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Best Iron Supplements – Top 10 in 2017

Best Iron Supplements & Vitamins

Iron is one of the most abundant metals within the human body, playing an integral role in the production and regulation of red blood cells.

Benefits of Iron Supplements

Iron is a crucially important mineral which is necessary for your overall general health. It is part of the hemoglobin molecule that is located in red blood cells. Hemoglobin is what helps transport oxygen form your inside your lungs to the rest of the cells in your body.

Iron is also important for the formation of protein, differentiation of cells and important immune system functions.

Iron supplements are of particular importance to women, but they can also provide a wide range of health benefits to men as well, helping to boost energy levels and cognitive function, in addition to enhancing the immune system.

How Much Iron Do You Need?

Of course your best action to take is to speak with your doctor. He will determine if you are iron deficient and need to take anymore daily. And never take any supplements recommended on this site or others without consulting your doctor first.

However here is a general information chart from the CDC that gives a general outline of how much iron is needed for the type of person.


Natural Sources of Iron

Iron is a crucial part of a healthy body, but supplements aren’t the only way to get it. There are many Iron rich foods which include:

  • Mollusks
  • Nuts
  • Beef and Lamb
  • Whole Grains
  • Dark Leafy Greens
  • Tofu
  • Liver
  • Squash and Pumpkin Seeds
  • Beans and Pulses
  • Dark Chocolate and Cocoa Powder

How to Pick a Good Iron Supplement

There is a lot of variety in the market when it comes to iron tablets, and many of them come packaged with other vitamins and minerals, so to spare you any unnecessary confusion we have compiled a list of the top 10 best iron supplements.

The iron pills in this list have been ranked based on criteria such as the quality and bioavailability of ingredients used, value for money each product provides, and the overall popularity and feedback that each iron supplement has received from users.

Top 10 Iron Products for 2017

1.) MegaFood Blood Builder Tablets

MegaFood Blood Builder Tablets sources its nutrients from entirely natural plant-based ingredients while still managing to retain optimal levels of absorption, bioavailability, and overall effectiveness, making it the best iron supplement of 2017.

  • Provides 26 mg iron per serving
  • Also contains Vitamin B12 and Folic Acid from natural plant sources
  • Includes FoodState Farm Fresh Beet Root for enhanced circulation and blood cell production
  • Available in bottles containing 30, 60, 90, and 180 capsules
  • Free from GMO ingredients
  • Suitable for vegetarians

We have seen a large emphasis placed on digestibility and bioavailability, and it is easy to see that MegaFood Blood Builder Tablets dominates the competition on both fronts, easily earning it the top spot in this year’s iron supplement rankings.

amazonlogo-150x42  $24.91  Buy Now

#2 – Now Foods Iron 18mg Ferrochel

NOW Foods is easily one of the most popular dietary supplement manufacturers in the world, a easy to see why when they are producing such high-quality products as Iron 18mg Ferrochel.

  • Provides 18 mg of iron per capsule
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • Iron is provided in the form of Iron Bisglycinate
  • Available in bottles containing 120 capsules
  • Free from gluten, wheat, and dairy

Now Foods Iron 18mg Ferrochel, so if you are on the lookout for a stand-alone iron supplement with no other ingredients added then this is almost certainly the one for you.

amazonlogo-150x42  $7.25  Buy Now

#3 – Solgar Gentle Iron 25 MG (IRON BISGLYCINATE)

Solgar Gentle Iron 25 MG (IRON BISGLYCINATE) is gluten, wheat, and dairy-free, while also featuring a very gentle non-constipated and formula that you should find to be particularly suitable if you have a very delicate digestive system.

  • Provides 25 mg of iron per serving
  • Available in bottles containing 180 capsules
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • Iron is provided in the form of Iron Bisglycinate
  • Free from gluten, wheat, and dairy
  • Designed to be extremely gentle and digestive system

Unfortunately there are so many dietary supplements on the market but do not take digestive comfort and absorption into consideration, so it is great to see a product like Solgar Gentle Iron 25 MG (IRON BISGLYCINATE) place such a heavy emphasis on this oft-neglected aspect of production.

amazonlogo-150x42  $13.99  Buy Now

#4 – Garden of Life Vitamin Code Iron

Garden of Life Vitamin Code Iron is one of the more unique entries into this year’s list of the best iron supplements, providing the benefits of a standard greens supplement with extra iron and folic acid.

  • Provides 22 mg of iron per serving
  • Includes 400 µg of Folic Acid and 500 µg of Vitamin B12 per serving
  • Includes a RAW Probiotics & Enzyme Blend for digestive health
  • Contains a RAW Organic Fruit & Vegetable Blend
  • Offers potent immune boosting and antioxidant health benefits
  • Available in bottles containing 30 servings

If you don’t enjoy using a greens powder which has to be mixed into water then you will definitely want consider using Garden of Life Vitamin Code Iron so that you can enjoy the convenience of a tablet while still adding plenty of extra iron to your diet.

amazonlogo-150x42  $10.74  Buy Now

#5 – Iron Plus: Premium Iron Supplement

Iron Plus: Premium Iron Supplement (Iron Chelate – Ferrous Bisglycinate) is an incredibly well rounded iron supplement that provides additional vitamins to boost your every day energy levels and keep you on top form regardless of what life throws at you.

  • Provides 25 mg of iron per serving
  • Iron is provided in the form of Ferrous Bisglycinate Chelate
  • Provides 25 mg of Vitamin B6 and 100 µg of Vitamin B12 per serving
  • Also contains Vitamin C for everyday health and well-being
  • Folic Acid makes this supplement ideal for women’s health
  • Available in bottles containing 120 servings
  • Free from Magnesium Stearate

If you are particularly sensitive to Magnesium Stearate then you will be pleased to know that this iron supplement contains none at all.

amazonlogo-150x42  $21.97  Buy Now

#6 – Fergon Iron Supplement

As if you didn’t already have enough different types of iron to choose from, Fergon Iron Supplement provides yet another option in the form of the highly digestible and bioavailable Ferrous Gluconate which is reportedly ideal if you find iron supplements difficult to stomach.

  • Provides 27 mg of iron per serving
  • Available in bottles containing 100 tablets
  • Iron is provided in the form of Ferrous Gluconate
  • Designed with an easy-to-digest formulation

This is a relatively cost-effective iron pill with a simple one a day formula that will hopefully spare you from the unpleasant gastric side-effects caused by harsher or stronger iron supplements.

amazonlogo-150x42  $26.40  Buy Now

#8 – Nature’s Bounty Gentle Iron, 28mg

Nature’s Bounty Gentle Iron, 28mg is yet another highly effective iron supplement that has been formulated for individuals who have experienced adverse side-effects with regular iron supplements, thanks to its use of Iron Bis-Glycinate.

  • Provides 28 mg of iron per serving
  • Iron is provided in the form of Iron Bis-Glycinate for gentle absorption
  • Provides 400 µg of folic acid and 8 µg of vitamin B12 per serving
  • Also includes 60 mg of vitamin C per serving
  • Available in bottles containing 90 servings

Just as its name suggests, Nature’s Bounty Gentle Iron, 28mg uses a gentle formulation with additional B vitamins and vitamin C to boost your energy levels and provide some much needed immune support.

amazonlogo-150x42  $19.92  Buy Now

#9 – Sundown Perfect Iron

If you really need to boost your red blood cell production then you might want to consider using Sundown Perfect Iron because it uses the highly bioavailability and absorbable form of iron known as carbonyl iron.

  • Provides 50 mg of iron per serving
  • Available in bottles containing 100 servings
  • Iron is provided in the form of Carbonyl Iron for enhanced bioavailability
  • Carbonyl Iron boasts fewer side effects than other variants

Sundown claims that its Perfect Iron supplement has a lower incidence of side-effects incongruent products, so this is well worth checking out if you have used more standard iron supplements with negative results.

amazonlogo-150x42  $29.87  Buy Now

#10 – Shaklee Vita-Lea With Iron

Shaklee Vita-Lea With Iron is a fantastic women’s health supplement that provides a high-potency multivitamin and multi-mineral with added iron and folic acid.

  • High-quality multivitamin and multimineral
  • Provides twice the Recommended Daily Value of Vitamins C, D, and E
  • Also includes Iron and Folic Acid for female health benefits
  • Available in bottles containing 120 tablets

You’ll find a total of 24 essential vitamins and minerals in Shaklee Vita-Lea With Iron, giving you a well rounded everyday multivitamin supplement with the added blood-building benefits of iron.

amazonlogo-150x42  $51.58  Buy Now

Wrapping Things Up

So whether you opt for Iron Bisglycinate, Ferrous Gluconate, Ferrous Bisglycinate Chelate, or some other variation, the most important thing is that you are using an iron supplement that is easy to digestive while still offering high levels of absorption and bioavailability.

If you have never used an iron supplement before and aren’t too sure where to start then it is definitely a good idea to choose one that places gentle digestion as a top priority so that you don’t experience constipation or any other unpleasant side-effects. However, we do not recommend taking any of these products without consulting your doctor first.

Aside from this, iron supplements aren’t a particularly complicated affair, and you should have all the information here that you need to find the perfect iron tablet for your personal needs and budgetary requirements.

Note: Always speak with your doctor before taking any supplements featured on this website

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