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10 Best Ginseng Supplements – Reviewed & Ranked for 2017

If you’re looking for the best ginseng supplements to buy this year, then you’ve come to the right place

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Top 10 Ginseng Supplements

#1 Natures-Answer-American-Ginseng-s Nature’s Answer American Ginseng More Info
#2 NuSci-Panax-Ginseng-s NuSci Panax Ginseng More Info
#3 Solgar-Korean-Ginseng-s Solgar Korean Ginseng More Info
#4 Auragin-Korean-Ginseng-s Auragin Korean Ginseng More Info
#5 Buddhas-Herbs-Panax-Ginseng-s Buddha’s Herbs Panax Ginseng More Info
#6 Puritans-Pride-American-Ginseng-s Puritan’s Pride American Ginseng More Info
#7 Natures-Way-Korean-Ginseng-s Nature’s Way Korean Ginseng More Info
#8 Sundown-Naturals-Korean-Ginseng-s Sundown Naturals Korean Ginseng More Info
#9 Woohoo-Natural-Pure-American-Ginseng-s Woohoo Natural Pure American Ginseng More Info
#10 Spring-Valley-Korean-Panax-Ginseng-s Spring Valley Korean Panax Ginseng More Info

Ginseng Supplements Guide

Ginseng is a plant available in 11 varieties. It is a perennial plant that has light-colored, fleshly-looking roots. It is a supplement recognized worldwide as a leading herb for health improvement, and is one of the most popularly taken supplements around.

It is unique in that it offers benefits for the entire body, dependent upon the type of Ginseng selected. Ginseng is unavailable in any foods, so the use of a supplement is the only way to enjoy the health benefits, which range from immune system support to increased energy levels and so many others.

What Are Ginseng Supplements?

Several types of Ginseng supplements are sold at health food stores, online, and from herbalists. This includes capsules, tablets, powders, teas, and others. There are over 11 types of Ginseng sold, however, only two of them contain ginsenosides, the ingredient that provides the health benefits of Ginseng.

Those two type of supplements are Asian (also called Korean Ginseng,) and American Ginseng. For centuries, ginseng is a product people have used to improve their health, although it is not available from in any food sources. Individuals who wish to enjoy the health benefits of Ginseng must find a supplement to bring those their way.

Benefits of Ginseng Supplements

Health benefits of Ginseng supplements vary per the type of the herb selected, although they’ve long been used for their immune system benefits, of which both types of supplements provide. Scientists still say that more research is necessary to make an accurate determination of the benefits Ginseng offers.

Each of the herbs have varying characteristics that influence the benefits the user receives. For example, Asian Ginseng isn’t recommended for stress relief, although it is one of the primary benefits offered from American Ginseng.

Benefits offered from either supplement include the following:

  • The International Journal of Molecular Medicine suggests a link between Ginseng and Influenza. A mice-conducted study revealed that red ginseng improved the overall well-being of the influenza- infected cells in the lungs.
  • Asian Ginseng is said to benefit the mental health system, improving symptoms of depression, stress, and anxiety.
  • The British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology reports that Ginseng supplements may help men affected by impotence or erectile dysfunction. Their 2002 study revealed that red ginseng aided in the symptoms of ED with 60% of its users.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties inside Ginseng provides the user superior immune support. Ginseng supplement users note reduced sickness, among other benefits.
  • Long ago, Native Americans used Ginseng as treatment for headache, indigestion, fever, and infertility. It is still believed that Ginseng treats these same conditions today. Many users choose Ginseng for these exact health benefits.
  • Ginseng provides help for Alzheimer’s patients, can alleviate fatigue, and lowers LDL, or the bad cholesterol, that is so harmful to the body.
  • Heart health protection is also a noted Ginseng benefit, particularly with Korean or Asian Ginseng use.
  • Improved memory and enhanced concentration are two benefits offered with the use of an Asian Ginseng supplement.
  • Asian Ginseng may reduce risk of stroke when used regularly.
  • Taken with Ginko Biloba, Ginseng may help reduce symptoms of ADD/ADHD
  • American Ginseng may alleviate the symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes, and may reduce the onset of the condition.
  • Ginseng is used in many weight loss supplements. The use of the supplement may very well aid you in losing a few pounds, too.

People use Ginseng because the list of benefits offered with the use of the product is tremendous. The benefits listed above are all pleasing to your health, and available to you with the regular use of a Ginseng supplement. But, these benefits only begin to touch the surface of the excitement that you can expect when Ginseng is a part of your life.

Are There any Side Effects?

Few side effects exist with the use of Ginseng supplements. Users who do experience side effects note they are usually mild, and not of major concern. However, if you become concerned about the side effects, talk to your doctor. You may need to reduce the amount of the supplement that you use. Potential side effects associated with Ginseng use include:

  • Headache
  • Diarrhea
  • Insomnia/trouble sleeping
  • Nervousness/agitation

Severe side effects are rare, but nonetheless possible when using a Ginseng supplement. If you experience any of the following severe side effects of Ginseng, discontinue supplement use, and talk to your doctor immediately.

  • Difficulty breathing
  • Vaginal bleeding
  • Allergic reaction

Ginseng side effects are usually non-existent, but for those who are bothered, it is usually only mildly during the first couple of days of use of the supplement. Once the body adjusts to the supplement, any side effects should subside.

How to Take Ginseng Supplements

Several types of Ginseng supplements exist. Users can pick from any of these types, which include capsules, tablets, powders, and even herbal teas. Always follow the manufacturer’s directions on the label for indications on using the supplement to learn the proper amounts to take daily.

Don’t take more than the recommended daily amount of Ginseng per day. All supplements contain dosage and usage information for the user. The exact method of use varies according to the chosen supplement type. Ginseng supplement users should limit the time they take the product to three months or less at one time to minimize any serious health risks.

What to Look for in a Good Ginseng Supplement

Don’t choose the first Ginseng supplement that you see. Instead, choose a high-quality, trustworthy product that will actually provide the results that you are seeking. Finding a great supplement is as simple as conducting a bit of research before making your purchase.

Plenty of free information is available online, and friends, family, and others can also be a good source of information if you aren’t afraid to ask their advice and opinion. When choosing your Ginseng supplement, the following things are important to look for. Finding these qualities ensures that you’re getting the right product for your health needs. When choosing your supplement, look for:

  • Trusted Name: Well-known brands have earned their reputation by continually offering great products, prices, and customer service. When choosing your ginseng supplement, choose a trusted, familiar name for added peace of mind. Never sacrifice your healthy to save a few dollars, when trusted names are just as easy to find and purchase.
  • Purchase Source: Some claim the source of purchase is irrelevant because the brand is what matters, and that all companies carry the same product. This is untrue, however, because if you purchase from an unreputable source, you might not be getting the product that you think you are buying. It is best to purchase Ginseng supplements only from trusted health supply stores or herbalists.
  • Product Qualities: Read the label of the supplement well before purchase. Understand the ingredient amounts inside the product. Don’t worry about a Ginseng product with the ‘extras’ thrown in; research indicates there is usually no added benefit from these ingredients.
  • Cost: Avoid cheaper, off-brand Ginseng supplements, as these sometimes contain less amounts of the ingredients as promised as manufacturers look for methods of cutting costs. With that being said, finding a great Ginseng supplement doesn’t require spending an endless amount of money, but you should shop with caution, noting price along the way.
  • Recommended Product: What other users say about a product isn’t meaningless. Most people are genuinely interested in helping others make the right product decision, and provide information designed to make the product choice easier. With so many supplement choices, it is beneficial to have this information to rely on, so don’t miss out. Ask friends, co-workers, and even social media forums and posts to recommend a supplement. Also, use online reviews and testimonials to your benefit when you want a great supplement.

Note: Always speak with your doctor before taking any supplements featured on this website. This article has not been written, reviewed or endorsed by a medical professional and may not be used to diagnose or treat any medical conditions.