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Best Garlic Supplements

10 Best Garlic Supplements for 2019

If you’re looking for the best garlic supplements to buy this year, then you’ve come to the right place

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Top 10 Garlic Supplements

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#2Source Naturals Wellness Garlicell SSource Naturals Wellness GarlicellMore Info
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#6Pure Encapsulations Garliactive SPure Encapsulations GarliActiveMore Info
#7Eclectic Institute Garlic SEclectic Institute GarlicMore Info
#8Bio Pure Organic Freeze Dried Garlic SBio Pure Organic Freeze Dried GarlicMore Info
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Garlic Supplements Guide

Garlic is a herb related to onions, leeks, and chives. The main use of garlic throughout history has been for its health properties. There is well-documented use by all major civilizations.

Though garlic appears to be safe for consumption when used in preparing foods, it is advisable to consult a doctor before using it as a supplement, especially if you are pregnant or nursing. Care should be taken to ensure it is used safely.

Garlic has few calories and is highly nutritious. It contains trace amounts of almost everything the human body needs. It is rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, and Manganese. It also contains calcium, copper, potassium, phosphorus, iron and Vitamin B1. It also contains various types of natural sugars including insulin, glucose, and fructose. The presence of these nutrients allows garlic many positive health effects.

What is a Garlic Supplement?

The garlic bulb is made up of segments known as cloves. The average bulb contains 10 to 20 cloves. Most of the health effects of garlic come from a sulfur compound that is formed when the clove is sliced, chewed or crushed.

This sulfur compound is called allicin and is not found in fresh garlic. Fresh garlic contains an enzyme that is housed in different parts of the plant. Once the membrane surrounding the enzyme is broken, it is converted to allicin. Therefore, fresh or raw garlic must be sliced or chewed to ensure allicin production before ingestion.

It is better to slice the garlic rather than crush it because crushed garlic will be wasted if not consumed immediately. Allicin is destroyed within one hour of smashing the garlic. Taken in small doses has beneficial properties for many diseases and conditions but may be toxic in higher doses.


If you experience hives, difficulty breathing, or swelling of your face, lips, tongue, or throat, seek medical attention immediately as these are signs of an allergic reaction.

Raw garlic applied to the skin may cause irritation that resembles a burn. Garlic may thin the blood in higher doses and there have been reports of bleeding after surgery. Some prescription medications are known to have interaction with these supplements. If you are taking prescription medications, it is advised that you consult your physician before beginning a supplemental garlic regimen. Other common side effects include:

  • Strong garlic odor on the breath
  • A burning sensation in the mouth or stomach
  • Nausea
  • Heartburn
  • Gas
  • Vomiting
  • Body Odor
  • Diarrhea

Decreasing the amount of garlic you consume can alleviate some side effects such as body odor. You should still consider that the presence of ill side-effects may be your body’s way of letting you know that you should avoid it.

An overdose of garlic will likely cause side effects to present more severely. An upset stomach in particular would be expected. High level overdose could likely cause intestinal or brain bleeding due to garlics blood thinning capabilities. Always get emergency assistance if you believe you may have overdosed.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, it is important to talk with your doctor before taking garlic supplements. The amount of garlic generally present in foods does not seem to be a problem but it could cause harm to an unborn or breast-fed baby. It is best not to give any herbal supplements to children without first consulting your doctor.

The FDA has not evaluated garlic for effectiveness, safety or purity. There may be unknown risks involved in supplementing with garlic. There are no manufacturing standards in place for preparing these compounds. Always purchase herbal supplements from reliable sources.

Always speak with a medical professional or doctor before taking any supplements. Always read the product label for instructions and directions.

Taking Garlic Supplements

A clove of garlic eaten with meals two to three times per day is the minimum effective dose for raw garlic. When supplementing with food, side effects will include breath with a strong garlic scented.

Aged garlic is often used to avoid this side effect. Roasting or grilling garlic will not lower the effectiveness but microwaving will partially destroy the beneficial components. You should never supplement beyond 5% of the diet due to the risk of toxicity at higher levels.

Garlic should never be taken as a substitute for antibiotics that are prescribed by a doctor. Infections that are left untreated can be very dangerous.

What to Look for in a Good Garlic Supplement

The most important thing to look for when selecting a product to supplement garlic is to ensure that the product provides sufficient levels of allicin. Choose a supplement that contains at least 180mg of allicin powder. Some researchers suggest that the only form that actually contains an the active ingredient is fresh garlic.

Aged garlic extract does not contain allicin but is produced through slow decomposition over a period of up to 20 months. This produces product known as Kyolic S-allylcysteine that delivers some of the same benefits as allicin but at a lower potency and much fewer benefits.

Dried garlic and garlic powders do not contain any allicin. Dry garlic powder contains about three times more of the enzyme that creates allicin than fresh garlic. The enzymes are sensitive to stomach acids so sometimes dried garlic power will be covered in a coating designed to get it to the intestines. There the enzyme can be converted to allicin. This technology is not exact so it is not possible to know just how much allicin is actually produced.

Allicin powder extract contains a standard amount of allicin that the body can already use. This is becoming the standard method of supplementation because of the ability to achieve more accurate dosing.

Distilled garlic oil does not contain any allicin but involves boiling crushed garlic and using the steam that is collected as it turns to vapor.

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