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Best Gaba Supplements

10 Best GABA Supplements – Ranked & Reviewed for 2017

If you’re looking for the best GABA supplements to buy this year, then you’ve come to the right place

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Top 10 GABA Supplements

#1 Now Foods Gaba S NOW Foods Gaba More Info
#2 Pure Encapsulations Gaba S Pure Encapsulations GABA More Info
#3 Thorne Research Pharmagaba 100 S Thorne Research PharmaGABA-100 More Info
#4 Vitanica Gaba Ease S Vitanica Gaba Ease More Info
#5 Country Life Gaba Relaxer S Country Life Gaba Relaxer More Info
#6 Nutrabio 100 Pure Gaba S NutraBio 100% Pure GABA More Info
#7 Designs For Health Pharmagaba S Designs For Health PharmaGABA More Info
#8 Integrative Therapeutics Gaba S Integrative Therapeutics GABA More Info
#9 Nutrabulk Gaba S NutraBulk GABA More Info
#10 Amazing Nutrition Gaba S Amazing Nutrition GABA More Info

GABA Supplements Guide

GABA Supplements are becoming increasingly popular among health conscious adults around the world. This beneficial supplement acts as a natural remedy to a number of mental and hormonal disorders, including insomnia, chronic anxiety, and addiction to food and drugs.

As results are continually published regarding the effectiveness of this supplement, more and more people are beginning to discover the versatile ways in which GABA supplements can enhance brain function and ultimately add to an individual’s quality of life. GABA supplements are typically available through Amazon’s healthcare section and can be purchased in capsule, liquid, or powder form.

What Are GABA Supplements?

GABA is an acronym for gamma-aminobutyric acid, a naturally occurring acidic neurotransmitter that acts as a regulator in the human brain. GABA primarily acts as a regulator for muscle tone, but also has an effect on the regulation of neurons that control mood stabilization and energy development.

Because GABA availability is largely influenced by an individual’s dietary and prescription drug intake, it can become limited in function and lead to problems with, anxiety levels, and the production of energy supplies. Coffee and certain teas, for example, cause an inhibiting effect in natural GABA sources and can, over time, create a deficiency.

To fight this deficiency, GABA supplements are available for non-prescription medical use. This product has been approved by the FDA and is completely safe under normal circumstances. For individuals who suffer from issues with neuron function or hormonal conditions, GABA supplements can help to endure chemical balance and hormonal stability. Serotonin boosters like norepinephrine often cause an overproduction of certain chemicals, so GABA supplements can be a alternative to this prescription drug.

Most GABA supplements are made with high doses of Vitamin B6 and Magnesium, which are essential for GABA synthesis in the brain. Because GABA is self balancing, it is an extremely safe supplement and naturally flushes itself out of the body if dosages are too high. The GABA supplement is believed to successfully cross the blood-brain barrier, a fact which makes the product effective.

The blood-brain barrier protects the brain from harmful substances and is extremely beneficial because of its ability to keep out most substances. Positive results during GABA supplement trials have led scientists to believe it has a balancing act on the brain, a fact that suggests that the supplement crosses the barrier.

This supplement has a profound effect on the human central nervous center, creating similar effects to those caused by pharmaceutical drugs, but lacking the harsh and possibly life threatening side effects. GABA supplements are also notable for their ability to create successful results at lower dosages than prescription medication can deliver.

Because the supplement is representative of amino acids that are naturally occurring in the brain, the human body reacts to the ingestion of the supplement in a non-compromising way. Although the body naturally attempts to rid itself of prescription medications, recognizing the fact that a foreign body has entered the body, it responds favorably to GABA supplements because of the familiarity of the supplement.

Benefits of GABA Supplements

GABA supplements have been tested in a variety of trials and have been shown to naturally increase levels of vital hormones, including the human growth hormone. Individuals who suffer from insomnia and other sleep related disorders usually find that GABA supplements improve both the length and quality of sleep.

Individuals who suffer from anxiety benefit from the supplement’s reported calming and relaxing effect on the brain. Although a large percentage of GABA supplement users report an improvement in mood and a decline in anxiety, some supplement users report feeling no effect on anxious behaviors, thoughts, or patterns.

According to Peter Smith, an expert in the field of natural alternatives to prescription drugs, GABA supplements do not successfully cross the blood-brain barrier of healthy individuals. If a supplement user experiences no effect after taking GABA supplements for an extended period of time, it is likely that the anxiety disorder is being caused by outward stimuli and not a chemical imbalance.

In addition to their proven effect on neurological and hormonal disorders, GABA supplements have had positive results in the area of physical development. When taken after workouts, these supplements have been shown to support muscle tone, improve recovery times, and support digestive health.

Because of this, GABA supplements have been increasing in popularity in the fitness industry, particularly body building and weight training. GABA supplements have been shown to have a positive effect on virtually all areas of the body when taken in appropriate dosages on a consistent basis.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Several side effects have been reported in association with GABA supplement intake. These side effects tend to be mild in comparison with prescription drugs, and usually include occasional sleeplessness, shortness of breath, and slight loss of sensation or numbness in hands or feet.

These side effects are considered rare, only being reported in about three percent of all testing subjects. GABA supplement users are advised to avoid adverse reactions by beginning intake with extremely small dosages and gradually increasing amounts over time. By building up a tolerance to the supplement as opposed to introducing large dosages immediately, supplement users can better ascertain the correct dosage for their individual immune systems.

Although individual supplement users have reported experiencing relief from hormonal imbalances as a result of GABA supplement intake, there is disagreement among experts as to whether or not the supplements cross the blood-brain barrier. Because it is difficult to measure amounts of naturally occurring GABA in the brain because of the blood brain barrier, supplements measurements are difficult to grasp. Scientists have, however, found conclusive evidence that GABA supplements provide a positive general effect even if they do not cross the blood-brain barrier.

What to Look for in a Good GABA Supplement

When seeking a GABA supplement of quality, supplement users should educate themselves regarding the nature of various suppliers. A quick look into the history of supplement suppliers will reveal reputable companies and companies that are known for distributing subpar supplements.

A quality GABA supplement is typically only available by licensed health care professionals and certified Amazon distributors. Manufacturer regulations often limit the distribution of high quality GABA supplements which prevents them from being sold in local health food stores or vitamin shops.

New GABA supplement users are advised to begin their regimen with the highest quality of the supplement that they can find. This will prevent adverse reactions to filler content which is usually more readily available in cheaper brands of the supplement. Users in search of a quality GABA supplement should also seek the opinion of a licensed health care professional.

Doctors, nurses, and other health care professionals can help patients to know if they possess the health qualifications to begin a supplement regimen. These professionals also typically have direct access to the providers of high quality GABA supplements. GABA supplement users should always seek the advise of a physician before adding to the diet for health purposes.

Note: Always speak with your doctor before taking any supplements featured on this website. This article has not been written, reviewed or endorsed by a medical professional and may not be used to diagnose or treat any medical conditions.