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Best Jiaogulan Supplements

10 Best Jiaogulan Supplements – Ranked & Reviewed for 2017

If you’re looking for the best jiaogulan supplements to buy this year, then you’ve come to the right place

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Top 10 Jiaogulan Supplements

#1 Paradise Herbs Jiaogulan S Paradise Herbs Jiaogulan More Info
#2 Solaray Jiaogulan Capsules S Solaray Jiaogulan Capsules More Info
#3 Life Extension Ampk Activator Capsules S Life Extension AMPK Activator Capsules More Info
#4 Nutri Thrive Optimized Jiaogulan S Nutri-Thrive Optimized Jiaogulan More Info
#5 Planetary Herbals Full Spectrum Jiaogulan S Planetary Herbals Full Spectrum Jiaogulan More Info
#6 Earhnaturalsupplements Jiaogulan Standardized Extract S EarhNaturalSupplements Jiaogulan More Info
#7 Serene Dew Supplements Jiaogulan Standardized Extract S Serene Dew Supplements Jiaogulan More Info
#8 Naturetition Supplements Jiaogulan Standardized Extract S Naturetition Supplements Jiaogulan More Info
#9 Nutricargo Llc Jiaogulan Powder S NutriCargo LLC Jiaogulan Powder More Info
#10 Naturalypure Jiaogulan (gynostemma Pentaphyllum) S NaturalyPure Jiaogulan More Info

Jiaogulan Supplements Guide

With many different medical conditions, one might be searching for a supplement to help improve these conditions. There is one particular supplement that can help improve different medical issues and conditions that might plague many different people. Made from a plant that grows wild in China, Jiaogulan is commonly used medicinally. There are many uses and benefits of Jiaogulan, all of which will be mentioned and discussed below.

Though is goes by many different names, Jiaogulan is a supplement worth understanding and even trying. Before taking any supplements of this kind, one should contact either a physician or a professional who specializes in herbal supplements. Their expertise can help answer any questions or help give out the right dosage for the potential supplement user.

What is Jiaogulan?

Jiaogulan sounds complicated or strange, but this wild plant from China is often called by different names that might be more common. Since it grows in south central China, this plant is commonly called Southern Ginseng. It also has several benefits like ginseng, but that will be discussed later in the guide. Jiaogulan is often used medicinally for different medical conditions. It works as a supplement, helping boost different systems in the body to improve the health of the user.

Since it is an herbal supplement, Jiaogulan is thought to have different rejuvenating qualities, which can be beneficial to many people. This supplement is sometimes called Fairy Herb, Miracle Grass, Immortality Herb, and more. Though there are many benefits to this supplement, one should also be careful of how and when it is taken. Again, this will be discussed shortly.

Jiaogulan is an herbal supplement that contains certain large quantities of gypenosides. These quantities work to correct different imbalances in the body, which can include both deficiencies and excesses of a different thing. In other words, Jiaogulan works to level out different things within the body, creating an all around healthy body for most. It can even help those who struggle to cope with the difficult stresses that might surround their lives.

Benefits of Jiaogulan?

There are several different benefits for Jiaogulan, each working with your body to help improve different functions. However, like any supplement, this plant might not work as well for some as it does for others. Even though researchers are working diligently to find more benefits of this particular supplement and proving that the known benefits are true, one should always talk to their doctor before taking any supplement of this kind.

A physician will know how much or how little to take of the supplement to help with certain conditions. Another person to talk with is a professional that is familiar with herbal supplements because they will know the properties and benefits of Jiaogulan. Below is a few of the benefits of taking Jiaogulan.

One of the more common benefits of this supplement is the reduction of cholesterol levels. For those with high cholesterol levels, taking Jiaogulan in the right dosage could help lower bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol. This improvement could be vastly beneficial for many people. However, cholesterol levels are not the only thing that this plant-derived supplement has been known to help.

Jiaogulan has also been known to help with things such as bronchitis, constipation, diabetes, insomnia, and other things. Though these conditions sound like great reasons to begin taking this supplement, it is best to remember that these conditions being helped by the supplement have only been reported in a few. There is not enough sufficient evidence to support these claims. Jiaogulan is also used as a stimulant in Western medicine, which can be great for many people. The supplement is also a great and powerful antioxidant which could help reduce free radicals and thus the chances of getting cancer.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Often, the only side effects of this supplement are for those who have certain conditions. Just to explain, pregnant or nursing women are cautioned about taking this supplement because it could cause congenital disabilities or other issues, and it is advised to steer clear of its use until finished nursing.

However, pregnant women aren’t the only ones who should avoid use. Those with auto-immune diseases should avoid the supplement because it can cause over-activity of the immune system which could increase any auto-immune symptoms. Rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and lupus are only a few of these auto-immune diseases which could be worsened by using this supplement.

Jiaogulan can also hinder those who are about to have surgery or who have blood disorders because the supplement can slow blood clotting. The slowing of blood clotting can be an issue when it comes to surgery because of the amount of cutting that must be done during a procedure.

Other side effects might include stomach pain, severe nausea, and even an increased bowel movements. For some, these side effects alone could be bothersome and not worth considering the supplement. For others, these minor side effects are outweighed by the amazing benefits of the supplement, and they will take it regardless.

How to Take Jiaogulan

If one were to begin preparing to take this supplement, they should know the proper dosage and how to take the supplement. It is advised to take this supplement for a short term of up to four months. After four months, the supplement should be stopped for a time to let the body rest. The recommended dosage is 10 mg for three times a day.

Since Jiaogulan is a supplement, it is to be taken by mouth. Following the recommended dosage is the best way to ensure that the user is getting the best results they can get. 10 mg three times daily by mouth is the best way to take the supplement, and physicians should know better how often the supplement should be taken for the best benefits and results.

Jiaogulan comes in several different forms. The most common form of the herbal supplement is brewed into a tea that users can enjoy in certain dosages. This tea is typically steeped in boiling water, but it can be drank with either hot or cold water depending on the taste preference of the user.

It is naturally sweet as well, meaning users do not have to sweeten the tea to taste. Other ways to take this supplement are in pill form or in an extract from the plant, which means there is a way for most everyone to take the supplement and reap the benefits. The pill might be easier for some to take because the taste is not as heavy at the tea. The extract can be added to massage oil to be worked into the skin, which helps with different dry skin issues. Jiaogulan is good for users both internally and externally.

What to Look for in a Good Jiaogulan Product

When looking for a good Jiaogulan, one wants to ensure that the supplement, whether it comes in tea, pill, or extract form, is pure and natural. There might be different herbal substances claiming to be this Chinese plant, but the user should ensure that it is pure Jiaogulan before beginning any supplement plan. Of course, when considering the purity of the supplement, one should also consider where the supplement was purchased.

If the plant was purchased from a sketchy retailer online, chances are it might not be true Jiaogulan. However, there are several retailers that sell pure Jiaogulan so users can be certain that they are getting the real deal when beginning their supplement. Finding pure and high-quality Jiaogulan is the key to ensuring that the supplement is the best is can be. Those who are taking the supplement for health reasons want to take the right thing and not a cheap knock-off.

One should always check for purity and quality standards before taking any supplement, especially Jiaogulan.

Note: Always speak with your doctor before taking any supplements featured on this website. This article has not been written, reviewed or endorsed by a medical professional and may not be used to diagnose or treat any medical conditions.