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Best Colloidal Silver Supplements

10 Best Colloidal Silver Supplements – Reviewed & Ranked for 2017

If you’re looking for the best colloidal silver supplements to buy this year, then you’ve come to the right place

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Top 10 Colloidal Silver Supplements

#1 Source Naturals Wellness Colloidal Silver S Source Naturals Wellness Colloidal Silver More Info
#2 Purest Colloids Mesosilver ® 20 Ppm Colloidal Silver S Purest Colloids MesoSilver More Info
#3 Natural Path Silver Wings Dietary Mineral Supplement, Colloidal Silver S Natural Path Silver Wings Dietary Mineral Supplement More Info
#4 Innovative Natural Products Colloidal Silver Super 2,000 Ppm S Innovative Natural Products Colloidal Silver Super More Info
#5 Trace Minerals Research Cls02 Colloidal Silver 30 Ppm Supplement S Trace Minerals Research CLS02 More Info
#6 Nutrinoche The Best Silver 30 Ppm 8 Oz S NutriNoche The Best Silver More Info
#7 Doctor Suggests Triple Strength Ph Balanced Colloidal Solution S Doctor Suggests Triple Strength pH Balanced Colloidal Solution More Info
#8 Healthy Body Colloidal Silver 30ppm S Healthy Body Colloidal Silver More Info
#9 Mojaworks Natural Nano Colloidal Silver Liquid Mineral Supplement S MojaWorks Natural Nano Colloidal Silver Liquid Mineral More Info
#10 Wellness Solutions Colloidal Silver Wellness Solutions S Wellness Solutions Colloidal Silver Wellness Solutions More Info

Colloidal Silver Supplements Guide

Colloidal silver refers to a solution made of tiny particles of silver suspended in a liquid. The silver used in colloidal silver supplements is the same as the metal commonly used in jewelry, silverware, and other household applications. Many people use colloidal silver as dietary supplement.

Sometimes colloidal silver is used as a food supplement in conjunction with homeopathic medicine practices. Homeopathy is a complementary medicine practice that uses tiny amounts of active substances diluted with inert substances. Although the minute amount of colloidal silver is unlikely to cause serious harm, it is unlikely to do much good, either. Little scientific evidence shows that homeopathic remedies are effective for treating any disease or medical condition.

In 1999, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a statement warning consumers that colloidal silver has the potential to cause adverse health effects and that there is little to no scientific evidence that it treats or prevents any health condition. Several makers of colloidal silver dietary supplements have been taken to court by the FDA and the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Colloidal silver products have been banned by the European Union since 2010. However, some evidence does suggest that there is an appropriate medical use for silver as part of some topical treatments for skin conditions.

What is Colloidal Silver?

Very small amounts of silver may find their way into the human body through everyday contact with food, water, and air or through activities such as soldering. However, silver does not occur naturally in the human body and is not an essential mineral in the human diet. In the U.S., no legally marketing over-the-counter medicine uses silver as an ingredient.

Colloidal silver in a dietary supplement may be called by one of the following names:

  • Colloidal silver protein
  • Ionic silver
  • Mild silver protein
  • Native silver
  • Silver alginate
  • Silver protein
  • True colloidal silver

The marketers of colloidal silver dietary supplements claim their products can be used to treat a wide range of conditions, including bronchitis, cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome, herpes, HIV, malaria, pneumonia, ringworm, and shingles. It is also claimed to improve the immune system. Little or no scientific evidence that has been published in reputable medical journals has confirmed any of these claims.

A small number of claims regarding the antibiotic properties of silver used as a topical ointment are being investigated using a rigorous scientific protocol. Researchers believe the silver particles may be able to kill some microorganisms by binding to the cells and killing them; further study into this effect is needed.

Benefits of Colloidal Silver Supplements

According to conventional medicine, there are no known benefits to colloidal silver, or to silver in any form, to the human body. Topical silver has some tested and confirmed medical benefit in dressing wounds, treating some skin infections, for prevention of conjunctivitis in newborn babies, and for prevention of eye infections during surgery. However, some research suggests that even the use of topical silver to prevent eye infections is not as effective as using a povidone-iodine solution (a common, mild antiseptic preparation) for the same purpose.

Colloidal silver is currently under investigation as a treatment for a specific kind of recurrent nasal irritation caused by bacteria biofilms inside the human sinus cavities. Individuals who suffer from chronic rhinosinusitis without polyposis (CRSsP) will have to wait for the results of studies occurring in the late 2010s to determine whether there is any scientific basis for using colloidal silver topically for the condition.

Are There any Side Effects?

Colloidal silver is known to affect the way certain drugs are absorbed by the body. Thyroxine (a drug used to treat thyroid deficiencies) and some antibiotics can be affected by taking colloidal silver.

People who take colloidal silver supplements sometimes notice the gradual and alarming side effect of skin and/or mucous membranes that begins to take on a bluish tinge. This bluish or gray tinge to the skin is called argyria, and it is often permanent. It can also affect the conjunctiva (the clear membrane that covers the white part of the eye), gums, fingernails, and toenails. Argyria is caused by the buildup of silver in the tissues of the body, and although it does not cause the body any physical harm, many people find it unsettling and may suffer social and psychological consequences as a result.

No effective treatment for argyria is known at this time. Non-surgical treatments are not available, and surgical intervention is only appropriate in some, but not all, cases.

Another potential side effect of taking colloidal silver is increased production of melanin in the skin. Although this is not physically dangerous, it can cause parts of the skin to become discolored when exposed to the sun.

Colloidal silver also collects in the body’s major organs, including the brain, kidneys, nervous system, and stomach. In rare cases, the use of colloidal silver as a dietary supplement has been linked to serious side effects. These include kidney damage and neurological symptoms, such as seizures. As in the case of argyria, these effects are caused by silver’s ability to collect inside the body’s tissues and organs and cause cellular damage there.

At least one case has been reported of serious neurological toxic side effects that appear to have been caused by consistent use of colloidal silver supplements. The individual in question was a male in his 70s who used colloidal silver supplements over a 4-month period. The man was treated in the hospital for coma and epilepsy-like tremors and did not regain consciousness, dying in the hospital after five and a half months of treatment. Further scientific study is needed to determine whether this is an isolated case or whether those who use colloidal silver supplements are at increased risk for this condition.

The accumulation of silver in the body can take place in two ways. The first is by taking a large amount of silver in a short amount of time, and the other way is by taking small amounts of silver over a long period of time.

How to Take Colloidal Silver Supplements

Dietary supplements containing colloidal silver are generally taken by mouth. Topical silver may be in the form of lotions or creams. Some bandages and wound dressings are made with tiny particles of silver embedded in the dressing material as part of treatment for skin conditions and wounds.

Colloidal silver supplements should not be used by pregnant women or by women who are breast feeding. Taking colloidal silver supplements during pregnancy has been linked to abnormal development of the face, neck, and ears in the fetus. Not enough testing has been done on colloidal silver to determine that it is safe for babies who might ingest it through the parent’s milk.

What to Look for in a Good Colloidal Silver Supplement

To help reduce one’s risk of developing argyria, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recommends taking no more than 5 micrograms of colloidal silver per kilogram of body weight. As with any dietary supplement, those thinking of using colloidal silver as an oral supplement will want to check with a health care provider before they begin taking the supplement. If considering one specific colloidal silver product, consumers may want to bring the product with them when consulting with health care professionals.

Some advertisements on the Internet offer products that allow consumers to make their own colloidal silver preparations at home. Colloidal silver liquid supplements made in the home are not likely to be consistent in quality or strength, and the average consumer is unlikely to test for these things. For that reason, it is generally considered safer to purchased a standardized colloidal silver preparation than to create one’s own colloidal silver supplements at home.


Note: Always speak with your doctor before taking any supplements featured on this website. This article has not been written, reviewed or endorsed by a medical professional and may not be used to diagnose or treat any medical conditions.