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Best Arjuna Supplements

10 Best Arjuna Supplements – Ranked & Reviewed for 2017

If you’re looking for the best arjuna supplements to buy this year, then you’ve come to the right place

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Top 10 Arjuna Supplements

#1 Himalaya Organic Arjuna 60 Caplets For Cholesterol S Himalaya Organic Arjuna More Info
#2 Life Extension Cardio Peak W Standardized Hawthorn And Arjuna S Life Extension Cardio Peak w/ Standardized Hawthorn and Arjuna More Info
#3 Nutrigold Arjuna Gold S Nutrigold Arjuna Gold More Info
#4 Solaray Arjuna Supplement S Solaray Arjuna Supplement More Info
#5 Swanson Arjuna S Swanson Arjuna More Info
#6 Banyan Botanicals Arjuna Powder Certified Organic S Banyan Botanicals Arjuna Powder – Certified Organic More Info
#7 Herbsforever Arjuna Powder (bark) S HerbsForever Arjuna Powder (Bark) More Info
#8 Ayush Herbs Arjuna Heart 90c S Ayush Herbs Arjuna-Heart 90c More Info
#9 Planetary Herbals Arjuna Cardio Comfort Tablets S Planetary Herbals Arjuna Cardio Comfort Tablets More Info
#10 Hawaiipharm Arjuna Liquid Extract S HawaiiPharm Arjuna Liquid Extract More Info

Arjuna Supplements Guide

There is nothing quite like the bark of the ancient Terminalia tree that is often known for its powerful extract, arjuna. The bark of the arjuna tree has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years to balance the three major “humors”, or fluids of the body.

The principle behind Ayurvedic medicine is that balancing the humors of the body not only keeps it strong but fends off disease. Scientists and physicians recognize its powerful healing qualities and suggest that it is effective in the treatment of many diseases. Arjuna is most commonly used to treat and manage heart conditions as it has an amazing ability to lower high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

What is Arjuna?

Arjuna is known as one of the most powerful herbs that promotes heart health. The bark of the arjuna tree contains numerous substances and antioxidants that are very bioactive. That is why this herb has drawn so much attention from scientists and medical professionals alike.

In fact, daily consumption of an arjuna supplement can increase cardiac function that helps to prevent disease or blockages in blood flow. Since the heart is a muscle, it is important that this organ receives a sufficient amount of oxygen and nutrients to function optimally.

Studies conducted on the ingredients found in arjuna show that it has both antioxidizing and cardioprotective qualities that enhance cellular health and longevity. Arjuna is comparable to vitamin C in how powerfully cleansing and protective it can be. Since arjuna is capable of increasing blood flow, it is successful in lowering high blood pressure and even influencing cholesterol levels.

It contains several antioxidants like flavones, tannins and oligomeric proanthocyanins that cleanse the body of toxins and even prevent blood clots. This herb is constantly being studied and observed by researchers to further the use and further understand its many health benefits.

Benefits of Arjuna

The arjuna extract has the potential to influence all organ systems of the body but namely the cardiovascular system. Consumption of a powerful arjuna supplement can create a domino effect throughout the body. It has the propensity to dissolve bad cholesterol, which is what ancient Ayurvedic practitioners reference as one of its most beneficial qualities.

Additionally, it stimulates the pumping of heart muscles, which can be very valuable for those who are recovering from surgery or trauma of this organ. Not only is arjuna a hypertensive medicine but it has cooling, anti-inflammatory and cleansing properties.

  • Asthma: this extract treats the symptoms of asthma by helping to improve the circulation of oxygen and contraction of muscles.
  • Chest Pain (angina): since arjuna acts as a hypertensive aid, it promotes healthy cardiovascular function as well as relieving water retention, pressure and painful symptoms of the blood vessels.
  • Coronary Heart Disease: this herb stimulates the heart muscles and improves circulation of oxygen and nutrients needed to keep the heart strong and healthy.
  • Dysentery: the properties of this herb act as a digestive aid that can fight inflammation as well as pH imbalances in the stomach that cause symptoms of dysentery.
  • High Cholesterol: the phytochemicals present in this herb break down fatty substances and cholesterol to lower both blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
  • Infections: the active component of the bark, arjunetin, can fight bacteria present in the body to prevent infections throughout the body.
  • Kidney Stones: arjuna is powerful enough to help break down stubborn kidney stones that can cause blockages and painful symptoms.
  • Ulcers: this herb has the ability to strengthen the lining of the stomach and prevent inflammation, infection and painful symptoms of ulcers while also balancing pH levels simultaneously.

Doctors have recognized the potency of this herb and prescribe it to patients with consideration of their medical information. While some conditions may be more severe than others, this herb acts quickly to help restore the body’s natural level of homeostasis.

It is this principle that ancient Ayurvedic practitioners passed along over the years. Arjuna helps to balance fluid levels and even make the pH in the stomach more basic to avoid indigestion or unwanted symptoms. Medical studies have proven the all-around healing effects of the arjuna herb affecting all organ systems by strengthening the heart and reducing cellular inflammation.

Are There any Side Effects?

In general, there are no major side effects to worry about with the regular consumption of an arjuna supplement to ease the symptoms of health conditions. However, after thorough testing and observations, researchers have discovered that certain side effects may be present in some individuals.

According to a medical report released by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), common side effects of arjuna may include nausea, gastritis, headaches, body aches, constipation and even insomnia. Aside from these minor side effects, this herb is safe for consumption as long as an individual takes the right dosage. Researchers have discovered that arjuna does not pose a metabolic toxicity risk even if taken over an extended period of time.

It is always wise to check with an experienced physician before deciding to use an arjuna supplement to treat a health condition. Especially in individuals with compromised immune or cardiovascular systems, it is important to monitor the dosage and effects of this herbal supplement.

There are no major drug interactions documented with the use of this herbal supplement; however, care should be used in taking this supplement with prescription drugs. It is not recommended to take this dietary supplement with pharmaceutical drugs that monitor blood pressure and cholesterol levels so as to not make the change too drastically.

This herbal remedy may also interact with anticoagulant medications like Aspirin.

How to Take Arjuna Supplements

The arjuna extract is available in many different forms so that it can treat different conditions and parts of the body. It is an astringent, demulcent, expectorant and urinary astringent that can cleanse the body from the inside out. Due to the fact that all arjuna supplements are not made equally, it is important to watch the dosage of each product.

Medical professionals recommend taking 250 milligrams at a time but not to exceed 500 milligrams per day. A higher dose may be prescribed or necessary for those that have weakened cardiovascular systems that are undergoing the healing process.

Capsules containing a high concentration of the arjuna bark are readily available on the market. With a doctor’s medical observation and advise, it is usually recommended to take one or two doses a day. The amount that you take will depend on the health and condition of your body.

One dose is equivalent to one capsule that can be taken before meals to be absorbed by the body for the best effects. Other important variables that are considered with dosage are recent blood pressure and sugar levels in the individual.

What to Look for in a Good Arjuna Supplement

Of course, the most important thing to look for in an arjuna supplement are the ingredients used in making the supplement. Some manufacturers may use specific chemicals, additives or preservatives to ensure a safe shelf life for the product. The purer the concentration, the better for your health. On the other hand, some dietary supplements are mixed with other herbs to increase its efficacy.

For example, some arjuna supplements may contain hawthorn or other medicinal herbs. The combination that you choose is solely up to you and your doctor.

Other important factors to consider when purchasing an arjuna supplement are making sure that it is USDA certified and contains no artificial ingredients as they are toxins to the body. Most arjuna dietary supplements range in concentrations from 250 to 700 milligrams per capsule so you will need to purchase accordingly.

A minor detail to keep in mind is the quantity of capsules that are in each product as some come standard with 60 capsules while others do not. Put into perspective, the best arjuna supplement will be one that is the right strength to treat, maintain and dissolve health conditions that you experience.

When taken correctly, arjuna supplements can alter the levels of “humors” in the body to promote cellular health and the heathy function of the cardiovascular system.

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