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Best Artichoke Extract Supplements

10 Best Artichoke Extract Supplements – Ranked & Reviewed for 2017

If you’re looking for the best artichoke extract supplements to buy this year, then you’ve come to the right place

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Top 10 Artichoke Extract Supplements

#1 Jarrow Formulas Artichoke 500 S Jarrow Formulas Artichoke 500 More Info
#2 Nature's Way Artichoke Capsules S Nature’s Way Artichoke Capsules More Info
#3 Now Foods Artichoke Extract S Now Foods Artichoke Extract More Info
#4 Source Naturals Artichoke Extract S Source Naturals Artichoke Extract More Info
#5 Superior Labs Artichoke Leaf Extract S Superior Labs Artichoke Leaf Extract More Info
#6 Bulksupplements Pure Artichoke Extract Powder S Bulksupplements Pure Artichoke Extract Powder More Info
#7 Solaray Artichoke Leaf Extract S Solaray Artichoke Leaf Extract More Info
#8 Planetary Herbals Artichoke Extract S Planetary Herbals Artichoke Extract More Info
#9 Solgar Artichoke Leaf Extract S Solgar Artichoke Leaf Extract More Info
#10 Swanson High Potency Artichoke Extract S Swanson High Potency Artichoke Extract More Info

Artichoke Extract Supplements Guide

Artichokes are a very popular edible vegetable. All parts of the artichoke are edible, from the heart to the leaves, and are quite delicious. Using the artichoke plant as a medicinal supplement has been standard practice even back to ancient Greece when the roots were ground and given to individuals suffering from digestive issues.

During the 1800’s, artichoke extract was used with success in the treatment of liver problems, including jaundice. This article will summarize what artichoke supplements are, the possible benefits, side effects, dosing and how to consume, and how to choose a quality artichoke extract supplement.

What Are Artichoke Extract Supplements?

Artichoke extract is derived from the leaf, stem, and roots of the artichoke plant. The extract obtained from this plant is highly concentrated with the health-boosting chemicals found naturally within the artichoke. The extract is used to form medications, which may have several health benefits when regularly used.

It is believed that artichoke extract supplements have the ability to increase the flow of bile originating in the liver, and therefore reducing the symptoms of heartburn, and even reducing the symptoms of a hangover caused by alcohol consumption. It is also possible that artichoke extract supplements can help with the reduction of high cholesterol, problems with the kidney, irritable bowel syndrome, fluid retention (edema), anemia, problems with the liver, and bladder infections.

Artichoke extract supplements may also be used to treat certain snakebites, to aid in the prevention of gallstones, to lower high blood pressure, to lower blood sugar, increase urine output, and more.

The artichoke originated in Europe. Its leaves and extracts are commonly used to add flavor to beverages. Chemicals, such as cynarin and chlorogenic acid can be utilized as a natural sweetener.

Benefits of Artichoke Extract Supplements

While artichoke extract supplements claim to help with many health concerns, the most well-established benefits are its role in supporting cholesterol, digestive health, supporting a healthy liver. Read a brief overview of each of these benefits below.

Cholesterol Control

For those who are experiencing moderately high levels of cholesterol, implementing a regimen of artichoke extract supplements may help to lower those levels naturally, without needing to use medications. This is illustrated in a study detailed by Science Daily, in which 75 volunteers taking 1280 mg of the supplement for 12 weeks showed a significant lowering of their cholesterol levels.

Digestive Health

Due to its ability to help stimulate the body to produce bile, artichoke extract supplements can help to improve an individual’s digestive health. With increased bile production, the body is better able to digest fat and absorb the vitamins it receives from food. The University of Michigan shows that when those with irritable bowel syndrome took between 320 and 640 mg of the supplement daily, 26% of participants noted a decrease in symptoms.


Liver Health

Artichoke extract is able to protect lipids from experiencing oxidative damage that is caused by toxins and accumulated waste. It can also assist antioxidant enzymes from depleting, resulting in a healthy liver. Studies performed have shown that when taking a supplement, animals do not show increases in enzymes that would otherwise be symbolic of a distressed liver.


Are There Any Side Effects?

Artichoke has been shown to be safe when taken orally as a medication, even for time periods of up to 2 years. However, as with all medications, there is a possibility that some will experience adverse reactions.

Commonly reported side effects include:

  • Intestinal gas
  • Allergic reactions

Due to a lack of research, those who are pregnant and or nursing should avoid the use of artichoke supplements to stay on the safe side.

Others who should use caution when considering adding artichoke extract supplements into their diet include:

  • Those with a bile duct obstruction
  • Those with allergies to ragweed, chrysanthemums, marigolds, and daisys
  • Those who have gallstones

How to Take Artichoke Extract Supplements

Studies focusing on artichoke extract supplements are limited, which also limits our understanding of the proper dosing for humans. The proper dosage may be different depending on why you are taking the supplement in the first place. A study focusing on cholesterol found that the best dosage was between 1800 and 1900 milligrams every day. However, those participating in a study focusing on artichoke supplements effects on heartburn were able to find relief with dosages between 320 and 640 milligrams a day. In both instances, the dosage was broken up into small amounts that were taken in small amounts during the day rather than all at one time.

Supplement companies determine their individual dosage recommendations. If you are using a company that is well established and trusted, it is safe to follow the dosage recommendations on your bottle. Before assuming a dosage is safe for you, talk to a doctor or pharmacist, as recommended dosages are often given with your safety in mind. Never increase your dosage without discussing first. One example of how following dosage instructions is necessary is in the case of Vitamin C. Those who have too much of this vitamin in their system are at increased risk of the development of cancer.

What to Look for in a Good Artichoke Extract Supplement

Artichoke extract supplements are available in either a pill or liquid form. If you purchase a tablet, the most common dosage is 500 mg, but it is possible to find them in both 100 and 200 mg as well. The liquid is sold by the ounce, usually one, two or 4 ounces, although larger options may exist.

The cost of this supplement can range widely, anywhere from $4 to $60. It is important to research your brands before assuming a higher priced brand is a better product, as it may just be that there is more product in the bottle.

It can be difficult to determine whether or not a liquid or pill is the right choice for you, and also what dosage and even which brand is right. If you shop for your supplement at a pharmacy, the pharmacist or a technician will be able to help you determine which product, form and dose are best for your needs. They will be familiar enough with the available brands to assist you in making an informed choice.

It is important to note that the FDA does not regulate or monitor supplements. The only time they intervene in a supplement situation is when it is believed to be responsible for deaths, injury, or illnesses. Because of this, supplement manufacturers can put claims on their products not necessarily backed by science and clinical trials. Buy from brands that are well established as trustworthy sources, and be sure to always read labels and ingredients thoroughly.

As always, consult with your primary care physician before you begin any supplements. There is always a chance your supplement will interact with medications or health conditions. Artichoke extract supplements are widely considered safe, but extra care never hurts.

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