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10 Best Elderberry Supplements – Reviewed & Ranked for 2018

If you’re looking for the best elderberry supplements to buy this year, then you’ve come to the right place

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Top 10 Elderberry Supplements

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Elderberry Supplements Guide

What Is An Elderberry?

Edible elderberries are found on Sambucus nigra spp canadensis, commonly called the black elderberry or Sambucus tree. The Sambucus nigra species is the only elderberry tree that produces berries that are considered non-toxic, although the berry’s pith and all other parts of the tree are poisonous. While other species of elderberry are edible, the berries must be carefully cleaned and cooked before they safe to eat. The flowers are also edible, but the tiny white petals must be carefully removed from the stems to reduce the risk of consuming poison.

To identify edible elderberries, examine the height and shape of the plant, and note the color and texture of the bark. The black elderberry is a bushy shrub that is often equally tall and wide. The rounded shrub reaches heights of 12 to 16 feet and is surrounded by a thick canopy that makes the main trunk difficult to see. The shrub has pinnate leafs that grow opposite pairs along the branches.

Elderberry bushes, or Sambucus canadensis, are bushes that have spongy green branches accented with a bold pinkish-purple color. This bush is typically much smaller than the black elderberry. In spring, the bush produces the white flowers seen on the black elderberry. The berries appear in late spring and ripen to a deep black color in late summer. The berries look similar to those found on the Sambucus niger, the smaller elderberry bush produces berries that are poisonous until the pith is removed and the berries are cooked using an approved method. In spring, lacy white flowers appear on most species of elderberry. The flowers often look flat from a distance, and are made up of clusters of tiny blossoms, followed by the appearance of green berries that turn red then black as they ripen.


Breastfeeding women, pregnant women, and people taking immune-suppressing medications should talk to their doctor before using elderberry supplements.

People with rheumatoid arthritis or other diseases caused by an immunological response shouldn’t take elderberry supplements. The supplement can cause your symptoms to worsen as result of increased immune response. While supplements that you buy in the store are usually safe, homemade elderberry products can pose a significant health risk when the berries aren’t cleaned or cooked properly.

Most uncooked elderberries contain cyanide-inducing glycosides, a poison that can cause serious gastrointestinal distress when consumed in small amounts. The poison can also build up in the body, resulting in more serious side effects when the product is consumed over a period of time. Homemade products that contain larger amount of cyanide-inducing glycosides can be life-threatening.

To reduce the risk of poisoning, never eat raw elderberries, do not eat the pith inside the berry, and do not consume any part of the tree. Choosing a commercially prepare formula is the safest option when you want to enjoy the medicinal benefits of elderberries. Allergic reaction is possible when taking any kind of elderberry supplement. If you experience trouble breathing or other unusual symptoms after taking the supplement, seek immediate medical care.

Always speak with a medical professional or doctor before taking any supplements. Always read the product label for instructions and directions.

Taking Elderberry Supplements

Elderberry supplements are available in a range of formulas, and the supplements are available in liquid, gummy and capsule forms. The dosage amount varies significantly based on the brand and formula. Follow the instructions on the supplement label to ensure you take the right dosage. A standard dosage for elderberry hasn’t been officially established.

Gummy supplements are also available. Gummy supplements are usually made with concentrated plant materials, allowing a smaller dosage to work just as effectively as the larger dosage amounts found in capsules.

What to Look for In a Good Elderberry Supplement

A good elderberry supplement contains high-quality ingredients that come from natural sources. When choosing an elderberry supplement, syrups and other liquid formulas are usually recommended because liquid formulas are more concentrated and have compounds that are naturally present in the berry. Some elderberry formulas contain additional ingredients. Ingredients like vitamin C or zinc.

Inactive ingredients are fillers that reduce the effectiveness of the supplement. For a more effective option, look for supplements that contain very few inactive ingredients. Alcohol is often used to create extracts because it is an affordable, shelf-stable preservative. To avoid alcohol based supplements, use syrup or lozenges instead of extracts.

Avoid extracts and syrups that are made by individuals to reduce the risk of potentially dangerous side effects. Instead, use supplements that are manufactured and sold by reliable companies that are well-established in the supplement industry.

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