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Best Cinnamon Supplements

10 Best Cinnamon Supplements for 2020

If you’re looking for the best cinnamon supplements to buy this year, then you’ve come to the right place

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Top 10 Cinnamon Supplements

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Cinnamon Supplements Guide


What Are Cinnamon Supplements?

You are probably familiar with cinnamon as a popular spice. While used as a spice is one of the most popular and well known uses for cinnamon, there are also health benefits from the extract of cinnamon tree bark. This extract has been used throughout history as a medicinal supplement used to assist in a number of maladies. It was a vital part of ancient Chinese and Indian medicine and was passed down through generations. Even in present times, several people still believe in its healing powers.

There is a particular type of cinnamon that seems to be the most effective and best way to get maximum benefits. Cassia cinnamon is the common type used in most supplements because of this benefit. This is the type of cinnamon that you will find is used in the majority of cinnamon supplements.

There are several brands of cinnamon supplements on the the market.


There can be some mild side effects eating too much cinnamon, such as irritation of the mouth and lips. This can cause some blistering or sores. There are people that have reported these symptoms as an allergic reaction to cinnamon.

With any supplement, you should remain vigilant until you become familiar with how your body will react to the supplement. Some medications can have adverse reactions when taken with cinnamon supplements. You should take to your doctor before adding any supplements into your routine. There should also be extra precaution with those that suffer from liver conditions. Too much cassia cinnamon can be dangerous to these people. Again, just bring up any concerns to your doctor.

The biggest chance of negative side effects of cinnamon supplements comes from taking too much. From a mild allergic reaction to a lethal situation, you should use caution when trying cinnamon supplements for the first time. Allow your body to adjust slowly to the supplement and adjust the dosage accordingly. Patients with liver conditions should not use these supplements.

Always speak with a medical professional or doctor before taking any supplements. Always read the product label for instructions and directions.

Taking Cinnamon Supplements

Cinnamon supplements are commonly sold in capsules or as a powder. You can find them at most health food stores, but it is up to you which form you prefer to buy. Capsules can be swallowed just like any normal pill or supplement. The powder form can be sprinkled or added generously to foods.

Cinnamon bark oil is also a common cinnamon supplement and is sold in liquid form. This is a popular choice among diabetics and is recommended to be taken three times a day, preferably after meals. This routine is said to lower and stabilize blood sugars.

It is important to store your cinnamon supplements in a dark and dry area. This is why most cinnamon supplements are sold in dark colored containers. There is no recommended dosage when it comes to cinnamon supplements, so users should be cautious of any health concerns that could have adverse reactions to the cinnamon supplements.

Patients that regularly use blood thinners or blood glucose lowering medications could have certain issues with these supplements. It is extremely important to discuss the use of cinnamon supplements with your doctor before adding them to your health care regime. You should always ask if any new regime is appropriate before beginning.

What to Look for in a Good Cinnamon Supplement

The most important thing to consider before choosing a supplement is to figure out what kind of results you want from taking it. Do your research into the different kinds of supplements and types of cinnamon used in them. Do you find the taste of cinnamon enjoyable? Then, maybe you would better benefit and enjoy using the powder form of the supplement.

You can sprinkle this generously into any food or drinks. If you would prefer to not taste the cinnamon, then a capsule route is probably a better choice. There are also a few soft gel formulas on the market, these could be a possible choice as well. Some people also prefer to buy the liquid extract for maximum potency.

You should also be aware of the dosage that you would prefer to take. After there is not a recommended dosage set for cinnamon supplements, it is important to consider what would work for you.

The higher the dosage or potency, the more expensive the supplement will be. This is important to keep in mind, if you are on a budget.

Many users look for vegan friendly option. Animal cellulose is a common ingredient used to make capsules, so you should be mindful when looking. There are several vegan friendly and organic choices, if this is something that is of importance to you.

Containers are also an important thing to consider. Like noted above, it is important that your cinnamon supplements are stored in a dry and dark place. The best supplements are sold in dark colored containers, preferably glass. This is the best type of container for your cinnamon supplements. The taste, texture and benefits will last longer and remain potent if kept in this kind of container.

Also, it is important to always buy your supplements from a reliable source. Be wary of extremely low prices and investigate the brands and sources. Unfortunately, we live in a time of dishonesty and there have been rare instances of consumers being lied to about a product.

Do your research, know what benefits you mainly want to reap from your cinnamon supplements. Figure out how you want to take the supplements and go from there. You are the most important advocate for your health. Do what you feel is right for your body.

Like it has been mentioned several times before, make sure to discuss your choices of cinnamon supplements with your primary care physician. He can help alert you of any possible problems or side effects that could occur during your new regime.

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