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Best Fucoxanthin Supplements

10 Best Fucoxanthin Supplements for 2020

If you’re looking for the best fucoxanthin supplements to buy this year, then you’ve come to the right place

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Top 10 Fucoxanthin Supplements

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#1Garden Of Life Fucoxanthin SGarden of Life FucoxanthinGet it on Amazon
#2Only Natural Nutritional Veggie Capsules, Brown Seaweed Plus SOnly Natural Brown Seaweed PlusGet it on Amazon
#3Pacific Standard Distributors Modifilan Pure Brown Seaweed Extract SPacific Standard Distributors Modifilan Pure Brown Seaweed ExtractGet it on Amazon
#4Bri Nutrition Fucoxanthin Maximum Strength SBRI Nutrition Fucoxanthin Maximum StrengthGet it on Amazon
#5Solaray Fucoxanthin Special Formula SSolaray Fucoxanthin Special FormulaGet it on Amazon
#6Best Naturals #1 Fucoxanthin With Fucoplast Blend SBest Naturals #1 Fucoxanthin with Fucoplast BlendGet it on Amazon
#7Source Naturals Fucoxanthin SSource Naturals FucoxanthinGet it on Amazon
#8Eden Pond Fucoxanthin SEden Pond FucoxanthinGet it on Amazon
#9Purecontrol Supplements Fucoxanthin SPureControl Supplements FucoxanthinGet it on Amazon
#10Vitacost Fucoxanthin With Pinno Thin SVitacost Fucoxanthin with Pinno ThinGet it on Amazon

Fucoxanthin (Seaweed Extract) Supplements Guide

What is Fucoxanthin?

Fucoxanthin is a weight management supplement available in several common forms, such as capsule, pill, softgel, vcap and bulk. Fucoxanthin supplements often contain stacks of fucoxanthin with other compounds in absorption, such as omega fatty acids and punicic acid.

Fucoxanthin has aliases within the supplement industry. A few popular aliases are:

  • FucoThin (by Garden of Life)
  • Fuco
  • Undaria Pinnatifida
  • Seaweed Extract

Fucoxanthin belongs to a class of plant pigments called carotenoids. Carotenoids are generally fat-soluble and either red, yellow, orange or some admixture of all three. Carotenoids, such as carotene, are responsible for the color of carrots, tomatoes and autumn foliage.

Color Spectrum of Fucoxanthin

Fucoxanthin is a xanthophyll, which is a carotenoid that is yellow-to-brown. On the visible spectrum, fucoxanthin primarily absorbs light in the yellow-green to blue-green range. In fact, the prefix xantho comes from the Greek work for yellow, while the suffix phyll means leaf.

Fucoxanthin accounts for approximately 10 percent of carotenoids in all of nature. Similar to its green cousin, cholorophyll, fucoxanthin helps plants to perform photosynthesis. During photosynthesis, plants and organisms containing cholorophyll use sunlight to synthesize food from water and carbon dioxide. Oxygen is the byproduct.

Xanthophyll imparts color to wakame and hijiki, two types of brown seaweed frequently used in sushi rolls and miso soup. Xanthophyll, like many carotenoids, is an antioxidant.

Of the 750 known carotenoids, about 250 are exclusively marine-sourced, reports the online supplement encyclopedia Within certain circles, fucoxanthin is one of the most famous marine-sourced carotenoids, second only to astaxanthin.

Organic Sources of Fucoxanthin

Although brown seaweed carotenoids often connote fucoxanthin, microalgae contain significantly higher amounts. Both brown seaweed and microalgae are available in supplement form.

Some experts in the fitness and medical industries even recommend obtaining fucoxanthin through actual brown seaweed, even though this presents the risk of iodine toxicity.

Some species of seaweed and algae that contain fucoxanthin are:

  • Fucus vesiculosus (Bladderwrack)
  • Turbinaria turbinate
  • Laminaria japonica (Ma-Kombu)
  • Ecklonia cava
  • The Sargassum family (fulvellum, coreanum, hemiphyllum, horneri
  • Phaeodactylum tricornutum (Microalgae)
  • Odontella aurita (Microalgae)


As with any product, if taken incorrectly or over the proper dosage there may be some side effects.

Always speak with a medical professional or doctor before taking any supplements. Always read the product label for instructions and directions.

Taking Fucoxanthin


  • Speak with your doctor before taking it.
  • Discuss your goals and the proper dosage you should be taking for them with your doctor.
  • Also ask your doctor for a product recommendation.
  • Read the manufacturer’s instructions on the product label of the product you buy.
  • Follow the instructions and never take more than your doctor’s recommended dosage.

What to Look For in a Good Fucoxanthin Product

The relative newness of fucoxanthin in the supplement industry makes it rather difficult to appraise its integrity on a product-by-product basis.

However, there are general criteria of quality supplements to look for. Confirm that the product in question has a fully disclosed label, including ingredient amounts, standardization of extracts (when applicable) and organic sources (if any).

Research a product’s customer feedback and reviews online. Visit popular e-commerce hubs and major fitness industry websites, and perform keyword searches of products or ingredients to see what people are saying.

Read all the fine print and complaints, and weigh them critically. Perhaps restrict your choices to products with ratings of four stars or above.

Do a little homework about the supplement manufacturer. Do they have a reputation for stringent quality standards and best business/manufacturing practices? Find out if the manufacturer holds any major quality assurance certifications, such as Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

Lastly, pay attention to supplement companies and products that win prestigious industry awards and citations, such as the supplement awards. Endorsements from celebrities and medical professionals unaffiliated with the parent company are another plus.

Checking off the above list of criteria is an effective, thorough process for narrowing down your choices of premium supplements.

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