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4Gauge Pre-Workout Supplement – Official Review

4Gauge Pre-Workout Supplement Ingredient Breakdown - What's in 4Guage? 4Guage uses all naturally-sourced ingredients that each have a specific quality which makes them ideal for enhancing performance. There are no fillers or unnecessary ingredients hidden, and everything in the powder is listed right on the bottle. Additionally, 4Guage uses just the right dosage of each ingredient without going overboard. This keeps the supplement safe and prevents negative reactions to one or all of the ingredients. Each ingredient and its purpose is listed below: Caffeine Anhydrous - 150MG: Caffeine can really help you get your energy up in the gym, but…
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4Gauge Pre-Workout Supplement

What is 4Gauge?

4Gauge Pre-Workout Supplement is a completely safe and all-natural pre-workout powder designed to work in four unique ways. First, it pushes nitrogen and energy to your muscles which gives you more strength and power in the gym. This allows for you to lift heavier weights and will have you feeling stronger than ever. Second, it encourages better focus.

You will feel more determined to achieve your goals and are far less likely to become distracted as you workout. Third, this supplement dramatically increases your stamina. You will find yourself not only training harder than ever but training longer than ever as well. Fourth, 4Guage encourages better muscle pumps by stimulating blood flow. You’ll find that your gains in the gym are bigger than you ever expected.


  • Neutral-tasting pre-workout powder
  • Natural and safe nutrient sources
  • Only 5 calories per serving
  • Sweetened with fruit sources rather than artificial sweeteners
  • Aids in power, focus, stamina, and muscle pumps
  • Unique shotgun shell packaging

Ingredient Breakdown – What’s in 4Guage?

4Guage uses all naturally-sourced ingredients that each have a specific quality which makes them ideal for enhancing performance. There are no fillers or unnecessary ingredients hidden, and everything in the powder is listed right on the bottle.

Additionally, 4Guage uses just the right dosage of each ingredient without going overboard. This keeps the supplement safe and prevents negative reactions to one or all of the ingredients. Each ingredient and its purpose is listed below:

  • Caffeine Anhydrous – 150MG: Caffeine can really help you get your energy up in the gym, but you don’t need the huge amounts of it that many other brands are putting in their products. 4Guage uses just enough caffeine to be beneficial to you without causing any energy crashes later on in the day.
  • L-Theanine – 200MG: This is an amino acid that can help your mind stay focused on the workout at hand. It is all-natural and is commonly found in tea leaves, which can give a burst of energy and focus with no side-effects.
  • Creatine Monohydrate – 1000MG: This ingredient is what will really put some power into your workout. It increases strength when used before exercise and can even help with muscle fatigue and recovery times.
  • L-Citrulline Di-Malate – 6000MG: Here is yet another amino acid from an all-natural and healthy source. This ingredient comes from watermelon and is what’s going to dilate blood vessels. As they dilate, the vessels allow more blood and oxygen to push through for more effective muscle pumps.
  • Red Beet – 300MG: This is a natural and straightforward ingredient. It helps increase the Nitric Oxide in your blood which contributes to stamina, strength, and recovery.
  • Rhodiola Rosea – 100MG: This herbal ingredient is a natural mood elevator. It helps you stay focused and positive so that even on your worst days you’ll be motivated to hit the gym.
  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine – 500MG: This ingredient isn’t considered a performance enhancer, but it does help by helping your resist fatigue and grogginess.
  • Coconut Water Powder – 300MG: This powdered form of coconut water is essential to an effective and healthy workout. It provides your body with necessary electrolytes and encourages hydration. Both of these things will help prevent muscle fatigue and keep your mind clear.

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How and When to Take?

The manufacturer of 4Guage recommends starting off by taking just one serving, which is equivalent to two of the included scoops, before a workout. Simply shake or blend the powder into water or your favorite beverage. It is effective within 15 minutes, but some users feel the best effects by waiting 30-45 minutes after taking 4Guage before hitting the gym.

It is completely up to you and how your body performs best. After getting used to the supplement, it is safe to begin taking a double dose, or four scoops, before your daily workouts if desired. This is not recommended as standard practice, but might be beneficial on the days when you want to push even harder than usual at the gym.

It is recommended that users take one week off of 4Guage about ever six to eight weeks. This will ensure that a tolerance does not build up and that the supplement remains effective over an extended period of time. It might even be a good idea to cycle with another supplement. This way, you can keep using the recommended dose and feeling the same effects. If you don’t take time off occasionally, then your body can build up a tolerance to the supplement and you would need to use more and more just to achieve the same effect. This is not unique to 4Guage and should be practiced with any pre-workout supplement.

Benefits of Using 4Guage

The choice to use 4Gauge Pre-Workout Supplement comes with many benefits that affect your health, mind, and body. Users of this product see amazing results and physically feel different during their time in the gym. Here are the specific benefits you’ll experience while using this supplement:

  • See results quicker: You’ll notice that you are making progress in the gym a lot faster while using this product. 4Guage allows you to lift heavier and workout for longer periods of time, which leads to faster muscle growth, shorter recovery times, and a more cut appearance. This is especially beneficial if you’ve noticed that you’ve been stuck in a rut recently.
  • Improved aesthetics: Everyone wants to look their very best, and with this supplement, you will. 4Guage improves muscle definition and helps you achieve a leaner physique.
  • More enjoyable gym time: Thanks to the increased focus and pumping of blood that 4Guage encourages, you’ll enjoy your time in the gym more than ever. You will truly feel the effectiveness of all your efforts and your body will feel amazing.
  • No crashing: Unlike many other pre-workout supplements, 4Guage doesn’t overdo it on the caffeine. This means that you won’t be exhausted later in the day after your workout.

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Precautions While Using 4Guage

Any supplement has possible side-effects, but 4Guage is extremely natural and has almost no risk associated with use of the product. Here are the few things you can be cautious about while using the supplement:

  • Caffeine intake: 4Guage contains a perfectly safe amount of caffeine at 150MG. It is not advised to take more than two doses of this supplement, and levels of caffeine above 400MG can begin leading to side effects like heart palpitations. Even with the low dose of 150MG (equivalent to a cup of coffee), individuals who are sensitive to caffeine should be wary of increased blood pressure, anxiety, or shakiness.
  • Stomach issues: There are 15g of Citrulline Malatein 4Guage, which is completely safe. However, be careful when doubling your dose. Levels of Citrulline Malate above 15g may upset the stomach and cause intestinal upset.
  • Cramping: If you decide to take more than the recommended dose, you may raise Creatine levels high enough to cause your muscles to begin cramping. This shouldn’t occur with the recommended dose.
  • Pre-existing health conditions: As with any supplement, it is recommended that you discuss use of 4Guage with your doctor if you have any type of health condition or take medications. Do not begin using 4Guage if you think that it will interfere with your condition.

Overall Quality

The best thing about 4Gauge Pre-Workout Supplement is that it features all-natural and high-quality ingredients in extremely safe and effective doses. None of the ingredients listed pose any risk of side-effects when taken in the amounts recommended by the manufacturer. Many other pre-workout supplements offer low-quality synthetic ingredients that may not be as healthy in the long-run.

You know exactly what you are getting with this product. There are no hidden ingredients or chemicals that may affect you negatively.

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Each ingredient listed in the 4Guage Pre-Workout Supplement has been tested and scientifically proven to be effective in the following four areas: strength, concentration, stamina, and muscle pumping.

The 4Guage website displays several real customer testimonials that speak for the effectiveness of this product. When using the supplement, individuals truly see the results that they’ve been hoping for. Muscles become more defined, users can lift more weight for longer periods of time, and the drive and determination to workout is significantly increased. The aesthetics and physique of 4Guage users really speak for the product’s effectiveness. It promotes results that you can see and feel.



  • Much more natural ingredients than other pre-workout supplements on the market
  • Affordable, especially for the quality
  • Powder form is simple and convenient
  • Incredibly effective
  • Scientifically proven ingredients
  • Many positive testimonials
  • Tested and completely safe
  • No side-effects


  • Scoop size is only half of the recommended serving size
  • Only available in one Fruit Blast flavor
  • Some users may not like sweet taste 

Taste and Mixability

4Gauge Pre-Workout Supplement currently only comes in one flavor called Fruit Blast. The manufacturer states that several different flavor combinations were tested before finally deciding on Fruit Blast. It is subtly sweet but has no artificial sweeteners. The powder actually tastes quite good and goes down easily.

Most people don’t love the taste of any pre-workout supplement, and so they probably won’t love this one either. However, the mild fruity flavor is still much more tolerable than other brands flavors and should make it easier to take. It really just takes time to get used to it.

The supplement powder mixes with cold water easily in a blender bottle or shaker. It does not clump at the bottom like many other powder-form supplements do, so none of it will be wasted or difficult to swallow. Additionally, it mixes so well that there is no harsh grainy texture when you drink it. This powder is very easy to drink and most people will have no issue with the flavor.

Value for the Money

4Gauge Pre-Workout Supplement is fairly priced at $45 for a bottle of about 20 servings. The value increases if you opt to order three containers at once. When ordering three, the third container comes half off for a total of $112.50. For such a natural product with high-quality ingredients, this is a fantastic value when compared against other pre-workout supplements. You are paying for a product that you know is safe, has almost zero side-effects, and truly works with scientifically proven ingredients.

Final Verdict:

4Gauge Pre-Workout Supplement is a great product that just about anyone will love. Everything about this supplement makes it a great option for anyone looking to increase their performance in the gym. Because it works on four different levels, users need only to rely on this one supplement for the best possible workout. It will help you build strength, focus completely on your workout goals, push harder for longer periods of time, and finally achieve the lean and cut physique you’ve always wanted.

The fact that 4Guage can do all of this using safe and all-natural products really sets it apart from most other products currently on the market. Even the packaging, which has been designed to look like a shotgun shell, sets this product apart and makes it appealing to anyone who really has a passion for fitness and building muscle.

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