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10 Best Apple Cider Vinegar Products – Reviewed & Ranked for 2017

If you’re looking for the best apple cider vinegar products to buy this year, then you’ve come to the right place

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Top 10 Apple Cider Vinegar Products

#1 Bragg-Organic-Raw-Apple-Cider-Vinegar-s Bragg Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar More Info
#2 Kevala-Organic-Raw-Apple-Cider-Vinegar-s Kevala Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar More Info
#3 Spectrum-Naturals-Organic-Apple-Cider-Vinegar-s Spectrum Naturals Organic Apple Cider Vinegar More Info
#4 Trader-Joes-Organic-Pasteurized-Unfiltered-Apple-Cider-Vinegar-s Trader Joe’s Organic Pasteurized Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar More Info
#5 Dynamic-Health-Apple-Cider-Vinegar-With-Mother-s Dynamic Health Apple Cider Vinegar With Mother More Info
#6 Vitacost-Organic-Apple-Cider-Vinegar-s Vitacost Organic Apple Cider Vinegar More Info
#7 Omega-Nutrition-Certified-Organic-Apple-Cider-Vinegar-s Omega Nutrition Certified Organic Apple Cider Vinegar More Info
#8 White-House-Apple-Cider-Vinegar-s White House Apple Cider Vinegar More Info
#9 Heinz-Apple-Cider-Vinegar-s Heinz Apple Cider Vinegar More Info
#10 American-Health-Apple-Cider-Vinegar-Tablets-s American Health Apple Cider Vinegar Tablets More Info

Apple Cider Vinegar Products Guide

There has been a lot of talk lately about the potential health benefits of adding apple cider vinegar to your diet. It can be hard to separate the hype from the real health properties it possesses.

Apple cider vinegar is commonly used to add tang to recipes, like barbecue sauces. It has long been used as a folk medicine of sorts for many health issues and ailments and has recently had a resurgence in popularity. It is purported to be able to treat a multitude of issues ranging from high blood pressure to diabetes. It is not only used to treat ailments, but as an ingredient in natural beauty products and cleaning supplies.

What is Apple Cider Vinegar?

Apple cider vinegar is made from fermenting crushed apples with bacteria and yeast. During the initial fermentation process, the substance is fermented into alcohol. It is then fermented a second time with acetic acid forming bacteria, which turns it into a vinegar.

Apple cider vinegar contains an abundance of different minerals and vitamins. These include

  • Potassium
  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Phosphorous
  • Chlorine
  • Sodium
  • Sulfur
  • Copper
  • Iron
  • Silicon
  • Fluorine
  • vitamin C
  • vitamin E
  • vitamin A
  • vitamin B1
  • vitamin B2
  • vitamin B6
  • beta-carotene
  • And vitamin P

Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

There are many benefits to including apple cider vinegar in your diet. It is important to note that not just any old apple cider vinegar will do. You should look for organic, raw, unfiltered vinegar for the most benefits.

The acetic acid component of apple cider vinegar is known to be a natural antibiotic. It helps to kill “bad” bacteria in the body, especially in the gut.

Apple cider vinegar may help those suffering from heartburn and acid reflux. For many, acid reflux results from having too little acid in the stomach. Apple cider vinegar introduces more acid into the stomach which could lead to less heartburn.

Research suggests that apple cider vinegar can help people lose weight. This is because it lowers blood glucose levels and hinders the body’s ability to digest starches. This leads to less calories being added to the waist line in the form of fat. The acetic acid the vinegar contains also works as a natural appetite suppressant, increases the body’s metabolism, and lessens water retention.

The effect vinegar has on blood sugar is also very helpful to those suffering from diabetes. There have been many studies done that show that apple cider vinegar helps patients with type two diabetes in particular. One study concluded that subjects who consumed apple cider vinegar prior to eating a meal including white bread kept their glucose levels down. This included both their fasting blood glucose level and their post-meal blood glucose level. A study from 2007 showed that patients who consumed apple cider vinegar prior to going to sleep at night lowered their fasting blood glucose levels by four to six percent.

It Contains Antioxidants

Apple cider vinegar contains antioxidants. Antioxidants are known to combat signs of aging and different types of cancers. These antioxidants combat free radicals. Free radicals cause damage to cell membranes, tissues, and DNA. Free radicals in the body contribute to premature signs of aging and cancer. They also contribute to ulcers, emphysema, arthritis and other immune disorders.

Reduction of excess mucus in the lungs and sinuses are a benefit of consuming apple cider vinegar.

In studies conducted in animals, apple cider vinegar has been shown to reduce blood pressure. Although not studied in humans as of yet, this provides promise. Apple cider vinegar contains potassium. Potassium helps to balance the body’s sodium levels, which results in lowered blood pressure.

Apple cider vinegar can not only be used to detoxify your home, but also your body. It works by releasing toxins from the liver and allowing your body to naturally rid itself of them.

Joint pain can sometimes be caused by a buildup of uric acid. Apple cider vinegar can help to break down this uric acid and alleviate joint pain and arthritis.

An overgrowth of the yeast, candida, can contribute to many health issues, including yeast infections and oral thrush. Apple cider vinegar helps to promote good bacteria in the gut which in turn helps destroy bad bacterias and yeasts, like candida.

Drinking apple cider vinegar may help to prevent osteoporosis. It works by promoting absorption of calcium in the body, leading to stronger bones.

In addition to the ingestion of apple cider vinegar, it can be used for topical application as well. Diluted, it can be used as a hair rinse, to promote shiny, healthy hair. Most people use the rinse once or twice a week. It can also be used to disinfect cuts and scrapes because of its antimicrobial properties.

Many people use apple cider vinegar to help clear up and promote healthy skin. A fifty-fifty solution of water and the vinegar applied daily can give skin a healthy glow. If you have super sensitive skin, start out with a lower concentration of vinegar so that irritation does not occur.

Are There Any Side Effects?

It is important when using apple cider vinegar to dilute it in water. This is because it is highly acidic and can be corrosive if undiluted. If taken repeatedly undiluted it can erode the lining of the esophagus and stomach.

Apple cider vinegar may react with other medications you may be taken, again due to its high acid content. Before starting an apple cider vinegar regimen, consult your physician.

The high acid content in the vinegar can also cause damage to the teeth. In addition to only ingesting diluted vinegar, try drinking it through a straw to lower tooth enamel exposure.

Because of its detoxification properties, there are a few side effects that can occur. In addition to releasing toxins, it can also allow minerals to be expelled from the body. It can also cause painful headaches because it allows the brain to release toxins. One of the ways our bodies expel toxins is through the skin. Because of this, acne and other skin irritations can occur due to this release of toxins.

How to Take Apple Cider Vinegar

As previously stated, apple cider vinegar should always be consumed diluted in water. It also does not taste very good, so many people recommend mixing in some honey for sweetness.

Many people have trouble with the taste of apple cider vinegar, even when diluted. Luckily, it makes a delicious ingredient in salad dressings. You can also mix it with a bit of oil for a delicious addition to any grinder.

Although apple cider vinegar is an ingredient in many recipes that are cooked, once it is heated up, it loses its potential health benefits. Using it in drinks, smoothies, and salad dressings are the best bet in maintaining the health benefits.

There is no set dosage for taking apple cider vinegar. It completely depends on what you are taking it for. If you plan on taking it long term, a smaller amount may be warranted. Most health sites suggest mixing two teaspoons in eight ounces of water for daily consumption. If using to aid in lowering blood glucose levels, take it at night before bed, and prior to eating meals with carbohydrates in them. For more acute conditions, or for a short term detoxification, you can up the apple cider vinegar to three tablespoons diluted in eight to twelve ounces of water. It is important to note that due to the highly acidic nature of apple cider vinegar, higher amounts should not be taken for prolonged periods of time.

What to Look for in a Good Apple Cider Vinegar

While the common apple cider vinegar you can buy in the grocery store may look clear and pretty, this is not the vinegar you want for the best health properties. Look for organic, raw vinegar and the vinegar that contains “the mother” in it. “The mother” refers to probiotics and enzymes that have excellent beneficial health properties. The good vinegar will not be clear, but cloudy. It may even contain brown specks in it. This is what you want.

Buy vinegar in a glass container, not plastic. This is because the chemicals in the plastic can leech into the vinegar increasing the incidence of nasty chemicals present.

The benefits of adding apple cider vinegar to your diet far outweigh any potential side effects. The important thing to keep in mind is not to overdo it, and to dilute it with water to negate any problems that may arise. As with adding any new medication or supplement to your diet, it is important to speak to your doctor first about concerns and recommendations they may have. Apple cider vinegar is an all natural addition to any diet program and may help numerous health issues.

Note: Always speak with your doctor before taking any supplements featured on this website. This article has not been written, reviewed or endorsed by a medical professional and may not be used to diagnose or treat any medical conditions.