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Best Cats Claw Supplements

10 Best Cat’s Claw Supplements – Reviewed & Ranked for 2017

If you’re looking for the best cat’s claw supplements to buy this year, then you’ve come to the right place

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Top 10 Cat’s Claw Supplements

#1 Nature's Way Cat's Claw Bark Caps S Nature’s Way Cat’s Claw Bark More Info
#2 Solgar Cats Claw S Solgar Cat’s Claw More Info
#3 Solaray Cat's Claw S Solaray Cat’s Claw More Info
#4 Pure Mountain Botanicals High Potency Cat’s Claw S Pure Mountain Botanicals Cat’s Claw More Info
#5 Now Foods Cat's Claw 500mg S Now Foods Cat’s Claw More Info
#6 Source Naturals Cats Claw S Source Naturals Cat’s Claw More Info
#7 Pure Encapsulations Cats Claw S Pure Encapsulations Cat’s Claw More Info
#8 Planetary Herbals Cats Claw S Planetary Herbals Cat’s Claw More Info
#9 Peruvian Naturals Cats Claw S Peruvian Naturals Cat’s Claw More Info
#10 Nature's Herbs Zand Cat's Claw Bark Capsule S Nature’s Herbs Cat’s Claw More Info

Cat’s Claw Supplements Guide

What is Cat’s Claw?

The cat’s claw vine is found in the Amazon rainforest and other heavily precipitous biospheres on the South Central American continents. The term “cat’s claw” is based on the vine’s appearance, vaguely resembling the nails of a cat. The use of cat’s claw for health purposes can be traced back to ancient Inca culture.

From antiviral healing to contraception, cat’s claw has been utilized with the intentions of activating a number of health-based effects throughout history. Motives for the use of cat’s claw has varied between the many different civilizations that have historically been documented as using it in their medicinal practices, but ultimately, cat’s claw has become recognized as one of the world’s most widely recommended herbal health agents by word of mouth.

The two most common variants of cats claw are U. guianensis and U. tomentosa. Of these two types of cat’s claw, the U. tomentosa variant is the one that is more commonly converted into a dietary supplement form.

Benefits of Cat’s Claw Supplements

As a dietary supplement, cat’s claw is currently employed for just as wide a range of possible health benefits in the modern age as it has always been throughout history.

Aside from anecdotal reports, there is more room for conclusive clinical research to substantiate the exact extent of cat’s claw’s health benefits. To date, there is still a relative deficit in the indisputable scientific evidence that can be used as an objective testament to cat’s claws concrete benefits.

Despite the room that there is for more clinical substantiation, the word-of-mouth about cat’s claw’s potential benefits has been consistently positive. Studies conducted around the world to ascertain the objective beneficial qualities of cat’s claw have been conducted since the 1970s, and through it all, cat’s claw has become one of the most highly sought-after forms of herbal treatment in the world.

The most notable points made in support of cat’s claw’s potential health-facilitating abilities relate to its bark and roots. Within the bark and roots of cat’s claw are apoptotic oxindole alkaloids. Though there has not yet been a clinical consensus on the impact of ingestion of oxindole alkaloids through cat’s claw supplementation specifically, these alkaloids have been demonstrated as having the ability to stimulate the immune system.

While the correlation between immune system stimulation and dosages of cat’s claw have not yet been determined in full, these alkaloids have been linked to the possibility of activating a healing factor in those who administer them. Different varieties of these alkaloids have been noted to have a different levels potential for health-facilitating action, and the variation with the highest potential of them all is considered to be Isopteropodin.

Ideally, the administration of Isopteropodin can increase the vitality of the immune system through anti-oxidative action. By facilitating a larger reservoir of antioxidants in the body, cat’s claw supplementation could ideally help the body have a better quality of defense against free radicals.

Should the immune response strengthening abilities of Isopteropodin be replicable within the other alkaloids located in cat’s claw’s roots, then the plant could arguably possess the potential to act as an all-purpose fighter of harmful bacteria, viruses, and various microorganisms with the potential to cause diseases if left unchecked.

Further Benefits


In addition to the suggestion that cat’s claw could serve as a powerful form of support for the immune system, other discussions have centered around cat’s claw’s potential to act as a cognitive health enhancer as well. The purported cognitive benefits of cat’s claw have been linked to its role as a TNF-alpha production inhibitor. By actively inhibiting TNF-alpha synthesis, cat’s claw could allegedly work against the accelerated degradation of memory with age.

Cat’s claw has also been said to possess a potential ability to act as an anti-inflammatory agent as well. By acting as an anti-inflammatory, cat’s claw could serve as helpful countermeasure against gout, delayed onset muscle soreness and arthritis.

Are There any Side Effects?

To date, there have not been any significant side effects associated with cat’s claw in the general public. While harmful side effects have not been linked to cat’s claw, pregnant women are advised not to use cats claw due to its history of being employed for contraception and abortion.

As is the case with all natural supplementation, the safest way to administer cats claw is to heed the serving size recommendations and take it in moderation.

How to Take Cat’s Claw Supplements

There are multiple different supplemental forms that catwalk can be found in, depending on the manufacturer. The majority of cat’s claw supplements are made swallowed in pill or tablet form, while others can be found in the form of liquid extracts and tea packets.

What to Look for in a Good Cat’s Claw Supplement

There are many differently manufactured cat’s claw supplements on the market, and so in order to stand the best chance at experiencing whatever benefits could be derived from it, a certain level of discretion should be exercised when making the final decision for a purchase.

It is highly important to make sure that the dosage form of a cat’s claw supplement is comfortable enough to suit your needs. Some may find the pill form of cat’s claw to be harder to swallow, and so under certain circumstances, it may be easier to opt for the smaller tablet form instead.

The intestinal absorption of the supplement is just as important as the ease of ingesting it. The best-reviewed cat’s claw capsules will often have had their capsules made out of a material that facilitates an easier breakdown process in the digestive tract, making it easier to absorb its effects quickly.

Make a point ensure that the quality of the supplement in question has been validated through testing. While there may not yet be a clinical consensus on the universal impact of cat’s claw as an healing agent, the most reputable supplements are still subject to rigorous quality control examinations before being put on the market.

In addition to confirming that the cat’s claw supplement you settle on has been verified as passing safety regulations, check for the absence of additives as well. With too many added preservatives or fillers, customers could be at risk at paying additional money for qualities that have nothing to do with their intention for purchasing the supplement in the first place.

The highest quality of all herbal supplements will be those that are free of any unnecessary additives or coloring that could compromise their ideal effects. Aim to verify that all of the ingredients composing the cat’s claw supplement are natural, and if possible, they should be free of coloring as well.

Make sure to confirm that the only thing that you are investing in when buying a cat’s claw supplement are the necessary ingredients to produce your desired effect. As an extra step, it can be helpful to confirm with the manufacturer that the cat’s claw plant itself was grown under compliance to official health guidelines.

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