10 Best White Mulberry Supplements for 2021

Best White Mulberry Supplements

White Mulberry has been in existence for about 4,000 years now. No one knew the benefits of the tree, or its leaves, at this time, and so it was used as a source of food for silkworms. It wouldn't take long for the discovery of White Mulberry's health benefits to be discovered, and the rest is history!

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10 Best Schisandra Supplements for 2021

Best Schisandra Supplements

Schisandra (also spelled schizandra) is a fruit-bearing plant used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It grows as a woody, creeping vine that flowers and gives grape-like clusters of small, red berries.

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10 Best Red Raspberry Leaf Supplements for 2021

Best Red Raspberry Leaf Supplements

Red raspberry leaf, or Rubus idaeus, has a more rich and varied history than first meets the eye. According to health expert Dr. Weil, the first recorded use of red raspberry leaf for health purposes actually dates all the way back to 1597!

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10 Best Cat’s Claw Supplements for 2021

Best Cats Claw Supplements

The cat's claw vine is found in the Amazon rainforest and other heavily precipitous biospheres on the South Central American continents. The term "cat's claw" is based on the vine's appearance, vaguely resembling the nails of a cat. The use of cat's claw for health purposes can be traced back to ancient Inca culture.

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10 Best Maqui Berry Supplements for 2021

Best Maqui Berry Supplements

Most maqui berry bushes are found throughout southern Chile and parts of Argentina. Officially called Aristotelia chilensis, maqui berries are purple in color and are in such abundance in southern Chile that cultivation of the berry isn't necessary at this moment.

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10 Best Magnolia Bark Supplements for 2021

Best Magnolia Bark Supplements

As its name suggests, magnolia bark comes from the magnolia tree. While magnolia trees are widely popular for their lush foliage and fragrant spring blossoms, at least in Western culture, use of the bark for supplement purposes is less well known.

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10 Best Hibiscus Supplements & Teas for 2021

Best Hibiscus Teas

Hibiscus teas are an infusion of calyces of the roselle flowers (Hibiscus sabdariffa). Hibiscus is found in tropical climates and most likely originated in West Africa before being cultivated throughout Asia, India and the Caribean.

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10 Best Hesperidin Supplements for 2021

Best Hesperidin Supplements

Hesperidin is a molecule found in citrus fruit; its name comes from “hesperidium,” the Latin name for a citrus fruit. Along with similar plant flavonoid substances, it is sometimes referred to as vitamin P, but hesperedin is not actually a vitamin.

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10 Best Hemp Hearts & Seeds Supplements for 2021

Best Hemp Hearts And Seeds Supplements

Hemp hearts and seeds are some of the most nutritious snacks you can find. According to Hempseed, hemp hearts and seeds are essentially one and the same. The term "hemp hearts" refers to shelled hemp seeds. The term "hemp seeds" can refer to shelled or unshelled hemp seeds.

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10 Best Guggul Supplements for 2021

Best Guggul Supplements

Guggul comes from the Commiphora Mukul Tree. This tree grows throughout India. Ayurvedic medicine is a form of healing that has been practiced in this area for centuries, and Guugul is an important part of their treatment when it comes to the pain associated with many diseases.

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10 Best Goldenseal Root Supplements for 2021

Best Goldenseal Root Supplements

Goldenseal is an herb native to the eastern United States and southeastern Canada. A member of the buttercup family, goldenseal grows annually. Goldenseal is a top-selling herb, prized for its medicinal properties and its ability to both prevent the common cold and alleviate cold-related symptoms.

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