or doctor before taking any supplements. Always read the product label for instructions and directions.

What to Look for in a Good Marshmallow Root Product

Marshmallow is readily available at most health food stores. Ideally, one would prefer a supplement containing marshmallow from grounds that have been certified as organic by the United States Department of Agriculture. This would help to ensure it is not contaminated by various environmental chemicals, etc.

The labels of these supplements should be clear as to which parts of the plant they use. Roots, arial parts (that refers to everything above the ground), etc should be listed on the ingredient panel. Teas should also clearly list the ingredients and which parts of the plant are used.

If you are gathering your own marshmallow, look for environmentally clean areas from which to gather. The plants should be healthy, not withered looking. Some sources indicate the best time to gather (also referred to as wildcrafting) is in the fall after the blooms have been spent.

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