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10 Best Butterbur Supplements – Reviewed & Ranked for 2018

If you’re looking for the best butterbur supplements to buy this year, then you’ve come to the right place

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Top 10 Butterbur Supplements

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#1 Swanson Superior Herbs Butterbur Extract-s Swanson Superior Herbs Butterbur Extract More Info
#2 NOW Foods Butterbur-s NOW Foods Butterbur More Info
#3 SOLARAY Butterbur Extract-s Solaray Butterbur Extract More Info
#4 Vitacost Butterbur Extract-s Vitacost Butterbur Extract More Info
#5 Vitanica Butterbur Extra-s Vitanica Butterbur Extra More Info
#6 Source Naturals Butterbur Extract-s Source Naturals Butterbur Extract More Info
#7 Piping Rock Health Products Butterbur Extract-s Piping Rock Health Products Butterbur Extract More Info
#8 Life Extension MIGRA-Eeze Butterbur-Ginger- Riboflavin-s Life Extension MIGRA-Eeze Butterbur-Ginger-Riboflavin More Info
#9 Planetary Herbals Butterbur Extract-s Planetary Herbals Butterbur Extract More Info
#10 NutriCargo Butterbur Powder-s NutriCargo Butterbur Powder More Info

Butterbur Supplements Guide

Butterbur, which is also known by its scientific name “Petasites”, lies in the wilderness of places that have plenty of shade and a gentle source of water nearby. However, some herbal enthusiasts have managed to cultivate it in their backyard gardens too. At first glance, those who have never studied herbs before may confuse it with a crop of rhubarb. It grows in the same large clumps, and its leaves are just as large and frilly. But the stalks don’t have the same telltale red color as the common summer ingredient for pies does. Some have claimed that its leaf shape causes it to be related to the sunflower. Others say it is in the ragweed family of plants because of the unique flower that sits atop it.

What is Butterbur?

There are several kinds of butterbur, and each one is used in different ways. But the most common one propagated for herbal supplements is Petasites hybridus. The largest part of the plant is the leaves, so this is the area that gets trimmed off. The leaves at the bottom are used first, since they are the largest. The ones in the center are smaller, new leaves. This method of harvesting also preserves the remainder of the plant, so it doesn’t die off. The leaves contain two active ingredients called “petasin” and “isopetasin” that offer a wide range of health properties to the body externally and internally.

Always speak with a medical professional or doctor before taking any supplements. Always read the product label for instructions and directions.

What to Look for in a Good Butterbur Supplement

The most important thing that a person should look for in a supplement containing butterbur is the reliability of the company selling it. How long that they have been in business and the reviews that their customers give on their website says a lot about how much that they care about making good products.

The price of the supplement is an important factor too. If they sell it at too cheap of a cost or an excessively high price, they are probably scamming people. This plant grows easily, and it isn’t rare. So if a company is claiming that it is a special variety that they have to charge extra for, they are probably lying. Too cheap of a product could contain extra filler ingredients that decrease the potency. Or it could have very little of the active ingredient at all.

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